Should You Bring The Kitchen Sink?


My husband isn’t a flowers-and-chocolates kind of guy.  I learned early on that unless I wanted to wake up disappointed EVERY February 15, that we’d have to figure out something that would work for both of us and create that wonderful feeling of love we’re all hoping for on the big Heart Day.

And I’ll tell you what we do, if you tell me what you do!

A babysitter and dinner out or a movie is sort of the usual Valentine’s happening, but I’d love to know if any of you have discovered something special to do here on island, or if you have any traditions you’d share with those of us who may have a little trouble getting those love feelings fulfilled each year.  And please, please, share with those of us who just flat out hate the day because it’s a BIG, FAT DISAPPOINTMENT year in and year out.

So here’s my sharing:  For V-day, Hubby and I agreed several years ago to write a letter to each other recapping the year and expressing how our love has changed/grown during that year.  My non-flower guy takes this very seriously and is often done writing his days before the BIG day (while I’m frantically typing mere minutes before we leave for dinner).  I really love it and it’s a wonderful thing to keep year to year.  Ok, that’s us.

How ’bout you?


  1. Jenn and Oki girl, Yes yes, that big yellow building that says DVD’s and party store is most probably what you’re looking for! My girlfriends and I went there last week looking for party supplies for our kids bday’s. What a wake up call we had! LOL! Was not expecting what we saw… Oh well! As for V day, I’m afraid i’m of no help. I really despise it and ignore it to the best of my ability.

  2. There is elsons on gate 2 by kadena with some and then a more japanish one by gate 5, its big and yellow and says 24 hr DVD on it. Just be warned, there is a lot…interesting…things in the 2nd one. i was like woooooahhhh. lol


  3. I have a question. I’d like to keep things …fun this Valentine’s day. Does anyone know of an adult-type shop on Okinawa? I’ve ordered some things online before, but it’s last-minute and I think it might be fun to buy something sexy here; and I know they have little more than KY massage oil on base. Ideas?

  4. Well since this is my second marriage this one is like Valentine’s day all the time. But we don’t have anything traditional yet, this is the second year in a row that he has been away. But I really like what you and your husband do Joelle and Aviva. Maybe that is something I should do. This year I will be eating bon bons and watching a chick flick with no complaints lol.

  5. I’m not ignoring this post – I think it’s sweet. My hubby is wonderful, and I’m so happily married and lucky and all that. I’m quite aware that I did NOT marry the worlds biggest romantic; knew that going in. (Few Marines of 20+ years are really that mushy kinda guy, so whatever.) But during his 3rd deployment to Iraq, which was 13 grueling months long, he got a little lovey dovey.

    He started writing up memories in a document that we shared on Google Documents. We could both see it, add to it, and check into it whenever we wanted. We said it was our “memory of the day” list. And we’d comment on each others like, “Wow, I’d forgotten about that!” or we’d add to the story – it was so fun. And much like this great thing you do with your hubby, Joelle, it is heart-warming and romantic – and we looked forward to it. I’m happy to be adding more to that list here in Oki.

    I think that a date with him (sans-kid) and maybe a massage/spa day would be great. I feel it’s kind of like new year’s eve where it’s usually a big build-up for something not so fabulous. But that’s what happens on a Hallmark holiday, right? Curious to see if anyone else has stories.