I had been away from Japan for so long until I came back two years ago that I didn’t know about this brand of soy milk. Meredith introduced me to it. They are tasty! She suggested that I would write a post on Japanese soy milk. Good idea.

I’m a big fan of “Silk”. My stomach doesn’t do so well with cow’s milk, but I used to not like soy milk until I was introduced to “Silk”. Then I fell in love with it. I hope that you will have the same experience with this Japanese soy milk. So, I purchased all these soy milks and brought them to Meredith’s house and we had tasting of soy milk, like wine tasting. Gotta love tasting, right?

Before I tell you which we liked, I will explain what is what.

麦芽コーヒー (Top left) Malt coffee (Coffee taste made out of malt)

無調整豆乳 (Top middle) Plain Soy Milk

ココア (Top right) Cocoa (Chocolate)

調整豆乳 (Bottom left) Sugar added (Adjusted)

フルーツミックス (Bottom second from the left) Fruits mix

抹茶 (Bottom third from the left) Matcha/Green Tea

ごま (Bottom right) Sesame

My favorite: Matcha/Green Tea

Meredith’s favorite: Coffee and Sugar added ones

I liked Cocoa, Fruits Mix and Sesame as well, but Meredith didn’t like Fruits Mix and Sesame so much. Fruits Mix tasted like medicine to her. Sesame soy milk is like sweet sesame paste with soy milk, which Meredith wasn’t so crazy about, but I liked it. If you have tried sesame ice cream and liked it, I think that you will like the sesame flavor soy milk.

You can buy these types of soy milk at almost any supermarkets in Japan. They usually cost around 80 or 90 yen each. Inexpensive and healthy. Why not try them out if you are into healthy stuff? What is your favorite?


  1. On a recent trip to Japan I would have your post open on my phone while I looked at the boxes on the shelves. My son, who cannot have dairy enjoyed the drinks as did the rest of the family! They also had other ones there – one that had an ice cream cone on it, probably Vanilla. Our favorites were the latte (for me), vanilla, malt and the adjusted plain one. We didn’t quite like the non adjusted one much…

    Thanks for your post!

  2. There is Chai soy milk??? I LOVE Chai! Gotta try that.
    Vinegar and soy milk don’t sound like they go together so well… Vinegar items are very popular in Japan.
    Vinegar is spelled like this by the way if you are wondering what would be showing on a package with vinegar.

    There are vinegar drinks in Japan and vinegar is believed to increase your energy. It’s supposed to make your blood thin out by reducing blood pressure. Some Japanese diet includes drinking vinegar to help lose weight.

    Here’s the explanation I found on English website about apple cider vinegar’s benefits.

    Another site to learn about some benefits of vinegar.

    I hope that these help! Thanks for the interesting comment!

  3. I, too, love soymilk. Anykind. I once stocked up on several varieties to find my favorite flavor (Chai ROCKS by the way) not realizing that one of them had vinegar in it. (They were a different brand than the ones shown above.) Vinegar turned out NOT to be one of my favorites. However, the drinks’ catchy phrase “This drink heals tired mind and body with work and housework” completely sold me. Does anyone know what the health purposes are of the vinegar drink?