This week’s weather shot is brought to us by Ducemai. Nothing like a great storm looming over the horizon and captured so well! Cheers!


I am guessing (from London) that this is part of the tropical storm system I have been reading about on this great tracker site here…I wasn’t on the internet for a few days and it seems to have veered off at the last minute? I hope so, selfishly, since I don’t want to miss my first ever typhoon experience. Remember last years (the only one) near miss?

Despite the battles and tragedies of Okinawa’s past, Okinawa and its people are very peaceful. So, for next weeks theme, let’s see what ‘peace’ Okinawa style means to you. For me personally (off the top of my head) it might be a deserted beach, some teenagers throwing up the peace sign for a photo or a lone fisherman. It can be a solid symbol of peace or an abstract vision. Whatever it means to you personally. So, photographers, how do you see peace?


  1. there was a storm that passed us nearby, then veered off to hit Taiwan and then China, but there has been no storm/typhoon to go to mainland yet. There is a tropical storm out there, but not heading towards mainland or okinawa, but out into the Pacific.