King Furniture is one of my favorite furniture stores on the island. I swear if I had the room and the money, I would buy most of the furniture there.

If you’re looking for an authentic Asian style piece of furniture, you need to check out this place. It’s “authentic” as in – they make the pieces right there on site! In the backroom. Cool, huh? That also means that you can custom order pieces if things are not just right for you. I tend to like the less ornate look, and the owner kept saying, “We can make it for you!”

The kinds of furniture you’ll find there is wood, wood, and more wood. Entertainment units, coffee table sets (3 pieces, one big and two side tables all with custom glass tops), desks, dining room tables (with custom glass as well) and bookshelves. You’re not going to find anything that involves cushions or fabric.

Everything comes in two colors, either the dark cherry wood, or a dark brown walnut color. That’s it. Not a whole lot of choice where colors are concerned. Except that I love them both and it’s hard to choose between them.

They are expensive, yes. And the owner does not negotiate in price. But, oh my, the craftsmanship. I would expect this furniture to outlast your life, your kid’s life… and possibly even their grandkids’ life. You know the saying, “They don’t make furniture like they used to”? Yes, they do. Here.

Can you tell how much I love this place? There is a yummy desk there that is so drool-worthy, I need to own it. Of course, I have a perfectly good desk in storage, so I shall spend the next three years thinking up an excuse to buy it. But I am not leaving Okinawa without it. I. AM. NOT.


From Futenma: turn right onto 58. It will be on your left hand side almost immediately across from Harley Davidson. There are four (or five) parking spaces in the front.


  1. I bought out King Furniture while stationed at Kadena from 1986-1990. All of my furniture survived the subsequent moves to Greece, the Netherlands, Maryland, and now Texas. In all these years, the furniture still draws compliments! I. WILL. NOT. PART. WITH. IT! I’d love to go back with no furniture and order another houseful, but I am a retiree now. That revolving DVD cabinet is bea-u-ti-ful!

  2. Yes for anyone Just getting to okinawa you need to stop and check out kings they have very High Quaility Funiture that you will not be-able to get in the states.
    I have a Beautiful Rosewood entertainment Center and yes he will come down on the price if you Buy alot and refer him to other Friends

  3. I am looking for the name of the Harley Davidson next to King Furniture. My last visit to Okiawna I saw the store, but could not make it back to get some clothing for my brother in law and my nephew. Could someone please send me website info or e-mail address.


  4. our first tour in Okinawa, we visited Kings and bought a HUGE entertainment center (1995) We also bought a bar and a curio cabinet. Our second tour (just left in June) we came to Oki w/out the furniture but bought MORE – yes, another BIGGER entertainment center and another curio. Whenever movers see our pieces they first go, “WOW, that’s big”. But then they say, “WOW, that’s amazing, I’ve never seen anything like it”. All the pieces have done great, but the first entertainment center has been through 4 moves and storage and I’m sad to say that it does have some wear and tear – ONLY from the movers themselves not being as awesome as Japanese movers. THe storage place didn’t do very well storing it.
    The owner has been the same, he’s wonderful and we bought our stuff and paid on it monthly. You can go in, buy it, have it your home within the week and pay for it monthly. Better than layaway!