A photo of the Todds In Chatan with OkiLife, Okinawa

The Todds

As a part of our OkiLife, we watch so many people come and go, through military rotations during PCS season. It has become an implicit fact of our lives that we learn to cope with on yearly bases. This time it’s gonna be tough…The Todds.



A photo of the Todds In Chatan with OkiLife, OkinawaA photo of the Todds with OkiLife, Okinawa


Such a great family that came into our lives and brought us friendship and great memories. We hope that we have impacted you guys with the same amount of overwhelming positive energy and good vibes, as you have done to us.

You supported our movement, tried to kill us with your drone, and even took your shirt off to make Carl feel more comfortable (Carl doesn’t like shirts).

You guys are so cool/normal that it makes it so difficult to understand how anyone could not appreciate the diverse group of people jetted into Oki via the U.S mil

Presumably, this is because not all are like you.. not all families make it out into the community and see what a charming island Okinawa is and how many beautiful places can be shared with family and friends. People like you are the inspiration behind our movement. Not all Americans are a burden to this island like the media tries to play us out to be. Actually, many of us contribute in the same way you have.. positively.

All things considered, rocking your OkiLife shirts out to local festivals and just being yourselves has helped us spread the movement. We are all so thankful and personally, I’ll see to it that your story and others like it make it out into Okinawa and live long beyond your 3 years stay on the island. You guys are the true definition of OkiLifers. Godspeed my friends, you have truly left a gap that will not be filled. We love you guys.


A photo of Mr & Mrs Todds with OkiLife, OkinawaA photo of the Todds with OkiLife, Okinawa


Carl and Reggie