This weeks cool NIGHT theme comes courtesy of Meghan AKA Strawberry Kangaroo.


Here’s some info from Meghan…This image was taken at about one o’clock in the morning with a new photographer friend that was teaching me how to take photos like this. It was at the first bridge outside Gate 1 heading north but this shot is facing back towards the gate. It was captured with a Canon 10D.

I came to Okinawa in February and I absolutely love it here. We had been stationed in Japan before at Misawa on northern mainland and I was very excited to come back, especially with all the new experiences that Okinawa has to offer.  I really missed a lot of my old favorite places like Mister Donut, Jusco, the ¥100 Store, Lawsons, and McDonalds.  It’s just not the same in the States.

I fell in love with photography during my senior year of high school when they first offered a class.  I spent hours after school developing prints in the darkroom.  I used to draw and paint a lot but love the different ways that I can capture what I see with a camera.  Ever since then I have been taking as many pictures as I can and am constantly eager to learn more and improve in any way.

I am most comfortable shooting nature and wildlife but would very much like to start doing more work with people and families as well! You can view more of Meghan’s work on her Flickr page and also at Thanks for joining in Meghan!

I also wanted to show this image taken by Okidreams. An alternative view of the seawall (to last weeks shot). Seems it’s all go over there all times of day and night!



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