Okinawa Hai fallback


As all of you new families arrive on Okinawa, our mailbox is filling up with your great questions. Keep them coming, big and small. The larger our community becomes here, the more we can help each other make these island years rock. As they should. As they will.

Here’s a question:

Is there any place in particular to get kid’s haircuts.  My son’s shaggy do is just a little too much for the heat, so I’m trying to convince him to let us get it cut.  I’m not ready for a high and tight on him yet, just a nice short little boys cut.  Any suggestions?

I am learning the art of clippers for my one boy with hair because the prospect of a barber seems far, far away. However, this question reminded me that there is a chain called Good Boy, I believe. There is one at the intersection by the North corner of Foster and Castle Bakery. The shop is on 58 a bit south of Castle Bakery. The sign is blue and says Good Boy in English. I have heard they are geared towards giving a kid a psychologically positive hair-cutting experience. Not at all sure what that means. Or what it costs.

Looking for more input on this topic?  Check out THIS POST from another post on the subject.


  1. Hi Jennifer,
    If you don’t feel like dealing with the hassel of going off base for a haircut…you do have options on base. The Foster Saloon next to the Exchange has a girl named Keiko that does a great job with me and with my child.
    The problem with getting a person to do your hair with a home business is that they will move away and then you are stuck trying to find someone else.
    Keiko is a Japanese local and won’t be going anywhere, speaks great English and is easy to get to.
    You have to call ahead for an appointment, she is always booked up.
    Hope this helps.

  2. Robin,

    If you have an au cell phone, you dial 098-971-6364. If you have a Vonage line, dial 011-81-6117-46-6364.

    I don’t have a regular base line, maybe one of the other ladies could help out with that???

    Good Luck!

  3. I am new to the Island and I have been trying to contact Karen on Lester who does hair. But I can’t seem to get through with my phone, I need help! What numbers should I dial from home number, and also cell Number? Or even an address? I would really appreciate the help.

  4. I just took my son to the Powder kids and mom’s salon. It is on the second floor of the Co-Op/ Toys R Us building in Naha. It is the best haircut he has ever had. I was a hairstylist myself for 10 years ( but my son won’t sit still for me, of course) They have a play area, neat car etc. shaped haircutting chairs, and videos playing. It was just under 2,700 yen, a little pricey but as I said it is a great haircut. I now just need to find a great hair salon for myself. Any suggestions?

  5. I can vouch for the woman above (Karen)and her EXCELLENT skills as a hairdresser! She is above and beyond wonderful (I was VERY nervous about finding someone new to cut my hair after leaving my hairdresser of 10 years in San Diego)! In fact I have gotten more compliments on my hair since Karen has been cutting it than ever before! She has very reasonable prices too.

  6. Hello ladies, I have some help for you on this subject. I am a licensed Hairdresser and have a little Salon set up in my house. We are Navy and live on Lester. However I only do my clients children as a service for them. Please feel free to phone for more information. 646-6364

  7. very good to know for when we get there in January,. my son is pretty good at getting his hair cut but it would be great to have a kids place to go. Do they do little girls hair? I h ave a 4 year old.

    Does anyone have a good Place to get your hair cut?

  8. I’ve gotten Dylan’s hair cut several times at the barber shops on base. The first few times were a struggle but I think he has gotten more accustomed to it. It only costs about $3 or $4 plus tip and the people who do the cutting are all very patient and friendly. I’m sure he would be happier sitting in a race car though!

  9. Thanks for the info Ichiyo! I had no idea what kind of place Good Boy was. I thought it was an after school program! Right now I’m still clipping Benj’ hair myself. The 100 yen store has haircutting scissors and one of those plastic sheets to keep hair off. However, he may sit still for a real barber if he has a racecar to sit in! JULIE

  10. This is the ONLY place my son would go to get his hair cut in Okinawa. We used to go to Cartoon Cuts when we were in the States and we were trying to find something similar where he can watch TV and gets his hair cut at the same time. Even better, this place has a racing car that he can “drive” while getting his hair cut. Without that destruction, it will be a hard task for everyone. Staff are all very kids-friendly and I highly recommend it. Best of all, he gets a candy at the end. It is quite reasonably priced: 1050 yen including shampoo if your kid is up for it. They have a stamp card, so if he collects enough stamps, he will get one free hair cut. The only thing is that they are very detailed and they only have one racing car, which results in somewhat longer wait. We usually wait about 30 min., but the good thing is that the store right next door is a Castle Bakery with very good cakes!!