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We have an embarassing shortage of information about the life and times around Camp Kinser and Camp Courtney and McT. I’ve never even been to Courtney. I came close once though. Joe, my husband, got us tickets to a bull fight at Agena for Mother’s Day. Because, as we all know, nothing shows mom you love her more than horned animals poking each other all over. I digress. Right, nope, never been there.

Do people really actually live out there?

If you do, then HELLO! We like you and want you to come play with us and tell us about your ‘hood.

For this post let’s just talk preschools? Where do you send your wee ones?


  1. My three year old daughter started going to Just For Me Pre-School in September. She was enrolled in Kids World Academy for nine months prior to that. So far, she has brought home more school work completed in one month than the whole time she spent at the other pre-school. The classwork varies from paper hand puppets to colorful family trees with our families names on it, very creative stuff. I am very impressed with the system and teaching curriculum that Just For Me has implemented. My child has only been there for a month and has learned so much. She comes home everyday singing a new song and telling me the days of the weeks. She has also started saying words in Japanese and Spanish. She counts to 10 in both languages. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who is interested in giving their child that head start in learning. It is not your usual daycare it is an actual school where the children learn and have fun doing so.

  2. Hello all. My name is Jenny and I am the new owner of “Just For Me”. I want to apologize for not being able to return any phone calls or emails while I was in the states. My turn-over with the previous owner was not as smooth as expected. I finally had the email account password given to me last month. I would like to welcome everyone to come visit the newly renovated preschool. Registration will continue until seats are full. Our first day of class will begin on September 7th. Please do not hesitate to contact me for information at 098 972 3150 or

  3. I just wanted to give an update about Just for Me preschool. We have only been on island for about 2 months but live on McT. Today I was lucky enough to visit the school. It is very nice. The new owner is American and use to teach at the CDC. They will be hosting an open house from 9-2 on September 3rd. The new owner was back in the states and just came back. She is usually there after 9 in the morning.

  4. Ok, Just for Me….out of the McT gate, take a right on the 8. Look for the pink CoCo bakery on your left and turn left in front of it. Go straight and you will see the Little Rhinos preschool sign straight ahead. About half a block before Little Rhinos, take a right. Then, take a left on the next street. Just for Me is on your left. Little Rhinos and Just for Me are essentially back to back. Both are worth a visit. Just for Me was recently sold and I do not know anything about the new owners. Any new information you get would be worth a post. Good luck!

  5. Hello all! I am so glad I found this website. This is my 3rd time on island, however, we are at McT and aren’t quite familiar with things to do around this area. I was quit interested in finding information out about the Just For Me preschool. I have 4 children, 2 of which are going to be going here to Becthel and my oldest is going to Ryukyu Middle school. So needless to say I need something for my active 3 year old son to keep him busy. Good directions would be great, I emailed them but no response. And saw that it was up for sale in March of 2010.

  6. I ve been trying to look for “JUST FOR ME” school and i couldnt find it. I will start work at Camp McT in june, and i want to register my son near the area. Can anyone please let me know wehre exactly that school is? I have the phone number but everytime i call, it only gives me the voicemail….

  7. I’m also looking for some more play group type activities around McT. My son is 19 months and really needs some more interaction with kids his age. The play group on Kadena is smack in the middle of naptime for us and the one on Foster doesn’t exsist anymore. Thanks for the help!

  8. I would love to know if they have classes for early toddlers at Kinser. I am new here and feel like all the great classes are offered at kadena. 🙁 I was interested in alligator steps program, but don’t feel like driving that far 3x a week! Please help with a any info you may have. I have a 14 month old boy and want him to socialize with others his age.

  9. There is an American preschool that is less than a minute from McT’s gate. Its called Little Rhino’s Preschool. I have met the teacher/owner and she is amazing. Really good with the kids. You can choose to send your kids 2,3 or 5 days a week. I believe her hours are from 830-3. They do different island wide field trips once a month, bring home a craft everyday, and have rest time at the end of the day.
    We were considering sending my son there this coming year but he goes to Kuwae right now on Lester and loves it. I didn’t want to change it up for him again.
    If you want to make the drive Kuwae on Lester is AWESOME. It only takes me about 25 minutes to get there. They do half days. 2,3 and 5 days a week. Registration is acutually this weekend. May 2nd.
    If anyone decided to go with them and lives close to Courtney or McT PLEASE let me know ( . We could definately work out some sort of carpool situation 🙂
    Hope this helps!

  10. Sorry to dig up this OLD post, but I am looking for a preschool for my 2year old near Courtney. We are moving up to the Uezu area in Gushikawa. I always pass a preschool on 23(i think) and it has some Miffy statues out front. Does anyone know any info on this school. I could just go in and ask, but I like you guys better =)lol…
    Or any other info on schools in this area would be a GREAT help!


    If anyone out there has any girls’ used preschool uniforms from “just for me” preschool between Courtney and McT that you would be willing to give or sell, could you please let me know. I’m considering sending my youngest daughter there.

    You can email me at Thanks so much!

  12. Jennifer-
    Chocolate Croissants are so close. Take a right out the McT gate. The second road after base you turn right on. Follow it until you start seeing the N’s Garden signs(Bright Colors and you turn right at the 1st sign) and it will get you there! It takes around 7 min. If you get to the building on the corner that has the circle sign with store name Lips you have gone to far.
    Yes I am the one from photography. Do you know any other Bambi’s(if you do please share!!! It is lonely being the only one!!!)??

  13. I dont drive, for many reasons, so anything actually on camp or close to is helpful. Ive heard many times that 10-20 minute drive can get into an hour during traffic, something I want to try and avoid on public transportation with my 3 year old.

    So far the only info near Kinser I have been given is that the local CDC has a preschool class.

    If anything, I only have 9 weeks left and I will try and help out those who need the same info.

  14. Ok, someone give me directions to N’s Garden, that sounds fantastic.

    And Mallisa, Kinser is not far south of Foster, so most of the info you see here is helpful to you. I have run into lots of moms on Foster & Kadena who bring their kids from Kinser for classes (swim, ballet, etc.). It’s a 10-20 minute ride up 58 (depending on if you catch those lights!).

  15. We just moved into McT and signed my son up for preschool at Hanazono. He starts on Labor Day( Japanese school with Japanese schedule), so I can write more about it after we start. Any info on places to eat in the area from others would be greatly appreciated. We end up going across island since that’s where most of the stuff listed on the blog is and since we’ve only been here just over a month, this blog has been our main, and by far best,Okinawa guide. Chocolate croissants sound yummy!

  16. OK, so this is completely off the subject of preschools but I have had those scrumptious chocolate croissants from N’s Garden thanks to Mere but have never actually been there. Would love to know how to find it. Sorry Mere, I don’t do well with verbal directions!

  17. Mereditz- I hope you didnt really write that you have only been close to the area once. N’s garden is only 7 min. from my house on McT. If you havent been to N’s Garden you need to check it out. Great for a girls day and has awesome croissants(handmade). The japanese preschool is very good with the kids and they do only speak japanese to the children. It has a great fenced in yard and a huge jungle gym for the kids outside to play on. They also do group PE with the kids. There is uniforms, but I am not sure how often they wear them(I know they wear them on Tuesdays). Take a left out McT main gate. Hang a right at the first light. It will be down the road on your right side. Its a huge 2 story building in the middle of farms.

  18. I actually live out in town between McT and Kadena. It’s a very nice, quiet area full of friendly people and quaint little shops. Our family goes to a local noodle restaurant regularly and there is a nice little bakery that has yummy desserts for a low price, either by the slice or whole. I can get the actual names of these places if anyone is interested. Although my children attend school on Kadena and near Kadena, I have friends who send their children to “Just for Me Preschool” near McT and “Hanazono”, a Japanese school that accepts American children (the speak only in Japanese to the children). This school is by Courtney. Both come highly recommended. The beach the previous post brought up is called “Trash Beach,” but don’t get discouraged by the name, it’s actually a really nice place to picnic and swim. Just head north on 330 which turns into 75. Right before Courtney front gate, turn right at light, which is 224. Once on this road, follow it until a major fork, go left. Follow this unnamed road all the way down straight to the beach, which has a huge parking area. I can provide more info upon request. Have a great day!

  19. Diana,

    Thanks for all the great info about your neck of the woods. I would love any information about the schools, beach and shops in your area. If your interested in posting about it let me know!


    Now are you Bambi that i know through Serena’s class? Because, if so, then YES, I have been to N’s Garden! And I was that close to McT?! Do you think the preschool you mentioned is the same one Diana called Hanazono? Would love more info about that. Do you know anyone who goes there?

  20. I don’t know names of preschools (had a friend who has PCS’d and her toddler was in a nice one about 2 seconds from McT though) but I love the McT/Courtney area. It’s quiet, cozy and a nice change from the busy Kadena/Foster area.
    I chuckle to my friends who say they haven’t been out that way yet. It’s not far or scary at all. Just go an extra ten/fifteen minutes past Kadena and check it out. If you go out Kadena Gate 3 (I think) and pass Camp Shields and take a right at 329 (check maps because i just go the narrow shortcuts) you’ll and up in a great area. Also Exit 5 of the Expressway dumps you right out in that area.
    Camp Courtney has a great beach and beautiful view across the bay to green hills.