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So I love this little hole in the wall on Sunabe. It meets all my standards for a good restaurant. Great food fast, relaxed atmosphere, and super cheap. Definitely the ultimate value as the ocean side view alone is worth the 790 yen. Plus the name is just so, well, FAB. They serve 8 kinds of curry from mild to super Thai spicy. Salad, french fries, and orange slushy are included in the price. For an extra 160 yen they will serve you some naan as well. They are pretty kid-friendly in that they do have high chairs (plus of course french fries and orange slushies equals two-year-old eating entertainment). That and you can always go for a sunset walk on the seawall after dinner. Go, try, enjoy!

Phone: 098-936-5964

Address: 1-655 Miyagi, Chatan

Google Maps Coordinates: 26.3271238, 127.74546229999999

Directions (from Kadena Gate 1):

Turn left out of gate 1. Tun right at the first light (by US Auto Sales). Make a left at the last light before the seawall. Make a right at the first light after that. You should see the totem pole by the seawall. Turn right and restaurant Fab is the bright yellow building down the street on your right. The Restaurant is on the 3rd floor above Island Break. Restaurant FAB is located between Sunabe Cocoks and the totem pole.


  1. The verdict is in! FAB curry IS good…but Paradise Curry is GREAT. I went to FAB curry today to compare it to Paradise Curry (see my previous post). All the currys were good – they offer 6: Okinawa beef curry, chicken curry, Indian-style beef and pea and Indian lentil, Thai green beef and Thai yellow chicken. I did like that the Okinawa beef had visible beef strips and the chicken was made with chicken drummies. Expect to make a mess eating the chicken – it’s still on the bone! They also offer french fries and a simple salad with the buffet. However – Paradise curry was much better, I think. You get 8 curries to choose from (6 standard and 2 which they change), and they are served simmering in pots as opposed to chafing dishes. Paradise also has more on their salad bar, as well as a soup of the day. Plus a drink bar – gotta have my coke! I also prefered the seating and atmosphere at Paradise. My advice? Since they are both great deals, visit both and make up your own mind! 🙂

  2. Speaking of curry…haven’t tried this place, but I did check out Paradise Curry, which also has a curry buffet. 8 kinds – when I was there they were Chicken, Chicken tomato, Red, Green, Beef, Pumpkin, Old Style Okinawan, and Seafood. Also salad, soup, drink, and ice cream. All for the low, low price of 10 bucks! Yes, they take dollars. Also yen, of course (I think it was 1000 yen.) Obviously better to pay dollars. I was there awhile, and there didn’t seem to be a time limit. It’s located in Depot Garden in AMerican Village. There was a sign near the stairs to go up that pointed the way. YUM!

  3. Ok, so I know that this is off topic, but the mention of Indian food is a perfect segue to something I’ve been wanting to ask. Indian is usually a slam dunk for vegetarians, but is anyone able to suggest other restaurants offering vegetarian fare? My experience during my two months here so far has been that menu items such as tofu and okra tend to be tofu and okra smothered in pork. Has anyone stumbled across some veggie delights during their culinary adventures?? Thanks!

  4. Not sure how you would classify their curry. I would say its more Japanese but not as greasy at cocoichibana or as sweet. Its really good and reminds me a little of chinese curry. If you’re looking for good indian curry or indian food for that matter I highly highly recommend Krishna’s in Plaza Housing. Krishna’s also has handmade Naan in a tandoor. It totally rocks!

  5. Went on your recommendation tonight. Totally agree with all you said — it felt VERY North Shore Hawaii to me with the view and the hole-in-the-wall deal… My two year old ate 2 bowls of the fruit salad stuff and I loved that there was one vegie curry (a mild lentil one). Also great that their evening price isn’t different that the lunch buffet price.

    Also, the girl working flirted endlessly with my little boy — which always makes me love a place!

    Culture question though: Since I didn’t pay for my son (child price is 3-9) should I have fed him off of my plate?? Or was it ok to get him one of the little kid plates??

  6. Glad you liked it! I always get a child plate for my 2 yr old and they have never said anything. Would love to know if anyone thinks differently. Also wanted to mention that they are doing construction on the seawall and took down the totem pole. Hopefully folks will still have no problems finding it though.