Many of you ordered the 2011 Okinawa Hai Calendar for yourself and friends and family.  But for those who were not so lucky, we wanted to give you the chance to see the photographs and stories that currently grace our kitchen walls!

In the next couple of months, we will begin asking you to contribute your favorite stories and photographs for NEXT year’s calendar.  So keep your eyes peeled for experiences to capture!

Featured on the July 2011 page:

Brian Beach

Photo by Brian Delaney

“You’re safe and dry, right?  And your lawn or sidewalk is piled high with typhoon carnage.  And your power is on.  And the windows are quiet.  And the dog isn’t a quivering parasite on your left leg.  And you’ve stopped panicking about the possibility of the windows blowing in.  And the ants are back.  So they’re also safe.  We made it, we did.  You and me.”

Vignette by Meredith Novario

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