Mary wrote a review about Round 1 back in June, and she did a great job letting us in on all the fun activities for adults and teens.

But maybe you didn’t know that there are good times to be had by our little ones, too.


On the fifth level of Round 1 is a large kid’s area.  Around the perimeter is a small track with tricycles and even a little motorized car for kids to race each other.  Within that track are three separate play areas.

One with a slide (and lots of soft, small balls all over the floor):


And another with blasting guns to shoot those soft, small balls at your opponents on the other side, or at the ceiling, or at small, unsuspecting children…


In this room was also my two-year-old’s favorite plaything: a space where you can feed balls into a vacuum, which then tosses them into an overhead bin.  Every five minutes or so, an alarm goes off and the balls cascade down onto whomever might be below.  He must have played with that for twenty minutes.


My five-year-old discovered that there were also ropes to climb and mazes to navigate in the upper levels of the play area, though my little guy wasn’t brave enough to explore those.  My friends – whose children are a little older and can play without as much hands-on guidance – were able to relax in the set of massage chairs right there in front of this play area.

When the natives got restless, we wandered around the rest of the floor, turning to ping pong tables, soccer ball nets, golf swing cage, and a shooting range.  Roller skates and roller blades were available, along with helmets and knee/elbow pads.  every so often, there are mini-motorcycle races held in the roller rink; kids and adults over 130 cm can join in for a small fee to try for the win. Also on this level are tons of free video and arcade games: Duckpin bowling, Dance Dance Revolution, Whack-A-Mole, bongo drum games, and many others that I didn’t get a chance to try out.

On the recommendation of others we opted to bring our own lunches with us, rather than buying some at the food court.  You can’t bring food onto the entertainment floors themselves, but there are outdoor terraces, as well as a few indoor tables where we sat to eat after our time was up.  We just stashed our bags in a locker near the entrance hall while we played, and picked them up as we left. (Locker rental there: ¥100 per unit.  Locker rentals in the kids’ area were free with a refunded ¥100 per unit deposit.)

This was a really fun place for my kiddos, though I don’t know that I’d come here just with my two-year-old.  It was still a little big for him (read: I didn’t get to sit in one of those massage chairs because my assistance was required in playing), though he certainly enjoyed his time.  This is a great place to bring the whole family though.  There’s something for everyone.

Round 1 Stadium

Admission Fees (written in 90 minute/3 hour format):

General: ¥1300/1700
Student: ¥1100/1500
Elementary: ¥1000/1400
Child (ages 2-5): ¥900/1000
Babies (0-2): free

Also note that one child (age 2-5) will be admitted free of charge with each accompanying adult.

You can buy a membership card (good for six months; one per person) at the time of admission, which will reduce your admission fees in the future by ¥200 each visit.  Plus they’ll give you a slew of coupons to use for future visits.  The membership card is normally ¥500, but they’re running a special now where if you go in to buy it during the first weekend of each month, the cost of the card is reduced to ¥350.  Might be worth fighting the crowds if you plan on buying one for each member of your family.

M-F 10 am to 6 am
Sat    9 am to 6 am
Sun   8 am to 6 am

Phone81 98-870-2110


Address: 3 Chome-28-8 Mashiki, Ginowan-shi, Okinawa-ken 901-2224, Japan

GPS Coordinates: 26.2759889, 127.7308213

Directions: 58 South towards Naha. Take the Convention Center access road that veers to the right past Foster. Pass Tropical Beach and Convention Center on your right. Continue straight and ahead on the left, you’ll see Round 1.


  1. Lindsay ~ There is no fee for use of the party room, which has doors that lead directly into the little kids’ area as well as the rest of the arena. There’s a karaoke machine for your use while you have the room as well.

    The catches are:
    1- They don’t allow outside food other than cakes or dessert. Guests will need to eat first (or after) and purchase drinks there.
    2- Unless it’s a weeknight when business is typically slower, the time limit on the room is one hour. The time that you’re in the room counts within the time limit you’ve paid for as well.

    I would recommend having everyone arrive and pay at the same time, then herd them all into the room at one time. Then they’ll be able to make the most of their time and money, especially if some are only buying the 90 minute pass.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Took the kiddos on Labor Day…they had a good time but I was surprised at how small the acutal play area was. Overall worth the price, but if your young one bores of small ballpits quickly and can’t play video games, I would recommend waiting.

  3. Shelly,
    There are elevators to every level so you could easily bring a stroller. But if you’re hanging out in the kid area its multilevel and the elevators are across the building, so you wouldn’t be able to shadow your child up and down the stairs. Having said that, they can’t get out at the top, only the bottom so if you’re comfortable letting them play out of your sight for the few minutes it takes to climb up the ropes and go down the slide and what not you’d be okay.

  4. Went to Okinawa in June with my oldest grandson. We went here with my son and his wife that are stationed there. It is an awesome place. We did just about everything, we went quite a few times. I am 58 and I had a blast. We did kareoke, and order food and drinks, played the arcade games, which we got quite a few items from the machines. We did the bowling and took pictures in the bowling pin costume, rode the bull, went to the top floor and did all kinds of activities. It is an AWESOME place so if you get the chance GO.

  5. We had my daughters 14th birthday party there.
    They don’t charge you extra for the room. You reserve it at the desk. There is limited english spoken so be patient. The room is for one hour though there were no other reservations so we had it the whole time. If you have six or more people you can stay an unlimited amount of hours. They do have to go by 9:00.
    Inside the party room. It says cake only though, so I don’t know about drinks and other food.

  6. We went there on Saturday and had a blast. It is awesome for a date night and I can’t wait to take my boys. This place is one of those places that I will be finding shelter in when the weather is yucky. My husband fell in love with the golf cage on the top story. We are already planning our next trip there.

  7. Great fun for kiddos! We went there a couple weeks ago later in the evening (around 8pm) with our 3 1/2 year old and baby, it was a late night out ;)! Children under 18 can only be there until 9 or 10 pm (I can’t remember which). Not that a lot of people have thier younger kids out that late, but just a heads up that even 14 or 15 year olds have to be out by a certain time.