When my family and I first arrived the island, one of our biggest concerns was furnishing our house. We came here with very little furniture. We figured that our best bet was to look at the furniture available on base. We tried Foster furniture, but the stuff we liked was either out of stock or too pricey. Then we discovered Furniture and Flower Lapin.

Furniture and Flower Lapin has a wide variety of living room, dining room, bedroom, and patio furniture. Though most of their furniture is Japanese-style (meaning small and low to the ground), there are a few pieces available that look like American-style furniture. Their prices are pretty decent, and if they don’t have the piece you want in stock, you can take the floor item for a discounted price. They also deliver to base housing!

Lapin 1

We purchased a leather sectional for 130,000 Yen, which I don’t think is bad at all for the size and material. We also purchased a couple of rugs. They carry a lot of different styles and sizes that seemed nicer and cheaper than the ones at the BX.

Lapin 2

So, if you’re in need of a place to find furniture to either decorate or redecorate your house with, Furniture and Flower Lapin is the place to go! Oh, and I almost forgot, they have English-speaking reps, so don’t worry about the language barrier. And for those of you who have lil’ rugrats, they have a play area so you can look around in peace!

Happy shopping!

Furniture and Flower Lapin

Store Hours: Daily 10:30 am – 8:00 pm

Phone : 098-989-7222

Payment: Yen & Dollars

Address: Japan, Okinawa Prefecture Nakagami District Chatan美浜2丁目1−16

GPS Coordinates: 26.31633972, 127.75976291500001

Updated Directions (The store moved in April 2011): Lapin is located on the west side of 58, just north of Lester’s main gate.


  1. I have been here once looking around, never bought anything but was REALLY impressed with the items they carried!! Good to know that they can deliver on base and about the discounted floor items.

    They have TRIPLE bunk beds here which I have never seen but were really cool!!