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A Visit To A Forgotten Battle Site, Hill 27

CONTRIBUTED BY KIRKLAND MARTIN There are many battle sites you can visit on Okinawa, which aids in understanding the tragedy and loss of human lives...

Army Depot Hospital #20, Haebaru War Museum

CONTRIBUTED BY CAPTAIN IAN This place is off the hook awesome! And by awesome, I really mean emotionally tragic. I visited Army Depo #20 with...

Senaga Island (Senagajima)

CONTRIBUTED BY HEATHER OLSEN While I love to explore everything as much as I can on Okinawa, my main driving force to do so is...

Ahacha Bridge

CONTRIBUTED BY HEATHER OLSEN I kept seeing pictures of an ancient beautiful bridge but could never figure out where it was or even what it...

Reisen No Tou (Oyama War Memorial)

CONTRIBUTED BY HEATHER OLSEN After driving past this many times on my way through gate one of Futenma, I finally decided to check it out....

Shinran Shonin

CONTRIBUTED BY AMY MADDOCKS We found a quaint little area on a weekend drive and wanted to share with you. The next time you are traveling...

Yaese Castle Ruins

CONTRIBUTED BY HEATHER OLSEN On a day exploring a southern part of the island, we stumbled upon the Yaese Castle ruins. I felt like I...

Tomori Stone Lions

CONTRIBUTED BY HEATHER OLSEN About eight months ago a friend mentioned that her family visited some WWII sites. “What?!” I am a war history...

Toguchi Beach & Cafe

CONTRIBUTED BY CHRISTINA MEHRIARY The gentle rustling of the sugar cane leaves beckoned us a warm welcome as we made our way down to the gentle...

Kakazutaka Observatory Park (Hacksaw Ridge)

CONTRIBUTED BY QUENTIN RICHARDSON Kakazutaka Panorama Otherwise known as Kakazu Ridge, where a fierce battle took place during WWII. Bullet holes from the war can be...

Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters

CONTRIBUTED BY MICHELE LEHANE Dug into a hillside outside of Naha city is one of the islands most somber reminders of the bloody Battle of...

Toguchi Beach

CONTRIBUTED BY MEREDITH NOVARIO  Are you looking for a beach that screams "back to nature" but is kid friendly as well? Toguchi Beach is all...


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