This post is for all the computer junkies out there!  Is your computer in need of a repair? Do you want to build your own super computer? Do you need to upgrade parts on your computer? This is the store for you!

Have you ever driven past the big yellow sign that says GoodWill and gotten excited, expecting the beloved thrift store from back home? I sure did. My husband and I decided to stop and check it out. Turns out, it’s a huge computer store. I wasn’t too excited, but my husband was like a kid in a candy store!

A couple months ago, our desktop gave out on us, so we’ve been on the hunt for a new computer. We were planning on just ordering online and having it shipped, but as soon as we went inside GoodWill, my husband set right to building his own. They have all the parts you need to create the computer you want. There are TONS of parts, so if you need to repair a part or just want to upgrade, this is the place to go!


They even have Blu-Ray players to put in your computer and they are a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a Blu-Ray player! My husband was too busy dragging me around showing me the stuff he wanted, I didn’t really get a chance to look fully at all they offer — but I definitely saw laptops! The prices turned a lot cheaper than if we would’ve ordered online. The exchange rate was good, so my husband used a credit card instead of yen.

Their website is all in Japanese ( Thank goodness for Google Translate! If you go to the National Store Info Tab on the right, you can find the info for the two stores they have on Okinawa. There is one in Naha and there is the one off the 58.

GoodWill Computer Store

Hours:  They are both open from 1100-2200, 7 days a week

Phone:  Naha store: 098-941-5670. Chatan store: 098-982-7633. And they do speak some English.

Address: 3丁目-1−6 Mihama, Chatan, Nakagami District

GPS Coordinates: 26.3217634, 127.7575842

Directions:  To get to the Chatan store from Kadena Gate 1, go out the gate and take a left. Stay on the 58 for a couple street lights and you will see the GoodWill on your right hand side. From Foster, head north on the 58 until you see the GoodWill on your left. If you pass the 23, you have gone too far.

I haven’t been to the Naha store, but there is a map.


  1. So grateful for this post, I’ve passed this goodwill daily for the the past year going from Lester to Kadena…. — I assumed it was the same “GOODWILL” as in the States (donations/thrift store) …. I never would have thought it was a giant computer store…. Unfortunately, my laptop battery died and ordering lithium batteries is difficult (shipping restrictions are set for batteries with more than four cells) and the laptop battery is (of course) 6 cells…. Searching online for local alternatives led me to this post . Thanks again

  2. I’m looking to get the processor in my laptop upgraded. I know they sell the parts there, but do they do the install for you? I don’t mind paying an installation fee, I just want to know if they’ll do it. anyone know? and if now does anyone know anybody that could do it for me?

  3. They do have an 18+ section that is blocked by a curtain (although you can still see items that are hanging up high). It is right next to other videos and games in the back of the store, at least on HWY 58.

    Went there to get a computer since the BX has only the most basic PCs…but improving recently. I found a computer in my price range with some great specs. I was able to edit two items from the base build without having to pay an additional charge; had to pay for the components of course. Fee is ¥2000. I’m unsure if each additional change costs ¥2000 or if it is a flat rate.

    Well, my computer would have cost just under $1600 ordering online at the cheapest possible stores including shipping. The conversion from buying with them came out to just over $1800. Oddly, buying each item seperately in the store would have cost more than that! So I am paying a little over $200 for them to build my higher end PC but all will be tested and made right by them before I receive the product. I won’t have to wait for items to come in the mail and possibly send them back and wait if they fail. I also don’t have to take time to build it, just install Win7 and be done. They do offer Win7 in English or Japanese but I already have a disc purchased seperately.

  4. Regarding the question about External Hard Drive repair – I can say with some certainty that they do NOT provide that service.

    That type of recovery is generally very expensive. We’re talking about $1000 US at the LEAST. Data recovery requires a computer forensics expert, very specific equipment (normally reserved for law enforcement or highly trained IT personnel), and a good amount of man-hours.

    I only know this because I’m currently studying for my Master’s in Information Technology, and have a focus and background in computer forensics.

    If a hard drive’s mechanical components stop working, it’s pretty much useless to the average guy. You can’t just replace a “motor” in it and make it work.

    • Just to piggyback on Rogue’s post. He is correct about the mechanical components. BUT, if the circuit board is the problem (burned out or otherwise damaged) that can usually be replaced. I have personally done it twice. Cost me about $20 and 30 minutes of my time vs. $500-700 up front for a “possible recovery” from a professional service.

  5. Hi. This probably isn’t the best thread to post microwave repair info but we searched high and low for a repair person and finally found a great one so I wanted to pass along the info. It’s a Japanese guy and his business is called Home Appliance Repair Shop and his number is 098.934.1517. He came to our home on Kadena (he has base access somehow), diagnosed it, took the microwave/convection oven with him, and he’s going to order a part and return it to us next week (we hope :). He seemed honest, quiet but friendly, and is charging far less than we expected. Hope this helps somebody!

  6. Shopped there a few days ago for some SATA cables and other random parts for upgrades for my gaming rig. Everything is easy to find. Prices are not bad either. Bring YEN as I don’t believe they accept US dollars.

    The corner K posted about seems to have been toned down, yes there are anime pictures. But none I would call Erotic. Might just be I’m a dude and don’t care. But I did not see anything bad. Overall great store, good stock, and not bad prices.

    I wanna say they have English versions. Not alot, but I seen a fair supply of english based parts and software.

  7. My husband has been here several times. He can usually find what he needs too.

    A note of caution though for parents: There is a section in the back that has videos/dvds for sale. The covers have naked cartoon characters on them, like anime characters I guess…just the erotic version. So you might want to avoid that corner or not bring the kids.