Located on Camp Kinser, the Battle of Okinawa Historical Display houses a fascinating collection of artifacts, photos, and memorabilia.

The museum is a volunteer only operation and maintains its collection from pieces donated through the generosity of veterans and private collectors, items recovered from construction sites and places of historical interest, as well items discovered and purchased on Ebay.
Here you will see newspaper and magazine clippings detailing frank accounts of the war, riveting photographs, personal effects from both American and Japanese soldiers, uniforms, rifles, swords, flags, and many other items.
The display is divided into sections representing major Marine Corps, Navy, and Army events during the battle. In addition, one room is devoted to Japan and showcases a rickshaw and the distinctive naval flag of Rear Admiral Minoru Ota.
I could have spent hours in the museum, but, in fact, the most interesting thing I encountered was a series of photographs accompanied by hand-written captions by a former Marine. He described in his own words how he felt each day about what he saw and experienced.
Admission: Free of charge, but donations are welcome.
Hours: Because the museum is operated on a volunteer basis, it is available after work hours if you make an appointment. Contact Chris Majewski at for more information. In addition, the display is part of the itinerary of the Battle Sites tour offered through ITT travel on Foster.
Location: Camp Kinser, Bldg 107, Room 232


  1. Hi, I am looking for information on the Big Six Construction Company. My father William Or Bill Sharp worked for them in Okinawa around 1949. Would grateful for any information on this company or where to find it. Hope someone has photos. Thank you.

  2. Mr. Chris Majewski
    Battle of Okinawa
    Historical Display Museum

    Dear Sir,

    My Father Pfc. Gilbert Feinstein was in the Headquarters Company of the 96th Inf. “Deadeyes.” He was a combat correspondent for The Mid Pacifican, The Deadeye Dispatch, and The Stars and Stripes. I have assembled all of his written and photoraphed material and am writing a book about his wartime experiences. I will be visiting Okinawa around the end of July (1 month !) and would greatly appreciate your help:
    1) I want to visit battle sites specific to the 96th Inf.(Kakusu Ridge,Conical Hill,Maeda Escarpment,Hen Hill, ‘The Big Apple’. (Similar to what you did for Teri from Nambu World.)
    2) A visit to your Museum.
    Please contact me at your earliest conveniance.
    Robert B. Feinstein tel # 626 533 9003
    Thank you Sir

  3. this place was really cool at least to my daughter who just took a field trip there.
    She said she enjoyed the museum and that I should have come. I was busy that day unfortunately. My daughter said it was a small place but don’t mind that. I looked it up on google to find pictures of the items in the museum and it was very interesting. If you are just visiting or you live here you need to go before you leave. When was this stuff even used? Oh yah 1949!!!! : )

  4. By no means am I a history buff but I highly recommend taking the Battle Sites tour, at least once while you live here. I, too, enjoyed going through the museum and I always make this a priority when family or friends come to visit!!!! Thanks for the info, Mary!!!!