Editor’s Note: Round 1 Entertainment Center was originally reviewed on Okinawa Hai on June 12, 2009; you can read a PDF copy of that original review HERE. The post below is an updated take on this attraction, published August 9, 2016.



Round 1 is a 24-hour amusement place that offers bowling, arcades, sports, karaoke, food and drinks. It has much to offer everyone of all ages – read on to find out more!



Round 1 can be a bit intimidating on the first visit because it’s huge. Spread over multiple floors, it can seem like it might be a bit of a chore to navigate. Not at all. The floors are laid out in sections, so check the map next to the elevators (which have English as well as Japanese translations), and hit the button for the floor you want! Each area has various options for entrance. You can choose to stay for a minimum of 90 minutes, 3 hours, or a 24-hour pass. Each of these options can then be supplemented with drinks and food vouchers too, and you can combine options, so if you want to do bowling as well as the arcade, you can add them together. Prices are okay; for a big family it would be a fairly expensive trip, however, you can make it cheaper.


Loyalty Card


These are free to apply for. Bring them to every visit and make sure the staff stamps them, earning you discounts and rewards the more you visit. Also, download Round 1’s app. It’s all in Japanese, however, if you show it to staff, they can help you add coupons and discounts to your loyalty card, further reducing your entrance! Great way to save, and gives you an excuse to go back more than once!


  1. I want to do a B-day Party here Or my Daughter in a few weeks ..do I need a reservation or how much is it per person?
    Does anyone have a number I can reach a person who might be able to help us with a Birthday party.


  2. you have to pay for everything on the first and second floor– except when you leave from the “paid area” you get a free ticket per person to play one of the claw games πŸ™‚ I think it was children under 3? are free. The kids area was a little much for my 3 year old, but she isnt much into climbing. It had a bounce house, too.

  3. I was wondering if you could make reservations there? We’re trying to plan a birthday party for the 19th of September and we were wondering if it was necessary to make reservations or if we had to call ahead if it was a large group. Can anyone give us the number for Round 1? Thanks

  4. Amanda,
    Community Bank on Foster next to the PX does it with no service charge. They might not be open today (Sunday), but right off base outside the Spot gate, there’s a Japanese money exchange place, and the rate is not too bad… do you know that tall building that says Blueberry Cafe? The money place is right next to that building right side.

  5. We just went there today and it was good times. The Fam and I showed up at 1200 and it was actually NOT busy…which means we saw and did everything at great length and without wait! When we left at 3 the line to get in was horrendous. Awesome place though…and all the kids left fulfilled and tired (YES). I agree with what the person above said…the food looked like space food. Eat before or bring your own in…

  6. More directions: Take the 58 south towards Naha. Soon after you drive past Camp Foster Commissary gate (on the 58), you’ll see a sign above that says “Convention Center” and the road will veer off to the right. Get in the turn lane to go right, and take that road and it will lead you straight to the Round 1.

    Concerning fees and staying longer than 3 hours– They give you wrist timers, and when you leave they see how long you’ve been there. If it’s longer than 3 hours, they charge you a little more. (about 500 yen for each 30 minutes over the time)

  7. I just went there today. The kids had a blast and of course didn’t want to leave. There was no weekday cheaper admittance and I had myself and 4 kids with me. I had to pay Y1,700 for myself and 4 elementary school kids were about 1,100 each (but one was free…not sure whether this was a special…my total was Y5,100 – not somewhere I would go everyday!!!). You could buy a member card for 500 yen (not sure if that was each, the lines of communication were like an animated cartoon on both sides so I gave up!). The kids area was cool, kind of like family fun land, but bigger and newer. They had massage chairs right there also (quite painful at times and at others blissful!!!) Sorry, I didn’t take my camera!

  8. Do you remember whether there was a free admittance or discount when adult goes in w/ child? Or is the entry fee for everyone? For instance the Wago Land has free entry for paying adult~and this is w/ the membership card. The membership card does help. Is there also a more unlimited entry fee – more than 3hrs of play (during the week)? Just sounds like so much to do in 3hrs..or was this just weekend fees maybe?

    If someone happens to go, can they post some pics of floor 4? Just curious how the younger childrens area is. Thanks!
    It sounds like a BIG place for all that is included!! We are going to have to make a trip there on one of these rainy days!