Oki Marriot View to Pool
Oki Marriot View to Pool


Feeling the familiar itch of needing a break from the daily routine, I knew I was getting antsy to get off this rock. Unfortunately, getting out of dodge just wasn’t possible at this particular time so I began looking for an on-island escape – and one that wasn’t even remotely associated with a military installation, please!

We happened upon a steal of a deal at the Okinawa Marriott Resort and Spa and had a fabulous time living the lifestyle of the rich and famous. From the minute we arrived, they treated us like royalty. We got out of the car and never lifted a finger from there on! They unloaded our baggage, whisked our car away, and had us checked into our room in less than five minutes flat!
We were only there for 48 hours, but let me tell you how wonderful those 48 hours were! I left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after having thoroughly made use of the Marriott’s elaborate “garden pool,” which includes three swimming pools and their own private beach. Our little ones loved the kiddie slides in the wading pool and the hubs enjoyed the lazy, winding river slide. I, however, was perfectly content sitting in one of their three bubbling hot tubs, conveniently elevated to allow for an amazing view of the Bay of Nago!

Oki Marriot Beach
Oki Marriot Beach

In the interest of full disclosure, I should point out that the Marriott here isn’t waterfront, but we didn’t find that concerning in the least. We simply hopped on their little minibus, which runs on demand, and they drove us the two minutes down the hill to their private beach that is shared with the Okinawa Kariyushi Beach Resort. There are a variety of water activities offered, from glass bottom boat tours to underwater sea excursions. We were content to park our toes in the water and butt in the sand, but there is plenty to do here if that’s not your style.

Oki Marriot Pool
Oki Marriot Pool

If the weather isn’t cooperating, there is also an indoor pool and hot tub you can make use of. And for a small fee (500-1000 Yen/day, depending), you can make use of their indoor recreations facilities as well, which include a sauna, gym, etc. (There is a free sauna as well.) They also have a salon and spa that provide nail and massage services for a fee.

Oki Marriott Restaurant
Oki Marriott Restaurant

The hotel boasts five different restaurants, including ones that served Japanese food, Chinese food, barbecue fare, yakinuku food, and a Japanese/American buffet. On our first evening, we dined at the Japanese restaurant and it was very good, albeit on the expensive side…but we are living the lifestyle of the rich and famous here, so we expected that! On our second evening, we decided to go for the buffet and it was excellent! I am a tough critic of food, but considering the combination of quality and quantity, this buffet had it all. We dined on prime rib, lamb, pork, steak, and the most amazing clams I’ve ever tasted. And that was just the first plate. I ate a whole other plate of sides, a separate plate just for salad, and a sampling of at least three desserts (maybe more…) that were all to die for.

The rooms were large even by American standards and had American-style beds (can I get a Woohoo?!?). The bathroom had a separate bathtub and heavenly shower, and was approximately the size of my bedroom in Historic Old Lester. My kids played in the shower scrubbed themselves clean for at least a full hour before we made them get out. The staff was helpful, attentive, and spoke excellent English. After we checked out, they happily took our picture at three different locations with my camera, brought our car to us, packed it with our bags, and hand washed it with Marriott towels. Amazing. We’ll be back!

Oki Marriott Foyer
Oki Marriott Foyer

Phone: 0980-51-1000

Directions: Drive north on Hwy. 58 toward Nago. You’ll go through Onna Village and see the sign for Okinawa Marriott Resort & Spa on the right hand side before you get to Nago City. Turn right onto a small access road to get to the Marriott – the 15-story pink building on the hill.

Special Notes: There is free wireless internet (bonus!). Tattoos must be concealed at the Okinawa Marriott. Rates vary greatly; occasionally I’ve seen specials run in Okinawa Living and special prices and packages can be booked by the on-base travel agencies.


  1. We took advantage of the MCCS Tours+ special of pool and lunch only. Great place for the kids to swim and the lunch was amazing. We felt like MCCS should have given us more info on where to park, where to enter, which place in the hotel to go first, etc; but maybe it is up to me to ask way more questions. There was a lot of confusion when we showed up for the lunch buffet with our MCCS receipt.

  2. We spent the weekend there for my 30th birthday. It was amazing! We went to dinner at the buffet and the EVERYBODY stopped and sang Happy Birthday to me. I was quite impressed! Had a wonderful time!

  3. Due to my location in Schwab its alot easier to gain access utilizing a honcho(taxi) I have passed by this hotel a few times, and have been planing to have a few nights stay there, i was just wondering however what would be a good POC number to make a reservation?

  4. Sy-
    From Yomitan to Naha Airport it costs us Y5000 so double that. We live about halfway between the Airport and the hotel. The hotel may offer some type of free or discount shuttle.

  5. This is exactly the information I was looking for. If you don’t have a car, how much, do you reckon it will cost for cab fare to the Marriott from Naha’s airport? Or from Kadena Base?

  6. Thanks so much for this review! My husband has wanted to plan a splurge “staycation” all summer, and the Marriott was his first choice (after I told him the ANA Continental prices)! I, on the other hand, was not ready to spend big money on a hotel just down the street. But after reading your wonderful review, seeing the pictures, and – finally – realizing that my husband was more than happy to spend the money on a resort weekend, I decided to book it! We tried a couple travel agencies, as well as checking prices directly with the resort, and in the end ended up going with Kadena ITT. They had the best price (plus a 10% Kadena club card discount), and only a 48 hour, full-refund cancellation policy (never know when a typhoon is gonna hit!). We’re all looking forward to our four-night “staycation”, and hope it’s as much fun as your weekend!!

  7. Hi Bill –
    We had a special discount pass (acquired from a friend) that, at the end of the day left us paying about $300 USD for a two-night stay including meals over Memorial Day Weekend. I have a friend whose family stayed there the same weekend as us and they got a military package through one of the on-base travel agencies, and they paid a bit more, but still under $400 w/ meals (which, given the quality here, is still a great rate). July & August rates are considerably more because it is “peak travel season” so you are looking at $600 or more for two nights. Since you are going in June you should still be okay price-wise. If you are affiliated w/ military/gov’t/DOD you can hopefully get a good rate by either calling them (they spoke very good ENglish, and/or transferred me to someone who did) and asking for a special package rate or going through your base tour office. Hope this helps!

  8. Hi, Megan… was wondering what kind of rates to expect at the Marriott there near Nago? Looking to plan a trip over in June. Your thoughts are appreciated.

  9. We have stayed here twice and loved it each time! The breakfast buffet was included each night we stayed and was amazing! We have tried the supper buffet as well as the yakaniku here. All were delish! My favorite memory is sitting in one of the hot tubs watching the sunset over the East China Sea. The staff is very hospitable and the grounds are beautiful. I totally agree – a wonderful on-island get away!


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