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Looking to expand your higher education while in Okinawa? Well look no further. The University of Maryland University College or UMUC is located right here on Okinawa and is ready to help you reach your goals. Of course you may have questions, but I’ll cover the basics for you.

Only on island for a couple of years?

Not a problem! If you enroll full time you can earn an Associate’s Degree in two years, just as you would at a traditional college in the U.S. They offer popular degrees such as Business and Management, Psychology, and Education. There are also several options to help you to finish your UMUC degree after leaving Okinawa through UMUC’s worldwide Distance Education (DE) program. Many students go on to earn their degrees by completing remaining requirements through other regionally accredited colleges and universities. You can complete a degree with UMUC no matter where you are, anywhere in the world.

Not sure if you can afford college right now?

UMUC is dedicated to helping all their students find a way to go to school. UMUC ‘s goals are to help adult students achieve their educational goals. Active duty can use Tuition Assistance (TA) through their local branch. Spouses have the option to apply for military programs to help with tuition (If you haven’t checked in to MyCAA do it now!). UMUC even has discounted rates for military members and their dependents. On top of that they also offer scholarships through the college. Grants, loans, and even the GI bill, they take them all. They even help you understand your options to make the best decisions for your future.

Why should you choose UMUC?

UMUC offers the most face to face classes on island!.The staff at every major base is willing to help you with enrolling, buying books, figuring out your financial aid, picking out a degree, and much, much, more. UMUC is also regionally accredited, that means they carry the highest accreditation that can be given to a university within the United States. Trust me. This college is legit and you have a whole lot to benefit from it.

Where can I go to start?

UMUC has staff at all major bases in Okinawa. Please call or stop by any of their offices for more information or to start on your path to a college degree.

Camp Courtney 622-9250
0800 – 1700 Mon/Wed/Fri

Camp Foster 645-3488
0730 – 1800 Mon – Fri

Futenma 636-3940
0800 – 1700 Mon – Fri

Camp Hansen 623-7312
0800 – 1700 Mon – Fri

Kadena Air Base 634-4383
0730 – 1800 Mon – Fri

Camp Kinser 637-2406
0800 – 1700 Mon – Fri

Camp Schwab 625-2538
0800 – 1700 Tues/Thur

Torii Station 644-4957
1000 – 1400 Mon – Fri