Editor’s Note: An article about Eagle hardware was originally published on Okinawa Hai on January 20, 2008; you can read a PDF copy of that original review HERE. The post below is an updated take on this housing self-help store, published January 13, 2015.


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The information in this post is based off of a conversation I had recently with Eagle Hardware on Kadena AB. All locations will offer similar services. Please contact your local Eagle Hardware for specific issues (contact information at bottom of post). Eagle Hardware is a great resource for base residents needing basic supplies for their home. Supplies stocked depend on needs of homes (based on what the contractors need when cleaning/fixing homes after PCSs) and budgets.

Some items such as lightbulbs, drip pans for stoves and horizontal blinds are available for a one for one swap. Simply bring in those non-working items, pick up the same item on the shelf, and bring both to the counter for check out.

Items are ‘bought’ without money, but by showing your military ID card, providing which base neighborhood you live in, and your housing number. The staff at Eagle Hardware will provide an invoice that you’ll sign and be on your merry way!

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Items available to ‘buy’ include (but which are always subject to change due to availability and location): letters for the outside of house, door stoppers, kitchen vents, shelf pegs, furniture coasters, hose adapters, sandbags, replacement outdoor garbage cans, small blue recycle bins, air conditioner filters.

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Eagle Hardware also offers rental equipment. Tools are free to rent for 3 working days. The tools must be cleaned before returning them. Tools for rental include: a variety of rakes, sledge hammers, shovels, lawn edgers, brooms, industrial driers, hammers, saws, power drills, shop vacuums, extension cords, leaf blower, hedge trimmers, ladders, etc.

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You are also able to cut sheets of screening to fix your damaged screens. Just measure your door/window frame and bring it in to Eagle Hardware, they’ll show you where to cut the screen, and let you borrow a tool to install it in your own home.

Another service that Eagle Hardware offers is a recycling center for light bulbs, all types of batteries and drip pans for stoves.

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They also offer a paint and cleaning supply drop-off/pick-up center. In hazardous material cabinets you can find different kinds of paints, lawn care products and cleaning supplies that you are free to take. You can also drop off supplies that you no longer need that will be added to this cabinet.

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Contact Information

Kadena Air Base

Phone: 634-3469

Hours: Monday-Friday 0800-1700

Saturday 0900-1300

*Closed last Saturday of month, Sundays & holidays


Camp Kinser

Phone: 637-2533

Hours: Monday-Friday 0800-1700 (Closed for lunch 1300-1400)

Saturday 0900-1300

*Closed last Saturday of month, Sundays & holidays


Camp Foster

Phone: 645-3099

Hours: Monday-Friday 0800-1700

Saturday 0900-1300

*Closed last Saturday of month, Sundays & holidays


Camp Courtney

Phone: 622-5003

Hours: Monday-Friday 0800-1700 (Closed for lunch 1300-1400)

Saturday 0900-1300

*Closed last Saturday of month, Sundays & holidays


    • They do have carpet cleaners to rent. You do have to purchase your own cleaning solution which can be found at the BX. They only have a few carpet cleaners, so I would recommend calling ahead to make sure they have them in stock.

      If not available, the shopette have them for rent. They usually rent for 24 hour periods ($20-ish), but you can ask them to rent it for 6 hours for only $6-ish)

  1. The summer one is at the top of the stairs. My baby gates have been up for the 1 1/2 years we have lived here and have never been taken down! I love that I can lift it and walk right through and the kids can’t get through them (well the little one at least). She is now trying to climb the ones at the bottom, but the summer one is so much taller that she can’t even try it (she is shorter than it and she is 2). It’s great piece of mind for the top of the stairs to know she can’t get down!

  2. Thanks Bambi! I wasn’t even thinking of having some shipped here. I don’t know why it didn’t cross my mind! So, are you using the summer one for the top of the stairs or did you end up buying a stationary one as well? I had also heard that the top of the stairs was really wide.

  3. Definitely bring the curtain rods. Eagle Hardware does supply miniblinds but not any other window dressing. One word of warning though. Houses here on and off base have odd window sizes. You won’t know until you get here what works. We live in a single family dwelling on base and all of our bedroom windows are 8 ft wide by 5 feet long. Very difficult to find reasonable curtains or rods that work!

  4. Swinging Open Baby Gates can be bought at http://www.target.com or at Toys R Us out in town (a bit more than buying from target and having it shipped though!). We got the evenflo simple effort hands free gate and it is wonderful. We bought it for the top of the stairs, but we had to buy another gate because it wasn’t wide enough for the top of the stairs (it’s suppose to have extensions that you can buy for it, but we couldn’t find them anywhere. So the first gate we use to keep the dog in the living room and not running out the front door (there is actually a second one in the kitchen also for this same reason. LOVE this gate!) The next gate was a summer infant extra tall gate. It is great and even is tall (like 40″ about 10″ taller than the previouse one). The downside was we had to have the gates shipped to our http://www.shipitapo.com account and they forwarded it because for some reason target wouldn’t ship it here!

  5. In the warmer months, they used to have lots of plants too (at least when we lived here before).

    Sucks though that they don’t do anything for any of us that live off base and we have to buy any improvements we want to make to our surroundings without any kind of reimbursement…

  6. Thanks for writing this post, Julie. Possibly another pro to the ongoing discussion of living on-base vs. off-base.

    I agree with Suzy about bringing the curtain rods as well as curtains. There’s limited styles at the exchange and the Japanese ones can be expensive or are pretty plain. Good luck with your journey to Okinawa, Nicole!

  7. Nicole…if you have curtain rods, you can bring them:) They sell some at the BX on base but they have a very limited selection. I wish I would have brought some of mine from the states simply because I liked my old ones better. I’m sure you can get better ones off base somewhere but we needed them up immediately because some of our windows didn’t have mini or vert. blinds in them. Good luck on the move!

    Julie…I didn’t know we could get more than one gate there! That’s great! I was just pricing baby gates for our new place over the weekend. I wish I could find the ones that swing open some place but I guess beggers can’t be choosers right?:)