Editor’s Note: The Juscos on Okinawa have been renamed Aeon. Aeon is the parent company of Jusco and Juscos across Asia have been falling under that name for years. It may take a few generations of us PCSing in and out for us all to remember not to call it Jusco. But for those of you looking for the big Jusco sign, you’re better off looking for “Aeon.” The interior of the store has changed little and this is still a great place for food and more! While much of the information remains the same, please substitute in “Aeon” where you see “Jusco” in this post. Also check out a brand new post on the Aeon company throughout Okinawa, published in July 2016. 



Jusco is the one-stop mall Okinawans (as well as the rest of Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and Thailand!) frequent for everything from food and clothing to household goods and electronics.  Typically a couple stories high and the size of a few Wal-marts, Jusco houses a supermarket, 100 yen shop, fabric store, restaurants, and a variety of clothing and speciality stores.  The stores aren’t separated by walls and doors, but each section has it’s own register and you must pay for the items before you leave each area.


A friend recently tipped me off that Jusco’s supermarket has special 99-yen sales each Wednesday, including freshly made, still warm (and delicious!) pastries . . .

Botanical Gardens 009

fresh produce . . .

Botanical Gardens 006

fresh caught seafood . . .

Botanical Gardens 010
and ready-made snacks.

Botanical Gardens 012
I picked up an assortment of pastries, a few apples and some avocados.  Sure enough, they were 99-yen a piece.  When is the last time you’ve paid that little for an apple or avocado?!

Lucky for you, reader – today is Wednesday.  Get up, drive to Jusco, and pick out something tasty at a great price!

Aeon Shopping Center

Note: Plastic bags at checkout are 3 yen/ea., so bring your own reusable bag!

Hours: Supermarket 0900 – 2400, rest of shops 1000 – 2400

Locations and Phone: Five locations on Okinawa – Chatan/American Village (098-982-7575), Haebaru (098-940-6100), Nago (098-054-8000), Gushikawa (098-983-6565), and Naha (098-852-1515).

Payment: Yen, credit card

Website: www.aeon-ryukyu.jp

The map below is the Aeon located in American Village. The Aeon website shows the locations of the others.


  1. Just drove to Aeon led by the GPS after we input the map code of Jusco. Confused us at that time since we did not know it has been renamed to Aeon and it is the mother company of Jusco. Anyway we have enjoyed the shopping there. So large and so many stuff there.

  2. I miss Okinawan life so much; I wish I can come back working at a civilian government position. People were always nice and respectful…wish America would be this way sometimes.

  3. The supermarket inside of the all Juscos is MaxValu…they are all part of the AEON company. So most of what you find in any Jusco supermarket, you can also find in any MaxValu.

    Jusco, much like many other stores on Okinawa (and perhaps the rest of Japan) have sales also on Japanese paydays…I think on the 10th normally but I can’t remember for sure (and Google is not helping me).

    Oh, and you only have to pay separately in the little speciality stores…if you are shopping in the main Jusco department store itself (not the supermarket or bakery), you can use any cashier you find.

    All of the ones I have ever been to have great parking too…never a problem to find parking except on rare occasions at Mihama because of an event at the Sports Center.

  4. Dang it now you let everyone in on my little secret sale! LOL! Seriously I LOVE the Jusco 99yen Wednesday sale! Be sure to check out the WHOLE supermarket area including the freezer cases…they often have sale stuff on the same day…we discovered some great watermelon pops on sale one day. Also they have fish, chicken, etc on sale if you feel like getting something to make. It is a fun day to walk around and check it all out and look for bargains.

    The bakery is so great and they will slice your bread for you…a loaf never makes it past a day in our house.

  5. Don’t go into just any grocery checkout line and expect them to take your Visa/MC. Almost all of the grocery lines are cash only. I don’t know if they will swap out some dollars for you if you come up short, just try to come prepared with yen.
    The offerings in the bakery are tasty, but once again, adjust your expectations. If you expect flaky, buttery layers you will be disappointed as they tend to be crisp on the outside, but doughy on the inside. Oh, and the big roll/danish-y looking thing with the pale green frosting on the top – I figured it would be another take or matcha flavored. Nope. It is melon. Surprise! Also, you pay separately at the bakery and they will charge you for bags as well.

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