Chikyu Exterior
Chikyu Exterior

If you’re looking for a last minute gift, something unique and worldly, quaint and cute, or just a great thing to do on a Saturday afternoon, I’ve got a treasure for you! Last week a friend of mine called me up and invited me to join her on a visit to Chikyu Zakka Import Warehouse. At first I wasn’t very excited about the impromtu shopping trip, but it was well worth tweaking my plans to have learned of this place.

Chikyu Shoes
Chikyu Shoes

I have been in Okinawa for almost two years and by now I feel like I’m pretty well versed on the ‘island’s secret hot spots.’ I was a little shocked and amazed that I’d never been to Chikyu Zakka, let alone heard about it! This is the Lester, Kadena, and Foster gift shops combined in one, on a shipment day, times ten! When describing it to my husband I said, “This is where Pier One gets their stuff.”

Chikyu Furniture
Chikyu Furniture
Chikyu Instruments
Chikyu Instruments

It has solid wood furniture, musical instruments, textiles, clothing, shoes, home décor, jewelry, pottery, YOU NAME IT, they have it! The best part is, there is something for every price range. If you need to find a quick birthday gift for a coworker for under 1,000 yen, I know you’ll find something here. But if you’re looking for that expensive item that is special because you bought it in Okinawa, this is you’re place too!

Chikyu Papers
Chikyu Papers

When it says ‘warehouse’ on the front of the building, they mean warehouse. This place is huge! I walked through it three times and still felt like I hadn’t seen everything. They get shipments in from all around the world on a regular basis and have items in stock in the back too. If you spy something you want that has a scratch, ask the very accommodating staff to check for an un-scarred replacement.

Chikyu Items
Chikyu Items

According to my friend, Chikyu Zakka used to be located in American Village, but a couple of years ago they relocated to this new spot just past Torii Station in Yomitan. Though their new home is big enough for room to grow, it’s definitely not along the beaten path. No one would even know it was there unless they were told. However, once you know of it, it’s not hard to find, and they’ve got plenty of parking.

Chikyu Wall Sculpture
Chikyu Wall Sculpture

Directions:  Chikyu Zakka is about a 15-20 minute drive from Kadena Gates 1 or 3 and only about 5 minutes from Torii’s main gate. To get there, take 58 going North and turn left on 6 toward Torii Station. You will pass the main gate to Torii on the left. A few lights down you’ll come to a Max Value on the right. Two lights past the Max Value, you will turn left. There will also be a blue sign to Yomitan Care Center at this light. After turning left, drive down a few blocks and you will see Chikyu Zakka on the left. You can’t miss it! There are a few parking spots in front of the building, but the parking lot across the street is also for Chikyu Zakka customers.

Hours:  1000-1900 every day

Payment: Yen and American credit cards

I can go on and on about how great this place is, but really it’s more fun if you just go see for yourself!!


  1. This place is simply amazing! I visited with a friend of mine and I’m sure the clerks thought we were nuts as every 45 seconds we were shreeking with delight! We spoke with a sweet woman who works there and speaks beautiful English. She told us the origin of many of the pieces and even invied us to her little Okinawan pub around the corner. The point being the staff is simply delightful, welcoming and eager to assist. I will be dragging my husband over at some point ..and definitely dinner at her pub afterwards.

  2. Returned to ChikyaZakka and found some great teak! Wow talk about selection. The store changes with each shipment they receive from various countries. Again the staff was superb. Please visit this store and experience all they have to offer!

  3. I visited this store with my friend, Maggie. It was like stepping into another world. The music and the wonderful atmosphere was so welcoming as were Mable and her crew. They were very helpful, yet allowed you to look and explore without being overbearing. They have everything from dishes, pictures, beautiful unique art work to rare furniture at great prices. I have gone back several times and recently took my husband to visit. My husband has been looking for a bar and bar stools that were unique and sturdy and we found them here. We found wonderful teak furniture made from refreshed old teak boats with so much character that we did not have to take a second thought as to buy them. Mable was so helpful. She brought every piece we had to choose from to one spot and the store and left us to decided. She offered her opinion, but was not pushy about what to pick. We got a table, 4 chairs and a book shelf. Not to mention the ton of other goodies that I picked up as uniques gifts for family and friends. Don’t miss visiting this store. ABSOLUTELY SUPER!

  4. Hi everyone. My husband and I just got the news we are going to Oki..we are super excited but worried at the same time. I heard about the nice and beautiful stuff there and after reading most of the posts here I can’t wait to go and visit all these shops and places…only two things I need some of your opinions so to prepare ourself and the kids how are bugs? We lived in South Carolina and Florida…my son had phobia from roaches, he still 5 and we keep our hous pretty clean, I heard all kinda stuff about bugs, I just don’t know if some people exaturating or its true?? And sit better living off base or on base. We are going to camp foster. Thanks in advance for all your help

    • I was worried about bugs, too, especially after coming from Mississippi while my husband was in tech school. There I found out that I have a minor allergic reaction from bug bites. Each one swells into a knot the size of a golf ball at minimum and leaves me scarred. Anyways, I live right next to American Village which is pretty centrally located in between Foster, Kadena and Lester and I have ZERO but problems. I’ve seen one spider in my 6 months of being here. No ants, roaches, flies… I have seen one little beetle which my dogs turned into a play thing and have received one bite but that’s probably because I sat outside on my glider bench for 2 hours one night just relaxing with a drink =] I also frequent the beach late at night and haven’t received any bites… However after my Mississippi incident (at least 50 sand flea bites) I do wear pants when it’s dark. Sorry for the late reply and I hope it helps.

      One last thing… I love living off base. The bleak colors of the bases and landscapes don’t make me happy… But going out on my balcony and looking at the ocean and beautiful city make being away from home easier. It also makes me more willing to explore my city and walk around versus just running to the BX/PX or commissary.

  5. My husband and I went the the warehouse last Friday, 16-Nov. The place is AMAZING!! There is so much stuff and soooo many different types of items. They have unique decor, jewelery, clothing, furniture, shoes, and sooo much more. It reminded me of Pier One from the states only Walmart sized. We found some beautiful lanterns that fit with our living room decor beautifully and the prices are very reasonable. (5 different ones in all shapes and sizes for right around $94) The staff is VERY friendly and they do take credit card. Always a plus when you find a treasure trove like this. If you are in the mood to explore and find some unique home decor or items to send back to the states from around the world this store is for you. And they are really close to Tori Station in Yomitan.

  6. Went today and LOVED it!! It has so much to look at. It has things from 10 yen up to 360,000 yen and maybe more. Have to head back and buy some things for the family that can’t make it over here!!

  7. I can’t wait to go to the store. We have only been here 3 days. I’ve had this information for the store for2 months now. Still have to get a car and find a house, but this is where I would love to go first. Thanks for the info and directions. If anyone has information on another great places to go I would love to here about them.

    • My daughter Kristina Trujillo is in Okinawa and would be happy to give you some help finding housing and such. She is on FB or if you write to me, I will send her your info. She has been there off post for about three years now,and knows all the places to go. Gia

  8. This place used to be located in American Village (where the new Red Lobster is) and I was so bummed their doors were closed after 5 years. I am so happy to see that they just moved somewhere else! Definitely going to have to check out the new location! Thanks for the post!

  9. great place to find gifts! also, if you need lunch, drive a little past the store and there’s a quaint spot on your left with delicious food and great views of the ocean. there will be a very small sign on the right side of the road that says Cafe T’s. they serve just a few set meals for about 800 yen. so good!!! we both got roasted chicken (with rice, green beans, salad, soup, drink). they also had veggie curry and 2 other dishes.

  10. My family and I visited Chikyu Zakka today and had a great time looking around at everything. None of my kids complained once about being there for well over an hour, and they kept finding new things they hadn’t seen the first time they walked down an aisle. They have some very expensive items, but they also have inexpensive things as well. They give out punchcards to customers and you can have it stamped for every 1000 yen you spend. When you fill it up, you get 2000 yen off a purchase.

  11. Suzuki Todd-I have seen some similar to those at the Yomitan Pottery Village off of Route 12. They are not common there, but I have seen them. I have also seen them at the purple sweet potato tart place across from the Zanpa Hotel at Cape Zanpa (the name of the place escapes me). It is a red building with a large hat shaped awning out front. They have tons of sweets, a good selection of Shisa, some pottery, glassware, etc. If you are not familiar with where it is located, just say so and I will give more specific directions. I could also run down the street and look there for you if you’d like me to. I literally live about a 2 minute drive from there. Hope you find them!

  12. I don’t remember seeing those there, but I also wasn’t looking for shisa dogs… Since this is an ‘import warehouse’ though, most of the stuff is not the local items you see around the touristy areas. Their merchandise is imported from other locations. Good luck finding your dogs!

    • My husband bought the exact pair of Shisa Dogs in your picture for Christmas, he bought them in Naha on Kokusai Street. The store has all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes, really wonderful stuff. I don’t have the name of the store (sorry) but it sits on the right side of Okiei Street (less than 50 yards from where it meets Kokusai Street) there is a Starbucks on the corner of Okiei and Kokusai. If you walk out of the covered market you run right into Okiei Street. Hope this helps.

    • Suzuki,
      The shisa in your picture are made on Ishagaki Island, which is the southern island in the Ryukyu chain. There are a few articles about Ishigaki here on OkinawaHai. If you ever get down Ishagaki you can visit the place where they are made and of course shop a huge selection including ones over 7′! I’ve seen them a few different places on mainland Oki, including the place that Tara mentioned. Good Luck!

  13. Thanks for this write-up. I live right down the road from this place. Your friend is right…it used to be in the American Village area. I was a little worried that moving out here would mean a lot less business for them. Hopefully, thanks to you, they will get really busy.


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