Xystus Front
Xystus Front


The kiddos and I had been exploring Okinawa during their summer vacation.  Beaches, caves, parks, etc…. We love going to Wago Land, US Land, Monakids…  They’re all fun… but, my friend showed me this new place called Xystus Kids Land that had just opened on July 1st, 2011.

Xystus Play Area 2
Xystus Play Area 2

My four year old loved it; he had a blast and wants to go over and over again.  His favorite was mini golf.

Xystus Play Area 1
Xystus Play Area 1

They have a nice relaxing room where you can see the kids through a small glass window or watch them on a flat screen TV, and a Café space where you can order food (everything from corn dogs to Okinawa Soba).

Xystus Cafe
Xystus Cafe

They also have a Birthday Party Room (though you can not bring your own food — food/cake can be purchased there).

Xystus Bday Room
Xystus Bday Room

There is rock climbing, mini golf, a kids play park, and plenty of space to run around.  The Jungle Gym is divided in sections with lots of things for the children to do! Slides, trampolines, ball pits and zip lines.

Xystus Mothers Room
Xystus Mothers Room

They have a spot for you to park your stroller, a locker room to rent a box for your personal goodies or just drop off your shoes, a very cute baby room, private room for women that need to nurse their baby, and girl’s and boy’s bathroom.  Everything is so clean, the toys are brand new and totally safe!

This place is awesome for lil ones on very hot summer days, rainy days.

Open year round!

Xystus Bldg
Xystus Bldg

Weekdays (3 hrs)   Saturday, Sunday & Holidays (2 hrs)

Baby (0-18 months)               300 Yen                          300 Yen

Kids (18months-12 yrs. old)  750 Yen                         950Yen

Junior (13-19 yrs. old)            400 Yen                        400 Yen

Guardian                                   300 Yen                        300 Yen

Group Rate (10 or more)      650 Yen                         850 Yen

Xystus membership rate     650 Yen                         850 Yen

Payment:  Yen only and you will purchase your tickets from the machine when you first come in and take them up to the counter and the same for the café, the vending machine will have the menu items on it.  Don’t worry, they have everything translated in English, so you know what to order : )

Xystus Massage
Xystus Massage

Hours:   10:00 A.M to 19:00 P.M

Phone:  098-973-4105

Details:  You must wear socks or room shoes.  Also, my kids think this place is fun but, but I don’t think there is a lot for teenagers to do besides eating pretty good snacks from the café and enjoying the massage couches in the relax room.

Directions:  From McTureous, turn right out of the gate and take a right at the 2nd stop light.  Continue on this road and Xystus is on the left just before getting to San-A/Main Place.  There is a light blue sign on the big plaza. You can park in the spots available or you can also continue driving around the building and park on the big basement that is under the plaza. The Xystus Kids Place is on the 2nd floor.

Xystus Map
Xystus Map
Xystus Cafe Menu
Xystus Cafe Menu


  1. As of this year (2015)the prices are not the same
    Entrance fees. Weekdays (3hrs.). Sat. Sun. and Hoildays (2hrs.).
    Baby (age 0-18mon) ¥300 ¥300
    Kids (age 18mon-12). ¥ 750 ¥ 950
    Junior (age 13-19). ¥ 400 ¥400
    Guardian ¥ 300 ¥ 300
    Group rate (10 or more). ¥650 ¥ 850
    Cyst us membership rate. ¥650 ¥ 850

  2. I took my 2.5 year old daughter here today. It was clean, and she had a great time. We had a hot dog and taco rice. Both were ok. She didn’t want to leave because she was having so much fun, but I think the two hour time limit was more than enough time.

    One thing that confused me about the previously given directions is that they tell you to turn left before you get to the mall. I didn’t think that was accurate. When you get to the light where the mall with the yellow sign with the 3 red triangles is, you should turn left. It’s the same light where you could also turn right to go directly into the mall’s parking garage. The building that houses Xystus is a huge cream colored building with orange trim. There is a 100 Yen store on the first floor of the building. Go inside the automatic glass doors and go up the escalator to the 2nd floor to find Xystus.

  3. We were just at a birthday party there this past weekend and they brought Anythony’s pizza, a cake from the commissary, and juice boxes. I believe the price is 750 yen for kids up to the age of 12 on the weekends, but if you have 15 or more kids you get a lower price.

  4. Tai: Yes, a group of us had a get-together there and we all brought food inside because it was a potluck. 2 coolers filled with bottled water and Capri Sun for the kids was also brought in. Added perks: Kids price was only Y600 (on a weekday, not sure about the weekend)for groups of 10 or more. And one of the staff members takes photos throughout the event and turns it into a framed collage as a gift! With plenty of parking, lots of fun for the kids, and no worries about the weather, I think this is a great place to throw a party.

  5. If you want to have any kind of parties there, and it said ” no outside food/ drinks, even a cake allow” because you can purchase it from them? but i have a GF that went to a baby shower there and ppl bring their food/drinks..guess it was like a potluck? So whats the deal? Is it okay to bring food/drinks there or what? im confused.

  6. Had a HORRIBLE time finding the place with the directions posted … here are some more detailed directions .. hope this helps anyone!!!

    FROM FOSTER: you can either …. 1) go North on the 330, take a left at SECOND 85, take a right at the light that is in front of the Main City Mall (the big yellow sign with the three red triangles)(mall will be on your left, and there will be a yellow building on your right that says lemon something .. it’s a photo place), Xystus is in the 1st huge building on your left .. it’s cream colored with orange trim. The kidsland is on the SECOND FLOOR!
    2) Go north on the 58, turn right on the 23, take a right on the SECOND 85 (the one with the overpass), Take a left at the light that is in front of the Main City Mall (the big yellow sign with the three red triangles)(mall will be on your right, and there will be a yellow building on your left that says lemon something .. it’s a photo place)you will pass the Yellow Box, Xystus is in the 1st huge building on your left .. it’s cream colored with orange trim. The kidsland is on the SECOND FLOOR!

    FROM KADENA: Go out Gate 3 and take a right, turn left at the first 85 (the one with the overpass). Take a left at the light that is in front of the Main City Mall (the big yellow sign with the three red triangles)(mall will be on your right, and there will be a yellow building on your left that says lemon something .. it’s a photo place)you will pass the Yellow Box, Xystus is in the 1st huge building on your left .. it’s cream colored with orange trim. The kidsland is on the SECOND FLOOR!

    FROM COURTNEY: Take the 75 and turn right onto the 85, take a right at the light that is in front of the Main City Mall (the big yellow sign with the three red triangles)(mall will be on your left, and there will be a yellow building on your right that says lemon something .. it’s a photo place), Xystus is in the 1st huge building on your left .. it’s cream colored with orange trim. The kidsland is on the SECOND FLOOR!

  7. Today will be my third time going. the first time i went my daughter was 10 months, and is not 15 months. She is big enough to play in the balls, and loves it! All my friends whom I have sent here love it, too.

  8. I just HAVE to make an update with this.

    Party room details – renting it is now FREE, and you can bring your own food – except no drinks, and no ice cream (you can buy those there).

    Current as of 1 March – my son’s 3rd birthday is there tomorrow.

    LOVE this place!!

  9. Come out Gate 2 and turn left at the first light. This will put you on 23/85. Go down a little ways and then turn right onto 85. Stay on 85 and you will see a large San-A sign on your right on top of the Main City San-A (yellow sign with red A’s). Turn left at the light that is in front of Main City. The building that houses Xystus Kidsland will be on your left. It is an off white building with orange trim. There are more directions from Kadena via 85 and via 330 in the other comments. They may help you as well.

  10. Annie: The area you see in the 3rd picture (the one with the child holding the big yellow ball) is what is marked as the baby area. There were parents sitting on the padded floor there with babies who were sitting babies only and babies who were crawlers. There were lots of foam blocks and other things for the babies to handle. There was a small playhouse that children who appeared to be standing but not walking yet were playing in. The small rocking toys you see in the picture were popular as well. I also noticed that the jungle gym area that is closest to the baby area (which you can barely see in the picture) was mostly occupied by smaller kids. I was able to take my 20 month old in there and crawl through tunnels with her, slide down the slide with her and let her sit in the ballpit with no problems. Not knowing the age of your baby, it’s hard to say if it would be worth it for you to go or not. If your baby is a sitter only than you won’t get much more there than what you can provide at home. If you are just wondering if there is a safe, fun place for your baby while your older child (if you have one) runs around and plays then yes there is. Hope that helps.

  11. We just took our kids to Xystus this past weekend and I do recall reading on the sign that they are closed every Monday unless Monday is a Japanese holiday and in that case they would be closed on Tuesday. As far as our experience, all four of my kids loved it. My oldest is 11 and my youngest is 20 months. There was something for all of them. We bought our tickets, gave them to the man at the desk and he directed us to remove our shoes and store them in the shoe cubbies. Since we did not leave the house planning to go there, my daughter did not have socks to wear. The man watched her remove her sandals and never said a word about it. They did sell socks there, but there were lots of kids with no socks on. They have free lockers for storing purses, diaper bags, etc. so that Mom or Dad can play without worrying about valuables in a bag that is sitting around. I found the baby area to be more appropriate for crawling babies, so my youngest just climbed and played where the big kids played and loved sitting in the ball pit. I was right there with her the entire time to insure that she did not get hurt by an older child coming down the slide or something. I got quite a workout chasing her! Anyway, I have not been to Monakids in years, but if my memory serves me correctly this place is A LOT bigger and it was super clean. We had a great time!

  12. This is the second comment wherein Xystus was closed on a Monday….it was too last Labor Day. Could they be perhaps closed every Monday? Perhaps someone who speaks Japanese can ask the days they are closed…will save us a lot of grief. Actually they understand English but I don’t have their phone number.

  13. this is my baby’s fave hangout place.. we usually come here on weekdays (most of the kids are at school),,, what i really liked about it, is the cleanliness, you’ll see how they sanitize the plastic balls (ball pits).. very safe for babies and its super cheap! loved it!!!!

  14. Just wanted to let you all know that it was closed today when I tried to take my little one. Quite a few families showed up only to be disappointed that it was closed on an American Holiday. I thought they would only be closed on Japanese Holidays. Just an FYI for those of you trying to go on today! Hope you all are having a great Holiday weekend!

  15. Great indoor playground especially with the summer weather. Took my 4 yr old there 5 days ago and he had a blast. Just had to accompany him to the various areas of play but not too close. Got concerned about bigger kids running and playing rough with each other and may accidentally hit my child.
    Sample the food outside the playground as there are more choices and the dishes are tasty. I will take my kid there again in a week. Thanks for the post!

  16. My friends and I went there, had no problems with directions and they do require socks, they have some for sale at the counter where you turn in your tickets! but, of course lots of people don’t follow the requirements. Thank you for this post, we love it!

  17. Thanks for this. It was our first venture out gate 3 and turning right. That’s how I judge things. I have yet to turn left out gate 3. lol We forgot socks, walked over to San A’s Y100 section to get some and then saw a bunch of barefoot people there. No big deal, just thought I’d throw that out there.

  18. Thank you Bambi for clearing the directions out, I didn’t get to Joelle’s message on time about the directions.

    Also, if you are coming from HWY 85,
    pass Yellow Box and at the Intersection light of Main City turn left
    and you’ll see the shopping plaza on your left hand side.

    The fees to rent the birthday party room are:

    1 room during the week for 2 hours is 2000 yen and you can extend 30 minutes for 500 yen or 2 rooms during the week for 2 hours is 3500 and you can extend 30 minutes for 900 yen.

    On weekends and holidays 1 party room is 3000 yen and you can extend 30 minutes for 750 yen, or 2 rooms for 5000 yen and extend 30 minutes for 1250 yen.

    XYSTUS KIDSLAND doesn’t have prices for 15 minutes, 1 hour, etc. Fees don’t vary with the amount of time.

  19. Coming from Camp Courtney :

    Turn left out of the Main Gate @ Camp Courtney.
    Stay straight on HWY 75, turn right on HWY 85.
    Turn right at the Main City Intersection and you’ll see the shopping plaza where Xyustus Kidsland is : )

  20. No problem Joelle.
    There is a time limit 3 hrs weekdays and 2 hrs on the weekends. If u go over u can pay in 30 min. Incruments.
    From Kinser I would say take the 58 North to the 23rd (the road right before Kadena) and go right. Follow this road past the drop slide park. When u get to the 85 turn right between Kadena gate 5 and gate 3). When you get to main city mall turn left at the light right after Marino Pizzaeria (right is into Main City Mall parking lot. If u get to the 75 you went a block to far). The playplace is in the long building on the left (currently th second building).

    • coming from kinser:

      -drive route 58 going north (nago)
      -turn right on 81 going legion gate foster
      -keep going straight, the route becomes 330
      -you’ll pass kadena gate 2
      -continue driving 330, once you see Big 1 Store (yellow building), it means you’re close to 85
      -once you pass a pachinko (with dinosaur theme) on your Right
      -turn Left on route 85
      -you’ll see San-A Main City on your Left
      -turn Right on the first light, that’s where the Xystus Kids Land building at

      From Kadena Gate 2
      -drive straight and turn Left on main road (330)
      -go straight until you see Big 1 Store (Yellow Building) on your Right
      -keep going a little bit, you’ll see Pachinko with dinosaur theme on your Right
      -turn Left on 85, the San-A Main City is on your Left
      -turn Right on first light, the Xystus Kids Land building is on your Left

      hope this helps 🙂

  21. We went on Tuesday and LOVED it! I took my friends kids with. The 12 year old lasted an hour before he was bored, but he kept playing with the other kids since he didn’t have anything else to do. I would say geared for those under 12! Its bigger then Mona Kids and I personally liked it better then Mona Kids! I also liked that it had a small area for the babies (however parents will have to sit on the floor with them to keep bigger kids from accidently running through to get to the rock wall). To get here from McT: Turn right out the McT gate and take a right at the second stop light. Follow this road. You will see it on the left before the Main City Mall intersection. Its about 10 min away (Depending on traffic and lights).

  22. Awesome! I can’t wait to check it out sometime! Though it sounds like it is more geared to older kids. My twin 2 year olds do well at MonaKids but still need a parent to go with them. Is there a smaller kids area awayf rom the zip lines and what not?

    • I have 15mths old twin girls and I think kidsland was geared perfectly for their age as well as my 4yr. They have several ball pin areas and they can even go up the stairs and down the slides into the pin.I went up with them to guide them through though. My girls really didn’t want to play in the baby area as much since they loved playing in the other fun zones. I did have my friend with me though which helped but I would go by myself too with them since they have monitors over looking everything. Also, they have highchairs with straps and kids tables and chairs. Hope you have fun as much as my kids did.