Meet Up Group | Okinawa Hai

If you’re like me and want to explore Okinawa but don’t know where to start I have found the perfect way to go out, explore many of the places listed on Okinawa Hai and meet new people who share the same mind set of exploring and seeing what this great island has to offer.

Meet Up Group | Okinawa Hai

There is a group on the island called the “Weekend Adventure Group” ( This group gathers ideas and experiences either seen on this website or through personal experience and actually schedule days to go out and do exactly what were all excited to do and that’s Explore Okinawa! Some of the activities they often do are Snorkeling, Hiking, Diving, Cultural Sites or just Meeting Up to enjoy new foods and restaurants.

Meet Up Tug Of War | Okinawa Hai

We all can easily say, oh I want to do this and that, but it’s much easier said than done. Getting out there is much easier for me to do when the hard part is done for me. Not only is the planning done, but the group going to enjoy these activities has made the experience that much better. I personally have gone on nine different events posted on their website and every time I’ve made new friends and made great memories!

Meet Up Restaurant | Okinawa Hai

What’s great about the site is anyone can participate and there is no cost to join the group. The organizer is a great, highly motivated person and looks out for everyone. He plans out all the events and he always asks for member input. He is a great host and aims to introduce everyone and have everyone mingle, so don’t be afraid to show up by yourself because at the end of the day you’ll walk away with new friends!

Meet Up Fishing | Okinawa Hai

At the end of every event the host posts all the pictures throughout the day on the website. It’s great to see new members enjoy the beautiful sites and I hope to see many more people come out with us.

Price: Free to Join and Free to Participate (Some activities have entrance fees.  If an event does need payments like Charters, ITT Events, etc payment can be submitted via PayPal so he can make the groups reservation and payments.)


Directions: Most all Meetups leave from the Camp Hansen USO. Depending on the event location some members meet us at the location if they know how to get there on their own.

– From Naha (Foster or Kadena) – Drive up the 58 fwy towards Nago until you reach the 73 fwy where you will make a right. Drive on 73 fwy until you reach Ishikawa Circle which is hwy 329. Make a left towards Nago. Drive until you pass Expressway Exit 8 from this point you are a Mile and half from Camp Hansen. On your left you see the gate entrance. Once you enter the gate the USO Parking lot is on your left pass the fire department.



  1. hello , i am from New Zealand but have been living in Sapporo for the last 10 years . my wife { japanese } and i will be moving to okinawa in december 2013 and i am looking to start business in okinawa , i am the out doors type and looking to start a business that involves the out doors and adventure , is there any thing you all would like to do in okinawa but cant because it is not there or is there but not run very well or set up for english speaking , im looking for business ideas and would love to hear your ideas and reply’s
    many thanks Colin

  2. Just FYI if your signing up please make sure after you signup for to go back to Members need to click the JOIN US link and answer 3 simple questions to access all member priveleges such as viewing photos and upcomin events. Alot of people make the mistake of setting up a login name and password then not going back to the Weekend Adventure Page to Join and see the content available on the site. Look forward to more members (: Last meetup had 51 Participants Sign up to see the photos!

  3. Hello I run the weekend adventure group and the site address is written correctly on the review but the link is missing an “a” so if you manually type the address you will be able to see the website until its corrected by the administrator from OkinawaHai sorry the link wasn’t correct. The site to clarify is look forward to seeing more participants (:

  4. This sounds fun but I have a large family so I would rather mimic the activities this group is doing. This link does not work. Do you have another posting or link to describe your activities? Looks very fun and productive.