Some of you miss Macy’s or Kroger’s, me? I miss Hobby Lobby. Sure, you can find a handful of crafty items at the 100Yen stores, the BX, and even the occasional small craft or fabric store but these places usually have a variety of supplies, but not a lot of selection. Green Note is a larger craft store which allows them to carry a much bigger variety.


If your craft has anything to do with paper, Green Note will likely have it. They have a selection of scrapbooking paper and embellishments, a selection of 100s of colors of gel pens and markers, various types of stationary, journals, note books.

They have plenty of specialty papers for computer projects such as CD covers, photo paper, and so forth. Do you have a presentation coming up? They have supplies for that too from poster board and presentation boards to various sizes of brief cases.


However, their biggest selection is for the artist out there. Whichever medium you love, be it oil painting, water colors, charcoal, sketching… they have the best selection I’ve seen in one place on the island. The sketch books are priced well starting at 200 yen. There are shelves after shelves of different colors and types of paints. Plus they have a nice variety in canvas sizes and types. They also have a framing section.


I have yet to find an employee which speaks English so make sure you know what you would like before you go.

Green Note Stationery

Hours: Open 9:00 AM- 7:00 PM. Closed Sundays.

Address: Japan, 〒901-2221 Okinawa Prefecture, Ginowan, 伊佐3-1-2

GPS Coordinates: 26.289227, 127.75646899999992

Directions: From Kadena take 58 south. Approximately 2-3 blocks past the Foster Commissary Gate you will see the Green Note sign on your right hand side. The parking and store front is down the little street by the sign.


  1. Better directions. Left out of commissary gate. . Past 58 split. Go past the pit stop and Esso gas station. Hang a right at the light past the Esso. Look right. . For those of you who know MGRS: 52RCQ 75837 08295.

  2. Great store for the more serious artist, in my view. Not really an all purpose craft store at all like we think of in the USA. We frequent the Green Note with 4 children in art classes. I like the range of materials offered (various “levels” of quality choices in sketching pencils, for example) and the parking is very handy too. The staff is friendly. Great place!

  3. Hi
    I just left Okinawa 6 mos. ago after living there for 9 yrs. I am an artist and have bought much of my supplies at the green note. Weelll I can’t seem to get Holbeins water color half pans on-line or in the state-wide stores. They have tubes but not cakes. I reallly like the Japanese brand “Holbein” and I reallly like the little dried cake paint in the square to drop back into my travel set and would really like to have another pn522 Juane Brilliant half-pan. Can anyone help me?
    Yours sincerely, KathyLynn
    P.S. Great site and great job Okinawa Hai, thanks for all you do.

  4. I found a huge selection of Washi Tape at Tokyu Hands in the new San A by Round 1! I just moved here and have been using Washi Tape I’ve purchased online. Prices vary by colors and widths, but it’s very comparable in price to the online stores, maybe even a little cheaper in store! Love this stuff!

  5. Regarding Washi Tape: ETWS sells a reasonable selection. They take debit cards. The store is located one block east of 58 at 130. So if you were to go left out the Foster Spot gate you would not turn onto 58 but go straight. (The 58/130 intersection has the Blueberry cafe on the corner.) 130 ends at a signal in front of the parking for ETWS. It is a large three story building with a sign on the front. There is ample parking on either side of the building.
    The store sells a large variety of household, craft, jewelery & adult items. Costumes, towels, kitchen ware & stationery are all here. Somethings are over priced but the washi is not bad, IMHO.

  6. ** Washi tape seekers! **

    I just bought a huge amount of washi tape earlier this month from a new bookstore at the Cargoes/Saion Square shopping center on Kokusai Dori. It’s the new shopping mall next to Makishi Monorail station, the one with Red Lobster in it – the bookstore is on the 2nd floor. They carry MT tape but also another brand I am less familiar with. It’s an excellent stationery and craft supply store. Their selection is killer. Many widths, styles, multipacks as well as washi tape design books to help inspire you.

    The Village Vanguard store in Haebaru AEON/JUSCO sells some, too. I am not sure about the Chatan JUSCO Village Vanguard – might be worth a look though.

    They also have a small selection of MT washi tape at a stationery store in Naha. Here’s a map to where it is, down off a back alley of Kokusai.

    There are also two other stores that are supposed to carry it, according to the MT tape website. I have not gone to confirm yet. Another store in Naha, called Module. It’s by the bus depot. If you Google this address, it will show you where it is 沖縄県那覇市旭町116-37沖縄県南部合同庁舎1F

    Also a store in Chatan called R.Y.B. 沖縄県中頭郡北谷町北谷2-16-7.

    Other than that, Tokyu Hands and Loft stores on mainland Japan carry a huge selection. 🙁

  7. Does anyone know if they carry washi paper masking tape here? My sister read about it in a magazine in the states. I have read about it online and it can be ordered online at various sites, but since it is “made in Japan” I thought there might be a local shop that carries it. Any ideas? Thanks