Years ago, when Okinawa Hai had just a few readers and was getting its footing, we took an introspective look at the things we love about this tiny island, especially the details that might go unnoticed – or unappreciated – by many. 

We’d like to remind ourselves about that which we have always loved about our island paradise… even the things which may, at first glance, seem mundane and not worth stopping to examine. 

We found this post buried way back in our archives, and thought it was time to bring it back again. Originally published on June 11, 2007, we present you with “I Love This About Okinawa: Ichi (Part 2)”. We will be re-publishing the other posts in this series throughout the rest of this month.


These ubiquitous street mirrors snub their noses at traffic lights. No need for electricity and bells and whistles, they snort. And they are right. These babies put in long hours and do a bang-up job. I have yet to hit anything or anyone.

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What do YOU love about Okinawa that might not be obvious? Has one of its features or quirks grown on you over time? Leave a comment below, or write us a post; we’d love to continue this series.