Shinran Shonin l Okinawa Hai!

Shinran Shonin l Okinawa Hai!We found a quaint little area on a weekend drive and wanted to share with you. The next time you are traveling up towards Maeda Point or Onna Village, just off the main road is a peace statue of Shinran Shonin. It’s a Buddhist statue at a place called Maedabiru. 

Shinran Shonin l Okinawa Hai!This location was a place where heavy artillery was set up to defend the bay during the Battle of Okinawa. The statue is meant to remind us that we should all seek worldwide peace based on coexistence.  

There is a marker in front of the area that has a more detailed explanation in English. Next to the statue is a large bell you can ring. It’s quite loud, so be warned! Each time the bell is rang, it is meant to be a ring for peace.

For those of you that geocachethere is a cache located there called Peaceful Guardian.

This is meant to be a quick stop on your way to other adventures, as it is right off the main road and will only take a few minutes of your time. 

Directions: To get there, take the 58 traveling north and turn left onto the 12 in Yomitan. Take the 12 to the 6 and then turn right. Travel along the 6 for a ways until you pass the AJ Onna Resort Hotel. Just past this hotel is a small dirt-packed turn off toward the sea-side. You can park here and you’ll see the statue and bell. However, it’s much easier to follow the Google Maps link.  Enjoy!

Google Maps Link: Shinran Shonin

Shinran Shonin l Okinawa Hai!