Okinawa Montessori School International


Okinawa Montessori School International dedicates itself to the Montessori philosophy and method of education. It adheres to the code of ethics of the American Montessori Society, where it is a Full International Member


To partner with parents in providing a strong educational foundation that will have lifetime benefits on their children. Our goal is to provide opportunities to:

  • develop a positive yet realistic concept of self
  • become aware of social graciousness & develop the necessary social behavior
  • become active and responsible member of the family & community
  • excel academically at own pace
  • become sensitive to the differences of people around and respond accordingly to their needs


Okinawa Montessori School International


(Monday-Friday) Pre-School: (8:00 -12:00) * (12:00–4:00) Pre-K: (8:00 -12:00) * (9:00–3:00) Kindergarten: (9:00–3:00)

Okinawa Montessori School International


Year-round registration Applicants must be 2.5 to 6 years old Potty trained
School visit and trial


  1. Safe, nurturing and stimulating environment
  2. Professional, dedicated & permanent teachers
  3. Balance schedule
  4. Strong foundation in language development, early literacy and early math
  5. Comprehensive goals that address all areas of human development
  6. Small group & individual instructions
  7. Japanese language


Okinawa Montessori School International
Okinawa Montessori School InternationalOkinawa Montessori School Internationalokinawa montessori school international

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