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When a friend recently asked where she should take her car for repair, I didn’t have an answer.  What I do know, however, is where to buy new parts for my handy husband to repair our cars.

If you’re like us, you’ve purchased relatively cheap and old vehicles on the hope they will safely get us from point A to B until our tour is over, giving us a vacation from car payments.  While the junk/recycle yards are ideal for many used parts, some things you need to buy new when they break or rust: hoses, seals, belts, brake pads, wiper blades, water pumps, and other wear and tear items.  If you are a do-it-yourself-er, Toguchi Auto Parts Shop is a convenient place to purchase the car parts you need.

Toguchi has a great selection of Japanese brand auto parts on hand.  What they don’t have in stock, they can order from mainland Japan to arrive, in most cases, within three working days. Best of all, they are open seven days a week, so when the parts and bolts of your car are strewn across the floor at one of the auto hobby shops, you can get what you need quickly.

Tip: You can ask the auto hobby shop staff to print a schematic of your car’s engine. Highlight the part you need.  Then when you get to the parts shop, you can easily describe the part you need.

Toguchi Auto Parts Shop

Hours: 0830 – 1800 Daily

Phone: 098-956-2352

Payment: Yen

Address: 545-, 東マンション2, 嘉手納, 嘉手納町 中頭郡 沖縄県 904-0203, Japan

GPS Coordinates: 26.3652063, 127.75943299999994

Directions: Kadena Rotary/Circle. From Kadena AB Gate 1, head north on Route 58. Continue approximately 3.7 km (pass Navel Kadena, Coco’s, Jimmy’s Bakery).  Just after Jimmy’s, there will be a left lane just before the light. Take this left, then make a quick left on the first road. Toguchi is on the right. Parking on the street. Note: this is before the huge government/police station buildings at Kadena Circle.


  1. Great info.

    hope u can help me by email me this shop email address or can u just ask the shop can they sell to me or find to me Toyota Passo KGC15 model maker date 12-2008 RPM? i really need that thing.



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