Okinawa Hai fallback


I typically check this site a couple of times a day.  Call me compulsive, but I just love reading all of your comments, and of course the new posts from the day’s editor.  So a few minutes ago (at 8:57pm) as I was waiting for Grey’s Anatomy to start, I checked in again, surprised to see the same post about eating at the DFS mall.  Who forgot to put up their post today, I wondered???

And it took a full 23 seconds to realize that would be ME.


I also lost my ID card at the BX today.  Got lost trying to find MonaKids.  New puppy peed on the floor like 97 times.  And my kids, who typically sleep for 2 hours AT LEAST in the afternoon, slept for about 45 minutes.  But I did make some darn good eggplant parmesan for dinner, so the day wasn’t a total loss.

Anyways….  this gives me the chance to throw out a big question and ask you all to fill it in.  I’ve been wanting to ask what you do on the voluntary side of life.  So here’s my chance.

My husband likes to remind me that NAVY stands for never again volunteer yourself.  And I also hear him throw around the phrase, “I was volun-told.”  But I’m guessing some of you actually enjoy using your various talents and skills to help out the world in one way or another — whether it be leading a Girl Scout Troop or simply lending your neighbor a hand.

It seems that many of us are not working as we might be if we were Stateside.  So I’m wondering how you fill the free hours of your days?  Are their programs around the island that pull at your heartstrings where you’d like to get involved?  Are there volunteer positions you wish existed that don’t?  Are you already a part of a volunteer organization?  Tell us!  We want to be more than self-absorbed people — we want to reach out and make a difference in the world around us.  Really, we do.  Help us.


  1. I volunteer with the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (or did, until I started my maternity break) and they are great! They have offices on Foster and Hansen and are always looking for volunteers. Their contact numbers are 645-7808 (Foster) and 623-5043 (Hansen).

  2. HI there, by the way I love this site….any who I volunteer at zukeran elementary, like stated before the teachers love the help. at the PTO and for SAC all school groups as well as a KV for military unit. I plan to take on the USO next fall when both children are on the same schedual. HAVE FUN ON OKI !!

  3. Just where do you find all those volunteer opportunities anyway?
    USO? Red Cross? MCCS? USNH?? My inquiries and emails have gone unanswered.
    As a 50 something civilian spouse, I could use some direction!

  4. I also have volunteered at the children’s waiting room at Lester. It is a great place for you to give back and you can bring your kids too. I know they are always in need of vounteers. Here is the number 643-8009. is there email.

  5. I “volunteer” in a non profit Community Theater called POPS! You may have heard of it! 🙂 It takes a lot of time away from my family, but gives my husband a great chance to really know our children. I also love the fact that we give back to the community by giving scholarships to kids pursuing the arts in college . Plus, it’s not bad being in the spotlight every now and then! 😉

  6. Joelle- I used to say the NAVY phrase myself when I was active duty. Since my husband is still NAVY he has taken my daughter on volunteer trips to local orphanages. I am not sure which ones. They are usually orgnanized through his work. My daughter always wants to help and give to others in need. If I volunteer it is always through the school. I love being anywhere that I can see my children. I also know that our DODDS teachers work very hard so I love helping them out with classroom work.

  7. I volunteer at the childrens waiting room at the Lester Hospital. It was the first one I found where you could bring your kids! The ladies are nice, there are lots of toys and the kids are not sick that go there so no need to worry about that. Plus I use it when I go to the doctor, about once a months for OB, and I would feel guilty if I just used and didn’t help too.