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It was already a hot day today but I’m sure it will only get worse as summer approaches.  One good thing about that is that there will be plenty of opportunities to head to Comprehensive Water Park.  With three water slides, two kiddie pools, and a lazy river it’s a great place to stay cool. Click the photo above for more pictures of the park.

There are 3 break times during which everyone has to get out of the water.  The first one is from 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM with the other breaks at 2:30 PM and 4:30 PM for 15 minutes each.  So if you have an impatient toddler who won’t be able to wait to get into the water don’t show up at 11:50!

If you get hungry or just want a quick break there is a snack bar conveniently located on the second floor of the entry building.  They have the typical items like soba, curry rice, and ices.

You can also pack your own food and eat it in either of two designated areas….a shaded area with benches by the locker rooms or on the second floor.

They have a bunch of rules…too many for me to write up but here’s a pic if you have great vision!  Also they will not let you down the water slides with jewelry so it’s better to leave the valuables at home or risk losing them!

Tickets for the water park are 840 yen for adults (19 years old & up), 310 yen for students (7-18 years old), and 100 yen for children (3-6 years old).  Children that are 2 and under are free.

Hours for May, June, and September are from 9:30 AM-5:45 PM on weekends & Japanese Holidays.  Weekdays they are closed.
Hours for July and August are from 9:30 AM-6:15 PM daily except on Tuesdays when they are closed.

Don’t forget to bring yen and a floatie if you have kids!

Okinawa Comprehensive Athletic Park

Address: 5 Chome-6-1 Hiyagon, Okinawa-shi, Okinawa-ken 904-2173, Japan

GPS Coordinates: 26.3074095168, 127.827252746

Directions from Foster:

    • Take the Legion Gate Exit (exit by Taco Bell and the Shopette) and head straight out onto 81
    • Continue on 81 as it turns into 227
    • Pass the Red Torii Gate on your left side
    • Take a LEFT after the 3rd overpass into the parking lot
    • Park here and take the pathway that would be the first left after your initial turn into the parking lot.  Head up the hill and pass the large building off to your right.  Keep going straight until you see a little white guardhouse and then follow the path as it curves to the right and heads downhill.  The water park is on your left.

Directions from Kadena:

    • From Gate 2 head straight through the Goya four-corners intersection onto route 20.
    • Continue on this road past the intersection for 329 and then a KFC on your right side.
    • Within 1 or 2 traffic signals after KFC there will be a large intersection with a San A and a Mos Burger on the left side.  Turn RIGHT at this intersection and continue going straight on this road as it turns into 227.
    • When you pass another San A on your right side look out for some overpasses up ahead.
    • Take a LEFT just before the overpass (there will be a P sign here) to cross over the road and get to the parking lot.
    • Park here and head back up the road you just came on passing a large building off to your right.  Keep going straight until you see a little white guardhouse and then follow the path as it curves to the right and heads downhill.  The water park is on your left.

For more on the non-water part of Comprehensive Park, check out Kelly’s post.


  1. FYI- Not sure if it is new this year or not but babies really aren’t allowed in the pools. No swim diaper of any kind, even the reusable cloth ones. Essentially the child has to be potty trained in order to be allowed in the pool. They were strictly enforcing this year. We were able to sit on the side and dip toes in but not allowed to be fully submerged.

  2. As of now (May 2015) does anyone know how strictly the tattoo policy is enforced now? Mine are too big to cover with bandages for the most part… Also, no swim diapers whatsoever? So non potty trained kids can’t go?

  3. Went today, this place was amazing! Took our 3 yo kiddo and she loved it. You can bring your own food. Remember there are breaks for 30 min the first one while we were there was at 12:00 and the next was at 14:30, so we left when it was 14:30. Everything was super clean and weather was perfect for a hot day with a cool ocean breeze, will go back for sure!

  4. Yes, to answer your questions, the ticket prices are still the same (840¥ for adults anyway, and under 2 free) and my little one was wearing a disposal diaper and we had no problems. Hope it helps! 🙂

  5. My Okinawan friend told me the significance of the “no tattoo” rules. She said that a long time ago, the only people who had tattoos were usually those who were affiliated with Japanese mafia, or like crime gangs of some sort. What these individuals were involved in was frowned upon by the larger society, and hence anything identifying them with that kind of activity was frowned upon (the tattoos). So, of course, time marches on and things change, and now lots of people have tattoos and the stigma attached to it has eased a good bit, but there are still places that hold onto those rules regarding tattoos. It’s a bummer to feel excluded, but this explanation helped me understand that it shouldn’t be taken personally. Has anyone else heard any other explanations for the tattoo rules?

    • Here is a link to a great recent article on the history of tattooing in Japan and reasons why tattoos, while becoming more artistically popular, are not universally accepted at places like onsen and water parks: (please copy/paste into your browser).

      To give you an idea: “According to Manami Okazaki, the author of Tattoo in Japan: Traditional and Modern Styles, who researched in depth the current situation of tattoos and those who wear them in modern Japan, “With the popularity of tattoos in America, with several reality TV shows and celebrity tattoo artists, tattoos are increasingly popular among young people in Japan.” Whereas before, more yakuza people used to wear tattoos and “the gang connotations were stronger.” However, the historical connection to the yakuza still remains overall, because the recent crack down on tattoos in Japanese society has increased more than ever, she explained.
      The cooperative association of Hakone hot springs and ryokan said that the traditional Japanese irezumi (入れ墨)generate “fear and awkwardness,” generally because they are associated with members of the anti-social forces (反社会的勢力. The Hakone hot spring association spokesman said that, people wearing tattoos are now increasing and “discussions are raising everywhere in Japan, because there is no definition or explanation of the ‘fashionable tattoo’ and the traditional irezumi.” He also added that there was no clear explanation given to whether this is “good or this is bad,” but the Japanese irezumi is forbidden everywhere, in public baths, in swimming pool.”

      So people with tattoos should either cover them as requested by the business with the understanding that it is a long-standing cultural issue, or just go to the beach or the base pools as an alternative aquatic option. Enjoy the article.

  6. So… I have to cover my tattoos, make sure the boys have rash guards, no clothing for cover up in the water, no exploding waterproof diapers, leave the jewelry at home, and the sunglasses in my bag… Just trying to make sure I got this all down before we go. Any other suggestions?

  7. How many people are going to cry about this? It’s called following the rules… Was the point of you posting on here to let everyone know that you have these things called tattoos plastered all over you?

  8. As of today, July 6th, the tattoo thing is a BIG PROBLEM. I was accosted before even getting to the ticket machine to buy entrance tickets. I was wearing a summer dress that was ground length and have no tattoos on my arms. “Do you have any tattoos?” Yes. “Can you cover?” Yes. “Okay.” I thought I was good to go once I got past the main gate. I took off my dress and got in the pool quickly hoping to not be noticed. 3 guards came over and yelled at me and told me I had to get out and cover the tattoos or leave. I shoved my swim cap in the back of my bathing suit to cover my lower back and walked to the nurses station to ask for some medical tape. They would not give me any. Luckily, my friend had a first aid kit with her and she miraculously had some medical tape that I used to cover the leg. I have blond hair and blue eyes… it’s pretty obvious I’m not Yakuza. They may have been lax about it before, but they are hard core now. Oh and you can’t wear sunglasses without a strap… yelled at me for that too!

    • So . . . you were made aware of the policy before you even bought your entry tickets and then took deliberate action to evade the rules and you’re upset about the employees attempting to enforce the rules you knew you were not following? Wah.

    • LOL… Seriously. Don’t complain about it when you clearly knew what the rules were. It obviously doesn’t matter what color your skin is or what color your eyes are, the rule says “NO TATTOOS” not “NO TATTOOS UNLESS YOU HAVE BLONDE HAIR AND BLUE EYES”

    • Wow! Just saw these replies… I wasn’t meaning that I didn’t need to follow the rules… I was referring to the fact that someone else had posted that the tattoo thing wasn’t an issue… I was merely posting that, it is, in fact, an issue. Geez people – lighten up a bit!

  9. Yeah, it dedinitely helps to go on a day that they are open, the stream of people and sound of music and children leads you right there, however I would say the best directions would be to look for the first building on the left after the big one on the right… Really couldn’t miss it then, also the building is titled “Recreation Swim Park” if I remember correctly. It also helps to actually look at the map that is placed in the beginning of the trail to the park. The slides are shown as a couple circular lines on the bottom left…

    This water park is on an impressive spread of land, and at first glance, it almost appears to extend out into the ocean. It was an enjoyable experience, however I would caution those that are looking for an American slide experience as they have a rather retarded queing system to get onto the slides. You must wait on several set of benches before being allowed to climb the stairs to the slides, and this wait is a good 15 minutes, and little kids do their damndest at cutting in front of you which makes it even more frustrating. This really makes the slides more work than they worth and I found the lazy river which is not so lazy to be a better experience… Granted you are probably waiting the same amount of time on a crowded American slide park, but it just seems much longer here… When I saw the group of people sitting down, I thought it was some kind of water sports team with coaches instructing them or something and just about proceded up the stairs in front of them… You will be surprised at this is what I’m trying to say… They would actually save on personnel if they were to eliminate this part.

    Nontheless, it was a refreshing experience to get out of the heat and into the water!!


    Head out Foster’s Legion Gate and continue straight
    You’ll pass the large red gate on the left
    Go under the 3 tunnel’s
    Right after the 3rd tunnel take the left into the parking lot.

    When you park walk up to the left and follow the sidewalk. You’ll have to walk past a bathroom, a buiding and over traffic. Keep following the outter hand sidewalk and the water park is to your left and the bottom on the sidewalk.

  11. Instead of worrying about tattoos, why did not one person talk about how lousy the directions to this place were?? I just spent an hour hiking around the comprehensive park and never found it… Thanks guys, I hope your precious tattoos are doing ok, ya big babies!!

    I will update again later if I ever find it!!!

    • It’s not inside comprehensive park. When we go to the water park, we drive out Kadena Gate 2 and go straight until we reach 329. We turn right onto 329 and turn left at the corner with the McDonald’s on it. Stay on this street until it intersects with 227. Turn right onto 227 and look for the water park with the walking overpass about. Go to the next turn around and do a U turn. The parking lot is ahead on the left. Park and walk across the overpass to the water park. The directions in the original post are from Camp Foster. If you follow them, they will also take you right to the water park.

      Even if you would have found the water park, you wouldn’t have been able to get in today as it is only open on weekends in June.

  12. FYI, if you want to wear sunglasses while in the water at Comprehensive Park (while you’re floating around doing the ‘lazy river’ thing), you are required to have eyeglass straps on your sunglasses. Like Croakies. If you don’t have a strap on your sunglasses, you’ll be asked -politely- to remove the sunglasses. Happened to our group when we visited last summer…

  13. Can you bring your own water toys such as floaties? Can you bring beach chairs or are there seats provided? We walked by it yesterday and I saw no lounge chairs. The last time we went I was pregnant with my daughter who is now 10 years old. So blessed we got a second tour to this beautiful island!

    • Stacy- Yes, you can bring your own floaties and they have an air compressor that you can use to fill them up quickly. I’m pretty sure you cannot bring your own chairs. You have to use the benches and tables they provide for you. Also, all food and drinks must be consumed in the designated eating area (the building where you first walk in through).

  14. How is covering tattoos racist? Grow up. Businesses have the right to refuse service to anyone, just as you have the right not to spend money there if you don’t want to. Same as in the U.S.A! I’ve been multiple times and didn’t cover up, other times I had to. No big deal.

  15. Wow! I do think that Owen freaked out a bit in his comment, but to address his question…I have read and have been told that the Japanese associate tattoos with Yakuza (the Japanese Mafia) since members of the Yakuza tend to have many tattoos and in some cases are covered in them from the neck down. I have known people to go to this water park with tattoos and no one said a word and some others were told to cover them. I guess it just depends on who is working that day and what kind of mood they are in. I have 4 tattoos and I would not hestitate to attempt to go to this water park. If they told me to cover them, I would respect that and do it. Life is too short to overreact over something like that.

  16. Owen, this isn’t america. The simple fact is we are guests in this country and need to realize we live by their rules here. If your at your friends house and they say take your shoes off at the door, do you scream “racist” and walk in with shoes on?

    I find your thought process to be that of a loud ignorant american, thanks for keeping the torch lit. America!!! God Bless our over indulgence and me me me attitude!!!! America!!!

  17. What in the heck is the deal with tattoos? Why are they so against them? Do they let black people in or are they offended by the color of our skin? Maybe I’ll wear a white sheet and hood to cover up my blackness. I have to say it’s a bit racist to force people to cover up their tattoos. I’d like to know the official reasoning behind their decision on the grotesque body art we call tattoos. Any clues?

  18. Does anyone know about how clean the water is. I’m asking because someone told me the Japanese do not put cleaning chemicals in the pool? Even though my kids go to the potty …not all do and that grosses me out a bit.

  19. They are open on the weekends during June. They will be open during the week starting in July. They are quite strict about the tattoo policy from what we have seen. Wear a rash guard to cover the one on your chest.

  20. I went over to comprehensive park today. The water park was closed and i think will be open in May (for anyone else who may have wondered). Adults are a little under 900Y, kids about 400-600Y, smaller children 100Y and under 2 is free.

  21. I am pretty sure it is now torn down….but in it’s place is the beautiful new Depot Island. A village-esque area filled with shopping and restaurants all set against a very cool and colorful architectural background. Might be my new favorite place!

  22. I was wondering if anyone has any more info on the Sunset Mihama Water Park. I have seen the water slides before but when my family and I went to find and visit this place today, we were unsuccessful. If anyone has any current info on this spot please share! Thanks!

  23. We went to the waterpark yesterday and our friend who had lots of tattoos had to cover them. When I took the Uruma City Walking Tour, we were told that in some places, like bath houses, tattoos need to be covered, because some tattoos (in the Japanese culture) tell you which Mafia you’re in. I doubt any Americans are in Japanese Mafias, but that’s what our tour guide said. I saw people covering up their tattoos with rash guards, bandages, gauze, etc. They are very strict with their rules. One rule is babies may not use waterproof diapers because ‘they might explode and contaminate the pool.’ I giggled whenever I heard this on the loud speaker. That’s another thing… they have many rules that are announced on the loud speakers. The last rule I heard was “Rule number 10” and I guess I just tuned out. Also, bring those ring floaties as they don’t have any here.

  24. We went to the water park today, I was very anxious about it after ready about the tattoo policy, my husband has several and didn’t know where to start looking for a rash guard or patch so we just took our chances, we played “dumb American” for lack of better words, they were not going to allow him to swim in the pool with the tattoos showing so he pulled out his t-shirt and put it on, they gave in, but if we had not been persistent we would have had to walk all the way back to our car and go home.
    Melissa- I saw lots of boys and men with no shirts on so I don’t think you have to buy swim shirts.
    All in all we had a nice time once getting past the tattoo issue, none of the lifeguards said anything about him wearing the t-shirt in the pool. I understand the purpose of the rules but a bit over board in my opinion, I know it’s a different culture so I respect them. I think we will stick to going to the base pools.

  25. Does anyone know about the swim shirt rule? I’ve heard boys HAVE to wear one, not a t-shirt mind you, but a swim shirt. I guess that’s a new rule this year, or because of the new management maybe. I don’t know, I have 3 boys AND a husband, that’s a lot of $$ for something like that. Has anyone had to deal with this yet?

  26. Could be dependant on who is working. Before we even bought our tickets we were aksed about tattoos and told about the new owners and the enforcing of the policy. After I aksed for the tape (as you can’t wear “clothing” in the pool, I was told that I should purchase a rash guard to cover the tattoo before returning.

  27. I went to this water park yesterday with three other adults. All but one of us had tattoos, and nobody asked us to cover them up. We weren’t hiding them either. We saw several other people with tattoos showing in plain sight of the workers. Maybe it depends on who is working…?

  28. Just wanted to update this wonderful place- the park is now under new ownership and they ARE enforcing the “no tattoo” rule. As we went in this morning, I was given tape to cover my tattoo on my shoulder and asked to please purchase a “rash guard” that would cover my tattoo for our next visit to the park (anyone know where I can get a maternity rash guard?)

    Also as of July 1- Auguat 31 the park will be open everyday @ 9:30am except Tuesdays when they are closed.

  29. Comp Water Park is a little more strict with their rules regarding height limits for the water slides. So, no I don’t believe you can take them down the large water slides. Depending on who is there sometimes you can’t even take them down the cement slide with you in the kiddie wading pool.

    If you’re interested in taking little ones down the water slides I would suggest heading to Sunset Mihama Water Park and possibly the water slide at Torii Station.

  30. A friend recently went to Comp Water Park only to find that it was closed temporarily. Something to do with the typhoon last week and bad water quality. Nice to know that they have some standards!

    Just thought I would pass this on so you don’t show up and get blindsided if they’re closed. I would say to call and double-check but I don’t have their phone number. If anyone has it or has more updated info please pass it on!

  31. Hi! The water park is within Comprehensive Park itself. The directions above will get you to the closest parking lot. I usually like parking there since I’m dragging around the kids and floaties. The closer the better!

  32. question: so, can you get to the waterpark from inside the Comprehensive Park or is this a totally different place? I’ve not been to Comp. Park yet but pass on the way to church [Calvary Chapel] on Sundays.

  33. This is great information. When I passed by the water park on a trip to Comprehensive Park, I saw that one of the rules was “no tattoos”. Does anybody know how strictly this rule is enforced???