Nobody submitted photos this week so I panicked and had a search through my flickr and facebook. I couldn’t decide out of 2 images and I am not a good decision maker so here are two that meant PEACE to me!

The first photo was taken in January at the Futenma Shrine (which Staci previously wrote about in detail HERE). There were loads of these wishes tied to trees (this solitary one caught my eye) and there are also wooden plaques you can buy, write on and hang up with your families wishes. It’s a very peaceful place to be.


This second photo is one of my favourites of Araha Beach. I think this is the best sunset I ever saw there. It was taken at about 1930 right after a family photo session last May. The beach was peaceful, but the path and the pirate ship behind me where full of people, what a contrast!


  1. Hi Jennifer, thanks for the suggestion. As it is, right now, To See has the allotted day of Monday and I need that couple of days to get the post written up and to contact people who have submitted, etc. I do know what you mean, I have to remind myself to post the article sometimes and when I was in London I kept forgetting about the time difference. I would just suggest that you put a ‘post it’ to ‘submit photo today’ on your mousepad on Thurs :o)

  2. have you ever thought of shifting the submission back to sunday night and posting a winner on tuesday or wednesday instead? I know I’ve meant to submit several times, but am very busy during the week and don’t sit down to sort through all of my pics, or I go out on the weekends and take more that I could have submitted. Sometimes it is just scatterbrained-ness and I wake up saturday, sit down at the computer with my coffee and think, “Shoot! I meant to submit a pic! I know just the one, if I could have found it!” Just a thought.