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Last time we went to Wakatake Park, Julie had the brilliant idea to make origami boats and float them down the stream. It was a huge hit for Eli. So was getting wet.

Watatake Park has water to play in, a playground to romp on, a field to spin in, a wall to scale and a gazebo to shade yourself under.

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    • LEFT onto 58 out of KAB Gate 1.


  • Drive past Foster towards Futenma.



  • At the 3rd light after the light at Futenma you will see a tall purple building on your left called Onishi building.



  • Take a RIGHT at this intersection.



  • At the second street (NOT the second light) take a LEFT.



  • At the first street take a RIGHT. The park is on this road to your left.



  • We have parked along the perimeter despite what appear to be No Parking signs. It’s not a heavily trafficked area. Not sure where exactly parking is okay. In any case, you’d be able to see them if they were aiming to tow your car.




  1. Just want to update the direction.
    After you take a right turn from the 58 then you will take a left at the first traffic light. It is second left turn as the contributor said. I just thought it would be helpful to know it’s the first traffic light. My guess is the the traffic light got installed since this post was put on here.
    This has only one structure for toddler which is a small elephant shape slide. The other structure was for older kids to climb. My toddler played in the little stream and had so much fun. Trees give nice shade for the little pond area.