Music Class
Music Class

Six months ago I found an ad on the Okinawa Yard Sales website with information regarding a new music class available on the island. Lauren Baskins had recently moved here and brought with her the amazing learning experience called Music Together. Music Together is a music and movement class that allows children of mixed ages (from newborn to 5 years) to learn and play together with music. It is fun, relaxed, and aimed at a positive experience for both the parent and the child. It is truly a family experience!

Now, being a stay at home mother of two and my youngest was not even three months old at the time, I was very limited at what things I could get involved in. Most extracurricular classes are broken down by age. Music Together encouraged – no, WANTED (gasp!) – both my two year old son and my infant daughter to attend, together! I was giddy to say the least!

Music Sticks
Music Sticks

I had no idea what to expect at our first Music Together class. But Lauren quickly put us all at ease and guided us in the Music Together fashion of fun with music. There were movement songs, instrument play songs, plain old fun songs, and even a lullaby song at the end to calm the class down (it works!). As we continued through the semester, my son’s confidence in music grew exponentially. His memory for songs increased, as did his ability to clap, pat, and stomp to a somewhat regular beat. The best thing about his experience in the class is that there are no expectations for performance during the class. And honestly, just by watching him during most classes, someone on the outside looking in would question whether or not my son gets anything out of the music class. What he does is developmentally appropriate. He does not sit still; he does not even participate in all the activities. Sometimes he will run around the classroom. Sometimes multiple children in class will do that with him, too. Sometimes he will sit in the corner. And sometimes, but not often, his attention will be right there in class and following the lead from Lauren through a song or movement.

Music Baby
Music Baby

It is when I get home that I see the difference. Participating in Music Together has opened a door of confidence, social interaction, an early love of music, music development through instruments, and an opportunity for both my children to grow and learn together as a family. I really can’t say enough about this wonderful gift Lauren has brought to our island!

Lauren runs her classes through her business Music Together Trumpetfish. The price is $150 for the first child per semester. For a sibling older than 8 months, the cost for that sibling is just $50 more. Siblings under 8 months come for free. Each semester is 10 weeks long. Lauren accepts cash or check, and can accept Paypal by request for a small additional fee. Class is once a week, 45 minutes in length. Each semester has a different set of songs, and you receive a music CD (two copies, one for home and car!), music book, and (for your first semester) a Music Together development booklet. Classes are held on Mondays on Foster, and Tuesdays/Thursdays on Kadena at the Arts and Crafts Center.

Music Child
Music Child

If you decide to give it a try, come in comfortable clothing, with an attitude for fun and an open mind for learning with music and movement!

Please email Lauren at for more information and to inquire about class openings for registration!


  1. The classes for the Fall 2012 start on September 6th at the Kadena USO.
    She has added a Wednesday class too.
    Class times are Tuesday and Thursdays 0915 and 1030
    and Wednesdays 1000.

  2. The Spring ’12 semester of classes starts on April 3rd. There are 4 classes now as Lauren has moved the class to the Kadena USO. Class times are 9:15 and 10:30 on Tuesdays and 9:15 and 10:15 on Thursdays.
    She follows the DoD schedule so there are no classes over Spring Break or Memorial Day and the semester ends when school ends for the summer.

  3. My two children love this class, we’re in our 2nd semester. My 2 year old may not look like she’s paying attention in class sometimes, but when I play the music at home she does the movements and sings with me. My 6 month old has been going since he was a month old, and he even has started getting his feet kicking with the rhythm of music. Lauren is really great at teaching the kids to explore music.

  4. We love love love this class! I have a 2.5 year old daughter and a 1 year old son. They are both musical – and this class has allowed them (especially my eldest) to hone those skills. She requests songs and he’s already doing the hand gestures for them. It’s really wonderful and I’m so glad we are part of it! Thank you to Lauren. 🙂


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