Many of you ordered the 2011 Okinawa Hai Calendar for yourself and friends and family.  But for those who were not so lucky, we wanted to give you the chance to see the photographs and stories that currently grace our kitchen walls!

We’ll feature these throughout this year, and as we get closer to the end of the summer, we’ll begin asking you to contribute your favorite stories and photographs for NEXT year’s calendar.  So keep your eyes peeled for experiences to capture!

Featured on the May 2011 page:

Photo by Pamela Oliveras

“If you see those lovely carp flying in the breeze, no doubt it’s swimming closer to Kodomo-no-hi, or Children’s Day in Japan. In the past, this holiday was referred to as “Boys Day”, but in 1954 the festival became known as Children’s Day. This holiday takes the day to reflect on the healthy growth of all children. According to a Chinese legend, the carp swam upstream to turn into a “strong and healthy” dragon.”   By Staci Hawley

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