Should You Bring The Kitchen Sink?


This Okinawa Hai! reader will be joining our large community here on the island and is in dire need of fencing and related supplies for their on-base home on Kadena.  Let’s lend a helping hand, shall we?  Here’s their question: 

My husband has just moved into a multiplex on Kadena. He’s wanting to install fencing before my son and I arrive in mid-December. During his pre-inspection for housing, he got all the requirements to install the fence, but it ended there. The inspector was not sure where to get fencing.

I don’t care how much it costs. I really want fencing. I know the yard is small. I also believe housing is what you make of it. And we both agree fencing is a must. After all I wouldn’t want my sweet garden gnome to run off into the wild. Hopefully someone can point us in the right direction?”


  1. i am looking for parts to make a fence gate and have already been to makeman in gushikawa and american village. does anyone know where exactly i would be able to find the parts to make a fence gate such as hinges and the latch(or lock).

  2. I am wondering if anyone knows somewhere to rent fencing? I know back in the states they would come and install it, we pay a small fee each month and then they come and take it down when we are done. Thanks for any responses.

  3. I went to the monkey store in America Village, it would cost us 1000.00 to get everything. I need a fence, if anyone has any idea on where to get it cheap, or is anyone PCSing and needs to get rid of a fence, please call me at 090 686 59047
    thank you


  4. For anyone headed to Okinawa and planning on living on-base with a pet, I would HIGHLY suggest purchasing approx. 100 ft. of chain link fencing and all hardware necessary PRIOR to your move. (You can easily sell any left over supplies.) Ship it with your household goods. Fencing is very difficult to find used, and is very expensive when purchased new. For ex., we were quoted $1000 for someone to install 60 ft. of new fence…we really need 100+ for our lg. dog. We found this price unacceptable, and are still waiting to find used fencing after 4 months. This search has been one of the more frustrating parts of our move to Okinawa!

  5. Seems to be a trend, but we are also in need of fencing. When it comes up online for sale, it’s either in really bad shape or is taken before you can blink. I need someone to install new fencing. Any one know of who can do this?

  6. I would say enough for about 30 feet one way and 15 feet on both sides (every yard measures different depending on if you have trees and such in your backyard! It also depends on if you get a multi-plex or a duplex. Duplex’s have huge yards!) Fences can’t be taller than 4 feet. You also need 1 gate for in the back of your yard

  7. We arrive at Kadena in August. We plan to purchase the materials for a fence here to bring with us. Any idea how big the yards are? We are needing to know how much fencing to buy. We should have a 4 bedroom house on Kadena.

    Love the website!

  8. I have purchased and sold my fence from You have to set fairly low expectations if this is the route you take. Usually, you need to pull the fence and it’s rusty and not always put together properly. If it’s cheap, and you don’t care what it looks like, this is the way to go. Sometimes you end up buying from a couple of different people depending on how much fence you need. Also in JU are “handy-men” advertised under the business section. They can do all the fence legwork for you, including installation. This may be a good option if you have a frequently TDY husband!

  9. Casey we would love to do some business with ya’ll and fencing. You can wait until I get there in 13 days!! Or work it out with my husband. I’m so excited for all the replys!

    Oh and yes it would be tragic if my garden gnome escaped, or my fairy door received unwanted visitors. A fence is the way to go 🙂

  10. Hello there,

    I actually have some fencing materials left over from when we installed our fence for our dog. We have one roll left, am not sure of the exact footage. We have posts and top rails and a gate also.

    Let me know if you are interested and we can get together when you arrive.

    All the best and safe travels.

    Casey Franklin

  11. I don’t live on base so forgive my ignorance but I thought the Kadena Garden Center was the first stop for housing needs like fences. Any on basers know?
    And I’d just like to say that I love this sentence–> “After all I wouldn’t want my sweet garden gnome to run off into the wild.” It causes visions of fairies and other magical creatures roaming the deep forest to swirl about in my head and makes me giggle and SMILE. Thanks for the smile and hope we can help you get this fencing thing figured out. 🙂