Amber Rose Hair Salon l Okinawa Hai!


Amber Rose Hair Salon l Okinawa Hai!

When moving to Okinawa, I was extremely nervous about having my hair done. One of the main reasons I was nervous to have my hair done in a foreign country is because I have had blonde highlights for years and didn’t want to run the risk of coming out with purple hair. Also, I have fine, thin hair so haircuts are extremely important because the wrong cut can be disastrous for months. With having blonde highlights, I couldn’t make it long in Okinawa before it was time to go for a touch-up. Luckily I chose the perfect salon that exceeded my expectations and delivered quality customer service.

Amber Rose is the perfect American-style beauty salon placed in the heart of Okinawa. The staff is well-versed in English, so you are able to call and make appointments and then explain exactly what you are wanting to the beautician. It’s a second floor salon in a basic three-story building (located right down the street from Yellow Box). Meg is the primary stylist and owner, and she is also my personal hair stylist; however, there are other Japanese stylists in the salon who speak great English and do hair well too. There is also a nail tech that works there for any pedicure/manicure needs.

Amber Rose Hair Salon l Okinawa Hai!

The staff at Amber Rose truly ensures that you are comfortable and they also ensure that you are getting the services that you want. They even offer you a coffee, tea, or water to enjoy while you relax and enjoy your time at the salon.

Amber Rose Hair Salon l Okinawa Hai!
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Amber Rose offers a variety of services and products to their customers including cuts, colors, straightening treatments, highlights, and various deep conditioning treatments. The salon features Moroccan Oil as their key product and for anyone who ever used this product stateside, you will know that it works magic on your hair. The deep conditioning treatments are an extreme treat in addition to the entire spa experience. The staff will ensure that you have a deep scalp massage if you chose the deep conditioning option, which is magical to say the least.

I would recommend Amber Rose to any American who is searching for amazing salon services.

Phone: 098-989-3600

Hours: Wednesday- Sunday 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., Monday 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Closed every Tuesday and 3rd Monday

Payment: Yen and credit cards

Amber Rose Hair Salon l Okinawa Hai!Address: 858-1, Matsumoto, Okinawa, Japan, 904-2151 (2F)

Prices:                Cut ¥3500

Color ¥5000

Deep Conditioning Treatment ¥2000 or ¥4000 (Depends on the one you select)

Cut/Color Short Hair ¥6000

Cut/Color Medium Hair ¥8500

Cut/Color Long Hair ¥9000

Straightener Treatment ¥11000 or ¥14000 (Depends on the one you select)

Pedicure ¥3990

Manicure ¥2500

Directions: From Foster Legion Gate, make a left onto 330. Follow 330 until you reach 85. Make a left onto 85. You will pass San-A Main City & Marinos on your left and you will pass Yellow Box on your right. About two-three stoplights down from Yellowbox you will see Amber Rose on right. Amber Rose is located on the corner on the second floor above a restaurant. You are allowed to park in the large parking lot by the building for accessing the salon on the second floor.


  1. THANK you so much for writing this piece. I have similar hair to yours (blonde and thin) so I held off making an appointment for months because I was also scared about getting my hair done. Turns out I was right. I went to a lady on Foster who has blonde hair that she colors herself and she bleached my entire scalp Orange!!! I have been searching for a remedy to this disaster on my head and I’m just thankful I stumbled across this.

  2. Meg at Amber Rose has been covering my mousy grey with a beautiful blond for Almost 3 years. She does an amazing job. I never expected to be able to stay a blond while in Oki. She also Japanese straightens my frizzy curly hair about once a year. I love it and highly recommend it. Before trying Japanese straightening I had always done Brazilian straightening. For my hair the Japanese straightening lasts longer and is more effective. Meg also has put blue streaks in my teens auburn hair and it turned out great. I can’t say enough how highly I recommend Meg at Amber Rose.

  3. My first visit to Amber Rose hair salon was awesome, I loved everything about my experience. Yesterday was my second time and I’m really disappointed. I asked for ombre, showed pictures, and was told that it was possible to achieve what I was asking for. After three hours of bleaching, washing my hair, deep conditioning and the whole nine yards, my hair was practically the same as when I first walked in. My hair is naturally black but I’ve bleached it before without a problem so I was really shocked that this didn’t come out as I wished for. The young lady told me that it should get lighter within a few days maybe weeks but I greatly doubt that my black hair will magically turn blonde over a few days. What really upset me is that I paid 18,300 yen for something that looks exactly the same when I walked in. Overall I’m really disappointed with my request for ombre.

  4. Hi, so I really need to get a haircut and kinda want to go to Amber Rose because, from what I read, they can speak a decent amount of English. I’m trying to find the place on google maps and honestly I’m having a lot of trouble. So when I go to the website and type their address into google maps I end up next to the San-A and that would be fine if other people weren’t saying it’s past both the San-A and the Yellow Box, or that the San-A is too far. So what does Amber Rose look like? I think it’s on top of a restaurant, so what restaurant is it? Does anyone have a picture of the building?

    • Which way are u coming from? I am on Lester, and take 23 to 85. I pass yellow box on my left, I see San a ahead on the right. Take a right at the stop light before the San a. Amber rose parking spots are immediately on your right. There are maybe 3 spots there. They are on the second floor.

  5. AMAZING! I went to get an ombré done with Black hair and she told me to get to the exact color I wanted, it would take a few times so my hair wouldn’t fall off and the color she got it too is amazing and I don’t know if I want to change it from what it is now! They were all extremely nice and professional! The shampooing felt so good too! Definitely found my go to salon!

  6. Hands down, the best salon I been to on island. I got highlights done for my very first time and couldn’t be much happier with the results. I got a hair cut and they did an excellent job! Meg is the owner she is very sweet and helpful, they also speak English here and they really give you what you ask for. Unlike the hair salon Earth. I recommend this salon! You won’t be disappointed!

  7. I recently moved to Okinawa and I was looking for a good hair salon and I found Amber Rose Hair Salon. Really easy to get to and Tomo is a great stylist!!! The prices are good and the service is excellent. Everybody there is really nice. Tomo did highlights and she did a great job. I loved it!!! I definitely will be going back and I highly recommend this salon!

  8. This is a great salon and Tomo is a great stylist. I have short straight hair with lots of textured layers, and was very happy with the cut. My haircut without color was ¥3780 with tax. She said my eight year old daughter’s haircut would be ¥2160. The price for my haircut was extremely reasonable compared to what I am used to. Definitely recommend the salon. And the head and scalp massage was fantastic!

  9. The first time I was due for a hair appointment I turned to my favorite resource, Okinawa Hai, to do some research. I have naturally curly hair, and since the majority of Japanese do not, I was a little nervous. After much reading I settled on Hair Sophis, my appointment was with Tomo, and I am happy to report I found a wonderful, skilled stylist. Tomo recently moved to Amber Rose in Okinawa City, and so I followed! The stylist and assistant often work on your hair together which makes the process that much quicker. They are all very attentive and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. For the shampoo and conditioning prepare to enter a very blissful state. They cover your body with a blanket and their chairs and sinks are very comfortable. They shampoo and condition with multiple products all while massaging the scalp and doing pressure point work. It is very relaxing and like nothing I’ve experienced stateside. I highly recommend this salon!

  10. I just went today based on this review and a suggestion from my previous stylist, who PCSd back to the States last month. I had a GREAT experience at this salon! I have dark blonde hair with lighter highlights, and as all the blondes on Okinawa know, it can be really hard to get natural looking color at many salons here. In my time here, I’ve had my hair turned every shade of yellow, orange, and brassy. But not at Amber Rose, thank goodness. Before starting on my hair, Meg talked through the different shades of blonde with me and how blended I like my highlights and lowlights. She gave me beautiful natural color AND – this is rare too – just the slight trim I asked for since I’m trying to grow my hair longer. No unexpected short cuts or chunky layers! She also seems really attuned to coloring your hair as gently as possible. As someone whose fine hair can’t take a lot of repeated bleachings, I really appreciated how careful she was to avoid the fragile ends when applying the bleach. I really, really recommend this salon.

    A little extra info on the details for people driving there from Kadena: Take a right outside Gate 3. Take a left on 85 at the pedestrain overpass (with the clown car dealership on the other side of the street). Pass Yellow Box on your left and take your immediate first right after Yellow Box. Amber Rose is on the second floor of the building right on the corner. There are several parking spots immediately on your right after you take the turn. If you get to the entrance for the San-A/Marino’s parking lot, you’ve gone too far.

  11. Fantastic salon. I took myself and 3 daughters here. Our cuts are amazing. I am picky on hair and one daughter had a major style change and Amber Roae salon did it perfectly. I did the deep conditioning treatment also. It was very nice. The staff is very friendly and professional. I can’t imagine there is a better salon than Amber Rose. Best salon experience I’ve ever had…ever! And they speak very good English for those like me who need a lot of improvement on their Japanese.

  12. I love this place. I also have blonde hair and was very particular about my color and cut. Tomo is who does my hair and I have been going to her since I arrived on island in November. She originally was at hair Sophis but has come to this salon. She does a wonderful job and I would recomend her to anyone especially with long blonde hair like mine!