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 Want to catch the latest flick? Here’s a list of theaters around Okinawa, with links to their websites for current and up-to-date playing movies and their showtimes.

Base Theaters

Camp Courtney 622-9616

Camp Hansen 623-4564

Camp Foster 645-3465

Camp Kinser 637-2177

Camp Schwab 625-2338

Kadena AB 050-5865-3095

MCAS Futenma 636-3890

*Need help calling DSN numbers? Check our post here.

Admission (current as of 12/2014):

Prices listed below are the ticket price range; prices depend on the theater, movie, 2D or 3D experience, and show time. In general, 2D matinee tickets cost less than 3D movies in the evenings; some theaters charge more for tickets to newly released films. Check each theater’s listing for exact pricing on the movie you want to see.

Adult: ranges from $4 – $8

Child: ranges from $2.25 – $5.25



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Local Theaters

Admissions fees for local movie theaters will vary depending on the theater, time and show. For current information, please check with the theater directly.

Mihama 7 Plex, American Village, Chatan. 098-936-7600

Cinemas Q, Sanei Naha Main Place, Naha. 098-951-0011

Southern Plex, Haebaru. 098-835-6600

Cinema Palette, Naha. 098-86904688