Nakabaru Hut | Okinawa Hai

While Geocaching the other day on Ikei Island, we came across a really cool historical site called Nakabaru Ruins.  There are many things to see on this little island, so put this on the “to-do” list next time you are out there!

Nakabaru Hatchet | Okinawa Hai

The first thing you’ll notice is the amazingly large hatchet-looking statue.  After the perfect photo-op at said statue, head to the clearing behind it.  You can’t miss it!  When this site was found they unearthed the remains of a village with artifacts dated to over 2000 years ago.  They restored the area to show the different sites that were discovered.  At each section of the village there are markers explaining the area, with translations in English.  Enjoy!

Nakabaru Map | Okinawa Hai

Directions:  To get there, you get to enjoy a beautiful drive!  Wherever you are coming from, get onto Route 10 heading east.  This road will take you along some beautiful places.  Continue on Route 10 across Henza and Miyagi Islands, and then when you get to Ikei Island, continue straight on the road past several fields until you come to a sign on the left side of the road that says “Nakabaru Ruins, 100 Meters.”  Turn left at the sign and you can’t miss the site.

Nakabaru Sign | Okinawa Hai



  1. The post in 2013 states that there are no English-language postings at Nakabaru. Now, March 16, 2017: I visited the site today and they have since 2013 posted plenty of info stations in Nihongo, English and Korean. Nice spot to visit while out and about on the Katsuren Peninsula but I wouldn’t make a special trip ONLY for the ruins. While on the island you must climb up to the old castle ruins too!

  2. I was here today while cycling on Ikei jima, this is a very small spot with almost no english signs. In fact you’ve already seen everything from the two pictures shown in the post above! If you’re already out on miyagi jima or hamahiga jima then by all means swing by and look at it. Otherwise you may feel like you wasted a drive. Ikei Jima also has a beautiful beach with an entrance fee to use.

    • Also the marker on this map is a little off. If you look in satellite mode about two blocks over from where the marker is you can see a green square of land with a clearing in the center of it. You can see a few small huts. This is the ruins site.

  3. I just went there a few days ago by coincidence! I was actually looking for something else. *g*

    I don’t live in Okinawa, but it was the last prefecture in Japan I haven’t visited.
    I stayed almost 2 weeks in Okinawa and also visited Miyako and Kume Islands.
    Unfortunately the weather was pretty horrible.

  4. I went there on the new year with a couple friends. Was a little disappointed in how there wasn’t all that much to see, but at least the trip there was nice, and we went to Katsuren Castle on the way back.