Gorgeous manzamo

A big shout out to  Karen Walzer for this stunning photo of Manzamo Point.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, you can bet I’m a wishin’ I had taken my camera along the day we discovered a cool beach that goes by the inauspicious name of Toilet Bowl, right off of Manzamo Point.

Like Cape Hedo and various other Capes and Points on the island, Manzamo is a scenic cliff that offers spectacular views of the East China Sea. I’d tell you all about it but I see no need to reinvent the wheel.

You have to go to Manzamo to access Toilet Bowl. It’s popular among divers (check out JAPAN UPDATE), but we love it for the deep and numerous tide pools.

The tide comes in pretty high, so I wouldn’t recommend going to explore until low tide. The tide pools come in all shapes and sizes. Small and shallow for little hands and feet; others so deep you can snorkel in them! It’s like swimming in your own private aquarium. You’ll see schools of neon colored fish and scores of bright blue sea stars all trapped in rug-sized pools with crystal clear water. I even saw an octopus!

At low tide, there is something at Toilet Bowl for the whole family. The Tom Sawyers in your group will love the entrance – first a short Indiana Jones-esque hike through the jungle which leads to a spooky-ish cave. The way to the beach is through the cave.

A warning here, you’ll have to do a bit of climbing over sharp, waist high lava rocks. Don’t let that discourage you, though. It’s well worth the effort.

Once you’re out of the woods, through the cave and over the rocks (no, you won’t be at Grandmother’s house) you can either hit the tide pools, or head around the rocks to your right to discover a deep beach. It’s not very long, but deep enough to set up a camp site, and sandy enough for little ones to build a sand castle.

Bring some snacks and drinks, you just might be here all day!

Manzamo Point

GPS Coordinates: 26.5047000, 127.8502333


Directions: North on Highway 58, through Kadena circle. Just north of Onna Village, start looking for signs to Manzamo Point. Turn left at the stop light by the fire station and follow the signs. You’ll end up in a big parking lot with lots of shops. Park here if you want to explore Manzamo.

To get to Toilet Bowl, look to the left of the shops: you’ll see a little black top road that looks more like a driveway than a road. This road gets backed up with divers and fishermen – don’t worry that you’re missing your stop. Follow the road to it’s ultimate end.  You’ll know you’re “there” when the road dead ends into a chain link fence. Look for the paths on the right!


  1. This was an awesome place to go tide pooling with my 8 year old. The only thing I would note is that it is a long walk from the parking near the shops down the road to the path. We went on a weekday and saw a few cars of divers on the road. Maybe it is backed up more with cars on weekends? I would recommend driving down the small road if it isn’t too crowded. Other than that, the directions are great and going at low tide is great fun for kids to explore!

    • I agree, the location described above is horse shoe beach. If divers are looking for toilet bowl it’s to the right of horseshoe beach. Look for the fishing shack and entry point is to the right of the bowl. There’s a small ledge to enter.

  2. Manzamo, Maikimisaki, Onna Point, the Toilet Bowl and the Horseshoe are all close with Onna Point out on the southern tip while Manzamo is the northern promentory and the landmark for reaching the dive sites Toilet Bowl and the Horseshoe. Course that’s drawing on memories from 50 years ago during the Reef Rovers hey day! Here’s a site that shows and list most of these.

    • This is for CHUCK S or anyone living on Okinawa from 66-68 & 70-75. I was a PADI #4229 OWSI teaching with the Reef Rovers. At one point I was the VP of the club. At the time Berry Stier ran the Kadena dive shop, and Swede Almark, Rod Barron, Dr. Parkhurst, Paul Hall, Joe Califano, and R.D. Bailey were all instructors with the Reef Rovers. I curious if any are still around who were instructors or member divers at the time.
      Many Thanks
      Bert Walker (Air Force Retired)

  3. This is an excellent place for tide pool exploring. I live in this neighborhood and am so lucky for the view and beaches near by. Please if you do come visit, take your trash with you!!!! There are so many times in the morning I have to pick up trash lying around that is left by both Americans and locals. This is a beautiful area and we would like to keep it this way.