Okinawa Hai fallback


I didn’t even dare formulate this question in my head in my post-partum days. I don’t think my delicate state of being could have withstood a trip to a Japanese clothing store where the bras would have been a much better fit for my neck than my actual apparatus. So for the brave lady who dared to ask, may you find the perfect fit.

Where can I find a maternity store that carries nursing bras?  The exchange carries a very limited supply, but nothing in the larger sizes.  Am I forced to internet shop for these?  I really wanted to try them on before I buy to ensure the proper sizing and fit.  I have a feeling the Japanese stores won’t carry much in the way of larger sizes, but thought I’d ask anyway!


  1. When I was nursing (almost 6 years ago), I tried lots of nursing bras for larger sizes and hated all of them but the Bravado bra:

    This is the only one that I found that actually supported me and was comfortable. I found that the straps were usually too small and skinny to give any support, especially when you are heavy with milk.

    I don’t think you will find it in Okinawa, and even if you were in the states, it would be hard to find a good selection of plus sized nursing bras. I think you are going to have to shop online.

  2. I am sorry but this island does not have much selection for anything but petite women. I was an XL during my entire prgnancy so I ended up just buying them at You might want to try the mall thing down in Naha. I know there are tons of stores in it, just dont know if there is a maternity store…never hurts to try though

  3. They do have nursing bras at JUSCO. They are in the maternity section next to the baby clothes. They may not have a huge selection (I haven’t personally shopped for one, I’ve just seen them there), but it’s a start. Hope this helps.

  4. I have no idea where you could find one locally, but a friend of mine was an expert on large sized bras and her maternity bra recommendations even back in the States were to order online from one of these three: (for a cotton one for sleeping in)