Seria l Okinawa Hai!

I’ve only been on the island for seven weeks, and already one of my children’s (ages 6 and 8) favorite activities is shopping at 100 Yen stores. I must admit, I’m generally not a huge fan of American consumerism, but with only a set of loaner furniture, a dish pack, and the clothing from four suitcases to our name, I confess, we’ve been doing some spending. 

The first person I exchanged conversation with about where to go, said her favorite one was the Daiso on Convention Center Blvd. We went, and we were hooked. We tried one on Route 23 and one on Route 329, and then we happened upon one in American Village, Seria. It is my favorite, for one overruling reason: a good percentage of the merchandise is MADE IN JAPAN. I love the thought of supporting the people and country in which we are living, and the products all seem to be great quality for the value. The store is very clean, organized and bright.  If I understood correctly from the cashier, it has been open less than one year.

Seria l Okinawa Hai!

Their philosophy, according to their website, is “Cleanliness, Gratitude, Sharing.”

The wall behind the cash register has a beautiful photograph and quote written in both Kanji and English:

“In everyday life, when we come across an event or a thing and are moved by it, our life naturally becomes more colorful, a little brighter. It is not always easy to find things that move us and make a big impression. However, if you go to Seria, you can come across many small pleasures everyday. The joy of finding your favorite style or taste, or the excitement of bringing something fresh into your daily life. Seria aims to touch your heart and promises earnestly to do its very best to find events and things that bring color to life.”

Seria l Okinawa Hai!

I am moved by the opportunity to live here in Okinawa and definitely feel that my life has and will continue to become more colorful because of it!

Directions:  Seria is located inside the Dragon Palace in American Village.  From Route 58 turn West at the American Village light (one light north of the Camp Lester light, Four Seasons Steak is on the corner.)  Turn right at the 2nd light, turn right into the first driveway.  There is parking behind Dragon Palace.

Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Payment: Yen and credit cards


  1. Vero,
    Directions to the “big” 100 yen store: left out of KAB gate 1 continue past Lester and Foster. At the light just past Foster take a right. You will see Pepsi and McDonald’s on the right and you turn there and take e very next left. You will see Dasio on the right.

    Yes, that is dinner “china”. There are some items priced at 100yen and others that are not will have a sticker on them telling the price. But or the most part they are 100yen. Me personally I think it’s good quality. Hasn’t caused me any issues! It’s really heavy. I didn’t bring any dinnerware when we moved because of this very reason. One thing I can say is the plates aren’t “American” size! So if your husband eats like mine does you will need larger plates as well!

    Hope this helps ladies!!

  2. Is that dinner china in the above picture? I have so many questions: that’s all for 100 yen? Is it good quality? And should I even bother bringing my dinnerware from San Antonio? It’s things like this that make me even more excited to move there!!

  3. Love love love Seria! I have to admire we have not been to any of the larger 100 yen stores everyone speaks about, but this is because I am hooked in Seria. I am attracted to the cleanliness, organization, and bright openness the store provides. We have only been here 5 weeks and our first trip to Seria we couldn’t believe everything was 100 yen. I have been back a few times to get some things we need here and there and can easily spend an extra 30 minutes just looking around.