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Japanese sizing has been a problem for me. Probably because I was too lazy to figure out what I was doing, I admit it. I’d been (for the most part) holding things up and guesstimating if they would fit. Tricky, but doable.

I finally broke down and did some sizing research (something I should have done months ago!). I thought I’d share it with you all, with the hope that it makes your shopping life easier (I know it has for me!).

First off, we’ll start with the kids.

Kids Chart — Japanese Sizes

60 – up to 3 months old, 60cm tall, 5kg

70 – up to 6 months old, 70cm tall, 9kg

80 – up to 1 year old, 80cm tall, 11kg

90 – up to 2 years old, 90cm tall, 13kg

95 – up to 3 years old, 95cm tall, 14kg

100 – 3-4 years, 95-105cm tall, 49-55cm chest

110 – 5-6 years, 105-115cm tall, 53-59cm chest

120 – 7-8 years, 115-125cm tall, 57-63cm chest

Granted… my four-year-old is a 120 so I think the “7-8 years” is only if you have tiny kids. I don’t.

I liked this shoe chart that I took from Perry Ellis. It has American, Japanese and UK sizes so that I can print it and keep it by my computer for online ordering.


I found this next handy chart produced by Misawa Air Base (click to make larger):


. I haven’t been maternity shopping on the island (and don’t expect to), but if someone does go, I’d love to post your finds! I’m sure there are other expecting mothers who’d love to know where you’re getting your local clothes.

And if I haven’t addressed your size, I also found a clothing converter:

Men’s Clothes

Women’s Clothes

Happy shopping!


  1. Just be sure to take this info with a big grain of salt- I was a size 4-6, XS/S back in the States, and here I am a L/XL! I tried on a pair of shorts that were the biggest size the store had (that I could find). The waist was plenty big, but the hips/butt area was not.

  2. San A oustide Foster’s commissary gate has a decent sized “plus size” section that has trendy Japanese fashions for the more mature American figure! It’s on the bottom floor, in one of the corner areas. I dig it. 🙂

  3. THis is some super useful info that I have never bothered to look up or even think about researching. If the store I go to dosen’t have a fitting room I just don’t buy anything there

  4. Thanks. I love having this. Also, strangely, when I was pregnant I was able to find more clothes here that fit than when I wasn’t. Maybe it’s the cut. Anyway, I found quite a few “maternity” clothes at this shop in Navel Kadena. (I guess it’s just a store specializing in larger sizes.) If you go in the entrance where the 100 yen store is, it’s just before the 100 yen, on the same side right on the corner. The prices were good too.

  5. This is great! just in time for holiday shopping. And I agree, my 7-year-old has always been bigger than what the sizes say – but Japanese are more petite so that is fine. I buy big anyway!


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