Krishna Indian Restaurant, originally uploaded by okinawa hai. (Click on the photo above for more pictures.)


It occurred to me today during lunch at Krishna that if I were on the Okinawan diet I would stop eating when I was just 80% full.  The lure of more good food dashed that thought quickly though.  Self-discipline was never one of my strong suits.

I wish I had known about Krishna earlier.  My family and I have been here for about two years now and it was only a couple of months ago that we tried it with a friend for Sunday brunch.  Since then we’ve been hooked and are constantly craving their food.

I usually get the Business Lunch set which runs about 1155 yen and includes a choice of curry or chicken tikka masala, naan or rice, tandoori chicken, salad, raita (yogurt salad), and a drink.  You can choose from 5 different curry dishes including chicken curry, mutton curry, vegetable curry, and dal curry.  My husband usually gets the regular lunch set for 893 yen which is basically the same except it doesn’t come with the tandoori chicken and raita.  The food is delicious and we always leave more than satisfied.

Krishna is very kid-friendly with high chairs and kiddie bowls and utensils.  They also have a kid’s set that includes some curry, dessert, a salad, and choice of naan or rice.  My youngest one just chomped down his whole lunch today.  I couldn’t believe it but he just loves their chicken curry.

You can request your food anywhere from mild to very hot so it’s a great place for everyone.  I’ve never been there for dinner but they get a good crowd for lunch and are quite popular with locals as well as Americans.

Lunch  11:30 AM-3:00 PM  (last order at 2:30 PM)
Dinner  6:00 PM-11:00 PM  (last order at 10:00 PM)
Closed the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month.  Call to double-check their hours for all other Tuesdays.

Phone: 098-931-0885

Address: 3 Chome-1-12 Kubota

Google Maps Coordinates: 26.3197665, 127.7939653

Directions: (from Camp Foster) Take a LEFT from the Foster Exchange Gate onto 330. Pass the intersection for Awase Golf Course at route 22 and look out for Plaza House Shopping Center on your RIGHT side. Krishna is located on the 3rd floor of the shopping center.


  1. Since there hasn’t been a new comment in two years, I figured I’d lend my opinion.

    Though since it is my first time going to an Indian curry place on the island, you should take it with a grain, or a handful or so, of salt.

    Naan and/or rice don’t come with the curry, maybe they do if you get a set but we didn’t so I don’t know for sure, and the portions seemed a bit small for the price. However, if it’s better than the other Indian curry places on the island, I can see why. You do get a lot of naan for what you pay for, so that’s nice.

    It wasn’t super crowded, but we were there at 6:30pm on a Wednesday.

    The curry was delicious, but I’ve never eaten Indian curry often enough to know if this was out of this world kind of curry like everyone seems to say.

    It’s definitely a place people should go! The same shopping center has plenty of other food options, too!

  2. Highly recommended. This is my favorite Indian restaurant on island. If you are looking for authentic, savory and delicious curry and crispy Naan bread, look no further. It doesn’t get much better than this.

  3. I am from India , on my recent visit to Krishna, loved every moment of it, the food was simply delicious , the tandoori prawns and chicken were great, the mutton curry was kind of that I asked for a bowl more , the spices were perfect and the mutton was lovely and soft. The staff is friendly and service was very satisfactory . Loved it all

  4. Hi, could someone take a photo of their menu for me? We moved from Okinawa and have some Indian friends here who would like to take a look at their menu. They might have some recipes similar to Krishna’s that we can try to make at home, since we have been craving Krishna’s curry ever since we left!! I can’t remember all the names of our favorite dishes, so a menu picture would help (including dinner menu) Thanks!!

    Also do you know if Krishna has a Japanese website? Thanks!

  5. We have been on Oki about 3 years now and we’ve sampled a LOT of the local restaurants, and Krishna’s is definitely one of our favorites on the whole island – good Indian food at reasonable prices, friendly staff, clean and with a nice ambiance – and if you have kids they can watch the tandoori and naan being cooked through the front window over the oven! We also love the option of getting individual sets (perfect at lunch time or large groups) or family style (great for entertaining friends). And Krishna’s tends to be less expensive than most other Indian restaurants we have eaten at (Kabob’s, Bollywood Dreams, Taj Okinawa) but about on par with Nepal Spice Kitchen – as memory serves. FYI: Visa/MC are accepted for bills totaling Y3000 or more.

  6. I heard this place had the best naan on the island. I’m addicted to that stuff. I haven’t tried this one yet, but I did go to a place called Kebabs (which I wrongly assumed was a greek place!). It’s up above obligato and it’s really, really good. They have rosemary and garlic naan which are both awesome and their curry is great! I loved the tandoori chicken too!

  7. Oh Yum, I love Indain food being a Brit where there is a restaurant on every corner. I hope it is better than the Indian food in San Diego. I must say, it looks Yummy (can’t you tell I am hungry – dinner time here in San Diego!)