I’ve heard about the tidepools, but it’s great to get confirmation:

“We love it because it’s a beach. Enough said. Anyway, they have great sand, great water, nearby restrooms, a park, and a waterslide. My son spent most of his time collecting sand crabs. What more can you ask for??”

Here is a description and directions provided by MCCS:

“Another favorite for beach parties, Torii Station boasts a large playground, locker room with showers and bathrooms, lifeguards, snack bar, newly refurbished covered picnic area, and a large expanse of beach. Don’t forget sports sandals or water shoes – the sand is full of coral that could injure tender feet. And, you’ll need them to walk out onto the exposed reef during low tide to see all the cool creatures that collect in the tide pools. But if you ask kids what they like best about Torii Beach, no doubt they’ll say the large water slide. To get there, head north on Highway 58 and go through Kadena Circle. Watch the blue highway signs for Highway 6 and the turn left at Iramina Intersection. Torii Station is about 4 km on the left.”


  1. Hello. My husband and I are considering this place to take a break.
    Im 20 weeks pregnant and we want to get away for a week before the baby comes.
    What are the pavillions like?
    Is there stuff I can do for being pregnant?
    Prices for pavillions and cabins for 4 days(nights)
    Are the beds better in the pavillion or cabins cause of my back?
    Please anyone with this information, please let me know. Im bad at research.
    You can even email me at
    Thank you.

    • Victoria – if you’re not too far from Torii Station it might be worth your while to drive over and take a look. The pavilions are simply covered picnic tables on concrete slabs; they are not for sleeping. I have not stayed in the cabins but they are simple and more geared for camping than for a comfortable getaway. If you are looking for more comfortable accommodations I would recommend Oura Wan cabins on Camp Hansen.

  2. This is a great snorkeling beach. Beware during jellyfish season, I’ve never seen them put up nets. We always rent a kayak (for like $4) and paddle waaaaaaayyyyy out to the second reef to go snorkeling. Big fish, snakes, loads of coral… it’s gorgeous. Check tides before going out or you’ll be walking your kayak back in if its a low low tide!

  3. Yup. You pretty much have to go out there- they have a spider jumpy, birthday cake and a monster truck….Also, pavilion # 7 is a good one to rent ( shaded top) and right by the beach….It makes for a great party! 🙂

  4. Pam, so there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that the 644-4659 number that Diana just provided works! I just called them to cancel something. The bad news is that they won’t take reservations over the phone. So you’ll still have to go to their office to make your reservations. You can call them to see if the dates you want are free though this way you won’t waste a trip out there if they don’t have what you want available.

  5. We love this beach for the snorkeling. If you go at the wrong time it can be quite a walk to get to the water, but its so worth the snorkeling. We take our 2 year old and our 6 year old with us. The 2 year old gets to splash in her boat next to us why our son also snorkels.