Your Hair By Rumiko is run by Rumiko who used to work at Cocok’s on Route 23. She speaks great English, and is fantastic with kids. (Though I’d recommend you bring a kid old enough to follow directions like “look down” or “hold still”.)

The salon is simple, upon entering you notice the white walls and a few nice plants and dark wood floors. There is a podium to the right where Rumiko greets you. There is a huge gargoyle-like interesting black & white painting on the wall straight ahead. (I think it’s a very interesting piece.) And to the left there are two haircut stations.

I was there with my daughter, Mia, who is 6 1/2. Upon sitting in the chairs she quickly poured us some delicious iced lemon tea. Behind the wall with the mirrors at the haircut stations there is the hair-washing station. After consulting you on what you’d like done, she escorts you to the comfy black hair-washing chair. The chair leans back electronically and Rumiko puts netting over your face so that you close your eyes and enjoy the amazing head massage and citrusy smell of the shampoo and conditioner. Delicious! (Mia wanted me to buy the shampoo and conditioner because it smelled so good.)

Haircut_4 Then we headed over (one by one, Mia first) for an efficiently fast haircut. Mia was first and after a few minutes Rumiko dried her hair to cut it dry. She does a great job on the adorable angled bob, which is what Mia ended up with. It’s so cute & sassy that other moms (and adults) ask all the time who cuts her hair! I cut mine much shorter and really love it.

As we sat for our haircuts we had delightful conversation with Rumiko about her 3 sons (16-year-old boy and 10-year-old TWIN boys). She’s obviously a child-lover – as she finished my haircut she remembered Mia loved the smells and she pulled a tree off a counter so that we could smell the blossoms. Sweet and scrumptious! I promised her I’d go back to do my hair color (she noticed it was in need of updating) when Mia was back in school.

I don’t know what hair color prices are, but will report on that when I make the appointment. The cuts were 3500¥ for adults and 2000¥ for children. While I was there a few people called for appointments and she grinned sheepishly and asked me to give the directions on the phone! haha!

Hours: I didn’t find out the hours and they aren’t on her business card, but I heard her say on the phone she’d cut hair in the evenings too (like a 7pm appointment).

Phone: 098-936-8766

Address: 1-470 Miyagi Chatan-chō, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa-ken 904-0113 Japan

GPS Coordinates: 26.3267628, 127.74735110000006

Directions: From 58 northbound turn LEFT just before gate 1 Kadena (there’s a Family Mart, Pizza Inn, GI Bill Pay, etc.). At the last light before the sea wall, turn LEFT.

Your Hair by Rumiko is on the RIGHT side corner at the next traffic light. Park on the street where you can – I turned right at that light by the salon and parallel parked along the road there.


  1. I just got a cut and color today! And she did awesome! Took a little bit to figure out what exactly we wanted but I love the end result! She has made some updates since any recent post, she has a link of her Facebook page for online scheduling and it’s really easy to schedule and cancel if need be. She also takes card so that takes all the guessing out of how much it’s going to be. My cut and color today was ¥7500 and my hair is shoulder length. I would recommend to anyone to go here!

  2. Today I went to Rumiko for a highlight and haircut. I decided to make an appointment after my research turned up many favorable comments. Despite her excellent English, it was a little difficult coming to a consensus on what would be right for me. Mostly because what I wanted wasn’t very doable. I came prepared with pictures and we decided on a three color highlight/lowlight to refresh my roots and a cut. The color and cut came out great! Could not say one negative thing about anything. She really listens and gave me exactly what I wanted. I will definitely be going back. It was a little difficult making an appointment by calling, but keep at it. In the end I paid 8,500 Yen.

  3. Right Jessica! I have been going to Rumiko for over 2 years now and I have to say that it will be hard to go to another hairdresser when I leave here! I finally went darker and after 3 weeks I couldn’t do it anymore…I had to go back blonde and Rumiko got me in quickly and she worked her magic…we also decided on a cut and she is completely honest if she thinks the cut won’t work with your facial structure…sorry I know I have posted here a few times but she is amazing!

  4. I have been going to Rumiko for a year now. She has done such a nice job getting my hair back to a healthy state. She has done blonde highlights and an all over color with some blonde highlights most recently. I love it! I have been happy with her consistency and am so happy I found her on island. She is worth every penny and gives a great head massage!
    Highly recommend!!

  5. Hi I was wondering if anyone knows if she can do an ombré?? I currently have bright red hair and want a change to dark brown-blonde ombré. Every salon on base said they can’t do it. Can anyone tell me if she might be able to?

  6. I finally worked up the nerve to get my hair cut here on island. I was terrified by the, er… interesting hairstyles I had seen on locals, and wanted to find a place where they could wrestle my thick mane into a cute hairstyle. I was referred by a co-worker to try out Rumiko. She was able to get me in the same day I called for an appointment, and she was ready and waiting for me when I got to her salon. I had pretty long hair, and when I showed her what I wanted, she asked me several times just to be sure that I really wanted to cut it all off. Anyway, she took her time, cut my hair both wet and dry, and made adjustments until she got the cut just right. I love the cut; she did an excellent job!! I wil try out color next time, and of course, I’ll be back in 6 weeks for a trim.

    So rather than take a gamble and go to the BX or to a home stylist on OYS (not knocking those ladies and what they do, so please take no offense!), I would highly recommend that you make an appointment with Rumiko!

  7. Today was my 1st professional haircut in a year! (My husband’s been cutting it at home until now). Rumiko did a great job! I definitely will go back. She is very talented and it was only 3500 yen.

  8. I pay 9500 Yen and that is for highlights, lowlights, cut blowdry etc. I also have very thick hair and its pretty long. So if you have shorter fine hair it might be cheaper. Take 10000 Yen and if she doesn’t charge that much then at least you will still have Yen…(go for a pedi lol)…Good Luck Rumiko is amazing!

  9. It can be difficult to get a hold of her because she is so busy…make sure to book ahead and if you can’t reach her she will call you back ASAP. She speaks great english and is very honest about what would look good on you but she will ultimately do what you ask of her. Her number is 098-936-8766 if you need it!

  10. When I got to the Island a friend told me to be careful going to the Japanese for highlights and lowlights as her friend had a miserable experience. I’m very blond and needed my roots done. I went to someone on base and it took him 6 hours and he charged me way more than what we had agreed upon when I asked another friend who did her hair (it was fabulous) and she said “Rumiko of course” intrigued i asked her alot of questions and she convinced me to call her…BEST thing i ever did, can I say my hair looked AMAZING and normally it takes over 3 hours to get my hair done…2 hours and 15 minutes start to finish with cut blowdry, head massage etc. I am so excited that i found her and will be going to her for the rest of my time on the island!!! 🙂

  11. I just had my hair cut by Rumiko; I wanted a very short cut and from my experience it is difficult to find somebody to cut short hair well. She did a fantastic job! I am so pleased 😀 I showed her photos of how I wanted it, and she gave me her input on how she would think it would look good. She definitely is the lady to go to!

  12. Rumiko is still the woman to see. I will not go anywhere else when it comes to coloring and cutting my hair. After a horrible bleach job she has nursed my hair back to healthy.

    I usually always just stop by to make an appointment since it seems harder to get ahold of her by phone.

  13. Little Miss Mia is lovely and her hair looks Aaahhhhdorable! My husband loves my hair long…but when I go shorter, I love the angled bob too. And it can be difficult for some hairstylists if you have fine hair like I do!

  14. Hey Liz, I too had trouble getting in touch with her. I’ve just driven over to her shop before because it was starting to seem impossible. I was lucky last time and actually got her on the phone. It was around 3pm. I hope that you get in touch with her soon. A lot of people have this problem. She would have so much more buisiness if we could just reach her! 🙂

  15. Rumiko is hands-down the best stylist I’ve had on island, and maybe anywhere EVER! She is truly an artist, not just a “cut by the guide book” stylist. She looked at me, my hair, felt my hair, looked at some pictures, immediately had an idea in mind of what would best suit me, and then went to work! I have short hair, and for me she used razor, scissors, thinning shears, all of the above. Some people don’t like razors, but I don’t know why if it achieves the cut you’re after. Anyway, after the yummy smelling shampoo and relaxing head massage, she started razor cutting and then used scissors, which just flew through my hair with amazing precision. She knows just how to achieve what she’s going for. Halfway through the cut, she blew my hair dry before finishing the details, then washed me again to get rid of all the loose hair. She finished by drying and styling it. I am extremely happy with my cut, and have already scheduled my next appointment (she can be hard to schedule b/c she’s so popular!) Rumiko is cheerful, pleasant, and conversational, and you will not be disappointed with your experience.

  16. Sarah,
    Just keep trying the # listed. In fact I just checked the # to verify my appt..and at first it rang, went to fax..but then she picked it just depends. I don’t think she has another #. Best to make an appt. prior to leaving..since she stays booked.

  17. Leslie:

    Rumiko does cut short hair, and she does a good job. I have gone to her once. My frustration is that she prefers a razor cut, and don’t. I now go to Yukari @ Salon Borjan. She also cuts short hair and does a great job, and she uses scissors (as opposed to a razor). Both are very competent and can absolutely cut a short style. Though I would recommend bringing a pic so nothing is lost in translation.

  18. This last time I went to see her my husband had gotten called into work so I had to bring my kids with me. They’re 3 and 5. She was fine with them there, they pretty much sat and played with the toys I had brought for them and when we were finished she gave them both lollipops. I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to bring your baby with you! She also has 3 boys so she knows what it’s like!!!

  19. I have an appointment with Rumiko soon…and I am beyond excited…but, my plan for my husband to watch our 4 1/2 month old fell through. So, do you think it would be a problem to bring her with me? I really don’t want to cancel. I am doing a cut and highlight…just thought I would ask to see if anyone has brought their baby with them?

  20. Not only is Rumiko a great hairstylist, but she also cares about the health and comfort of her patrons. Let me give you a perfect example of this.

    A few years ago, after dying my hair for the first time, I discovered that I was allergic to hair dye. My reaction was so bad, in fact, that I had to go to the doctor. Since then, I’ve explained to various hairdressers, and they continue to dye my hair, but with a special foil method which costs extra, but prevents the serious reaction I got the first time. I usually still experience discomfort from it for about a week.

    However, I visited Rumiko and she suggested semi-permanent dye for my hair. I tried it and it was a huge success with no reaction at all!

    I’m really sort of amazed that it took years to find this new simple alternative and I really believe that other stylists didn’t tell me about it because it was an opportunity for them to make more money. So, yet another reason to visit Rumiko!

  21. Hi Mary! well it takes a looong time but it worths it!, 2.5 hours in my case (yes, almost 3 hours!) but I have very long hair. And yes, in the middle of the process they use a straightening iron. I did it twice (2006 and 2008) and I will do it again next year 🙂
    Good luck! and let us know your “doctor straightening” experience!

  22. Thanks for the info, Megan! I’m scheduled to get mine this Thursday and I’m kinda nervous…it’ll be my first time so I’m hoping my hair will turn out great! Another question, how long did it take to do yours? Did they use a straightening iron? Thanks!

  23. I tried the “doctor straightening” at a hair salon in Naha (Kokusai street)and was great. It’s been eight months and my hair looks really good. I think Japanese do a good job.
    I had a hair cut at Earth salon and loved it too.

  24. Jessica, I don’t know about the bleach thing but I had an appointment with her last weekend and I got some pretty dramatic coloring done. I went with blonde and red high lites with brown low lites. She’s amzing! It is exactly what I invisioned. Call her and see. It’s so worth it. She is usually booked solid for a month out or so but it’s worth the wait. I love my cut and color!

  25. I have to agree with all the previous posts. Words can’t describe how happy I am with my new haircut. I just want to point out, Rumiko doesn’t want anyone parking on the main road in front of her shop. After I parked there, she asked me to turn left or right at that light to park. She’s amazing!

  26. Just wanted to give Rumiko one more outstanding review. I have frizzy/wavy/curly hair and went in not really knowing what I wanted, just knew I wanted something easy to take care of. To start off, Rumiko is very welcoming and friendly. The shampoo and head massage are wonderful and relaxing and the tea is delicious (and I don’t even like tea). She came up with a plan, asked if that was alright, and went to work. She really takes her time – she washed it, she cut it, blew it dry to see if she needed to trim more, decided to straighten my bangs, washed it again, and trimmed a little more, then styled it (no blow drying this time – which is great with me). She also told me how to style it – just wash and go. Plus, she didn’t charge me for straightening the bangs since it was her idea and just said if I liked the straightening that I could pay for it next time. It’s a great cut and I can’t stop looking in the mirror because I’ve never been this styllish! 🙂 Also, I thought it was great that Rumiko says she uses Okinawa Hai to find good restraunts!

  27. Had an appointment with Rumiko-san yesterday. I think this is the best haircut I’ve ever had, since most people can’t cut curls. Rumiko cut my hair differently too, than anyone else ever has. She helped go off the photo I brought in and work with my hair to customize it to fit with me. It was great! Thanks for the recommendation.

  28. Had my appt today and absolutely LOVE the way my hair turned out. If you’re searching for someone to do your should definitely check her out. You won’t be dissapointed!!!! Oh, and it’s cash debit/credit cards!!!

  29. I paid in cash – it was 3500 yen for a basic cut- I have no idea about debit/credit. AND I STILL LOVE MY CUT – kind of want to go back sooner- to see what she can do. Still getting compliments! (I must have looked pretty bad before! lol!

  30. I have been using Rumiko for 2 years now ( she use to be at cocok). Love her, I now just go in and say do whatever you want. I am never disapointed. She is very honest and will also tell you what will not damage your hair.

  31. I went, I trusted, I LOVE I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new hair style! The entire experience was great! She is warm and funny and talented- I am unskilled when it comes to making my hair look like it did on the day of the cut – BUT I CAN NOW! That’s how good this cut is! And she even gave me the simplest instructions! I will actually go back for the upkeep!

    Awesome – so WORTH IT!

  32. re Japanese straight perming, its a staple service offered by Japanese hair salons, it would be rare to find one that wont offer it. I`ve been having it done here for 2.5 years and love it! Your hair does need to be `virgin` and fairly healthy but you can color it (low-lites) shortly after. Ask at any good looking salon for a `sutoreeto paama` (straight perm), but check the price first.

  33. I only know one person who has done hair straightening. FYI – they will only do it if your hair is completely natural – no other processes or coloring is allowed (i.e. highlights or dyes). My friend got it done by Miyagi at Cocok’s on 23, but I’d bet Rumiko would do it too. Give her a call, she speaks great English and can answer your question. Good luck, Amy!

  34. so i am off to try this Rumiko place tomorrow, i am new on the island and verry excited i will keep you all updated as to wht my eperiance is.. thanks for the info on the hair place!! I was really stressed about it =)

  35. To answer your question Tara…I didn’t tip her. I’ve been told you’re not supposed to here. Plus since it’s her salon, I assume she just wants the price. I have another appointment this afternoon, maybe I’ll ask what she thinks.

  36. I have a question, ladies. I’m going to make an appointment with Rumiko, and just want to know what y’all did, if anything, for a tip?? I’m used to tipping my stylist back home… but I’m also used to seeing someone at a salon where they have to give half or more of the cost to their employers. I’m not sure what’s customary when seeing someone who owns their salon. So what say you??

  37. Thanks for this recommendation! Both my daughter and I went to Rumiko last week for haircuts. I am forever in search of a haristylist who will be honest with me about what looks good on me (since it is sometimes hard to guess for yourself) and once I told Rumiko what I liked (and didn’t), she offered some suggestions and gave me one of my most favorite haircuts ever! The atmosphere is quaint, the tea lovely and the conversation pleasant. Rumiko was also great with my 5 year old daughter (and made her feel special and grown up with her new “do”). I highly recommed Rumiko! Thanks for passing it on!

  38. I was recommended to her from another lady but read the reviews here before making my appointment. Called on a Friday afternoon & made an appointment for the next day. I searched all over the internet for a picture but ended up going with something completely different. I got highlights, lowlights & a cut for 8500 yen. Once she had started my sideswept bangs I had a sudden need to just go for it & get real bangs. So she kept saying I looked like a doll & teaching me kawaii..which means “cute”

    I’m very happy with my hair & her service. Will definitely be going back for a little upkeep before the ball.

  39. I’ve never felt obliged to comment on a post until now…too many great recommendations on Hai. I called at 6:30 to schedule for the next evening, and ended up with an appointment 10 minutes later. Great cut, great maintenance tips for growing out my wooly mane, and a ride home in the rain since I’d walked to the salon in the crummy weather.

    PS-When I mentioned she was a Hai feature, she remembered Aviva’s “beautiful daughter” 🙂

  40. I’ve been going to Rumiko for over a year and she is fabulous!! I think for a hi-lite and cut it was around 7000 yen. She loves cutting short hair and does a great job working off of pictures. She is also very honest and will tell you if a picture you brought would not be a good choice for you.

  41. Thanks for more great info!

    I’d also like to add that my daughter was over the moon excited when she saw her picture on the site.

    “AM I ON OKINAWA HAI!??!?” And her eyes got huge and she jumped up and down like she’d been on TV or something. So thanks for that too.

  42. Great post! I’ve had my hair cut by Rumiko multiple times. I always love what she does with my hair and I’ve had many people ask me where I get my hair cut. I made sure I snuck in a last trip before leaving the island for good. Hope I find someone just as good at our next place.

    Also wanted to add that I don’t think she has regular hours at this point. When I was there last week the sign on her door said “by appointment only”.

  43. Sorry, I forgot to mention..I paid 7500 yen, but like I said my color was in desperate need of change (she did highlight/lowlight) at my natural hair, cut, style and Personal attention which is what I love..(listening to the client, as well as giving professional recommendation on what would be best, taking her time),oh and did a mention a head massage while she was shampooing? I had no problem paying this amount for a great job. Now, it is just maintenance is what she said so I don’t imagine it will be that much next time. She also said color costs depend on what exactly she needs to do and of course hair length. I loved too that she could understand a non-fluent in Japanese- which is hard to find around here. I couldn’t believe that she got me in on a Sunday and on last minutes notice.

  44. Rumiko did my hair a couple weeks ago and did a fantastic job. She fixed my far gone outgrown roots and actually put it back to my more natural color w/ tone (highlight/lowlight) is what she called it and cut and styled it. She took me on a last moments notice and said come right over (on Sunday 1300). I was a little late as I was trying to find her location but she greeted me happily outside and even showed me where to park. The tea was delicious, the personal care given by her w/o interruption and was above and beyond. I am very picky about my hair, but she will have me going back now on a regular basis and I’m glad to know that I have someone I can go to for our duration here on island. I highly recommend her. She knows just what is right for your hair!!