This is my almost empty jar of yuzu cha. Yuzu as in THIS fruit. And cha as in tea. Not sure exactly what makes this tea because it looks and smells and feels like a jar of marmalade. Unlike a jar of marmalade this tea gets scooped into a piping hot mug of water. And it’s as good as a cup of hot cocoa and a blanket in a snowstorm. Now is the season to get yourself a jar.

Just ask around at any Japanese grocery store. Drop a hushed sumimasen followed by Yuzu-cha arimasu ka? and you will likely be pointed to a glowing jar of comfort and warmth and innocence for under 1000 yen. Not sure if the grammar is right on that there sentence but it is one heck of a useful phrase. I think that the verb arimasu roughly means to exist. So yuzu-cha arimasu-ka is like asking if yuzu tea exists in the same way in English we might ask do you have yuzu tea. Feel free to correct me because I am no smarty-pants on this topic.


  1. Found YUZU!
    It’s at the grocery store in the Plaza shopping center (first floor)…The store with the doves on the sign….Ask for Korean Yuzu…(It’s kind of close to the checkout)…..

  2. I use Google Reader (& pretty much every other Google product) & have been subscribed to this feed since before it was at this URL (back when it was “OkiMama”). So hopefully it’s including me in that count

  3. MMmm… cannot wait to find & try this! Thank you, Mere – you’re so giving with the yummy nummies and warm and fuzzies. And Staci with the prose – lovely.

    So let’s see – did the feedburner already count me? I think there are readers here who aren’t aggregated, but hey – all in good time. Welcome, Alana. So glad you’re here and glad that you’re glad you found us!

  4. I’m such a chicken. Just got back from the co-op and wandered and wandered looking for Yuzu Cha. Too chicken to ask. MAN, I’ve gotta get over that or it’s going to be a LONG 3 years!

    I joined Bloglines — and loving it — but the “counter” didn’t go up for a LONG time after I joined, do you think it’s counting me?? I so yearn to be counted!! 🙂

  5. loving yuzu.
    can’t find yuzu.
    having yuzu-withdrawls.
    still stalking the shelves for yuzu.
    will report back later.
    thanks for the sweet introduction, meredith.
    it’s added something sweet to my bleek (tv-less, heat-less nights).

    and now for a yuzu haiku: (5-7-5, right?)

    yuzu youre all mine
    like sand on my balcony
    sandy, bleek nights-mine