A big thank you goes out to Stacey for sending the info about this mall. I can’t wait to check it out since, as you might have suspected, I love to shop! Also, my kids will get a huge kick out that cool train.


If you’re craving for some Colors of Benetton, Osh Kosh, or just the feel of the wide open spaces outlet malls are known to provide us, this is the place to go. To find out more, visit their website or stop by sometime. It is a long trip down south, so why not make the most of it? Make your trip in conjunction with another Okinawan gem, such as the new Prefectural Museum or Cafe Caracuma (one of my favorites on the island, although it is a drive).


Hours: The mall is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Directions: It’s easier if you follow the Okinawa Yellow pages, but basically, you jump on the expressway and follow it all the way as if you were going to the airport. When it ends, you want to take 331 south, and then go right onto 249. The mall is at the end of this road. If you have the 2008 version of the Oki Yellow pages, it’s on map 26. The mall’s web site is a little less detailed. If you don’t want to take the expressway, follow Highway 58 all the way south until it turns into the 331. Once it turns into the 331, make a right onto 249. The mall is at the end of this road.

Happy shopping! Remember, if you have any fun places to shop, please email me with your suggestions! I know there are some fellow shopping addicts out there. Come on, share your joys. Don’t be greedy!


  1. PS- the outlet is very very close to the end of the Airport expressway (not the end of the regular one), so if it’s high travel time, plan on taking the expressways and pay the Y450… unless you like sitting in unbearable traffic.

  2. Went here yesterday with a friend and our 5 children (no school for holiday!) Our kids were OH SO BUMMED when we realized that the train is not there anymore. The shopping was good, though. Got a super cute pair of shoes at Nine West for Y3150 (not a huge selection for those with large feet like me, size 8, but if you’re a 5.5-7, you’re in like Flynn.), and at UCoB I got 2 pure wool thin turtleneck sweaters for Y500 each. That’s right. Y500. There’s a sale going on right now for an additional 50% off of the entire store. Go check it out! As far as the food court goes, it left much to be desired… like lots more food. We ordered one cheeseburger from the bagel place. Then I went back to get a second and they were closed, then I went back again when the girl came back and they were out of burgers. The taco rice was just ok. All the toppings were pre made and just sitting there… so it wasn’t hot at all and was basically a pile of rice and lettuce with a just dribble of spicy meat and cheese and tomatoes. The ramen from asian party smelled of toilet cakes and they wouldn’t sell me just a bowl of fried rice (had to purchase an entire set.) Plan on going elsewhere to eat. Oh- on the opposite side of the street is a HUGE Daiso with the most beautiful grocery store underneath i’ve ever seen… fresh juice bar, patisserie, and cooking classes. It was divine.

  3. My girlfriend and I made a trip there when we first moved here. It was so good to have a girls day of shopping! Of course I was lucky if I could fit, like, my wrist into the shirts. (Didn’t even try the pants.) But still, there were kitchen stores, bags (there’s a Coach store there, Le Sportsac, I saw some Lucky Brand Jeans Bags there — but not a Lucky store), a fancy food court. There’s a Brooks Brothers outlet store there. Ordinarily I would not consider myself a Brooks Brothers kind of gal — not my style or price range. But they had tons of clothes there that were cute AND fit. I don’t remember the prices, but they must have been pretty reasonable,’cause I bought some. Anyhow, Ashibana makes for a fun girls day, even if you’re just window shopping and sipping a latte.

  4. I went to this mall a few times when we lived there. It’s a nice little excursion but I found prices to be typical Japanese prices.. very high. And there are many very high end stores (Marc Jacobs, Salvatore Ferragamo..) which, let’s be real, are not places the average enlisted military family are going to be shopping!! But for a little drive and some window shopping, it’s a good weekend trip!