This post was originally published on December 31, 2010.  We’re pulling it out of the archives for those of you who are looking for a fun evening activity that can help you keep the holiday spirit going for a little while longer.  This display will be available November 1, 2014 – February 28, 2015.


Stardust 1

I love the Christmas season. As soon as Thanksgiving is over, I dive right in. Being here on Okinawa, it can be a little harder to get into the season. After growing up in New England, it’s hard to remember Christmas is coming when my thermometer still reads 70 degrees outside. The one thing that always helps here is the Christmas lights. Okinawans seem to love the tradition of Christmas lights. From the random houses light up, to American Village and the Botanical Gardens, Christmas lights are plentiful. But I bet you haven’t even seen the best Christmas light display on island!

Hidden up North is the Kanucha Resort’s Stardust Fantasia. The resort boasts a display of over 1,000,000 lights every season. All of the lights are LED, making this a great environmentally friendly display as well. It is a gorgeous display of light-covered palm trees, buildings and pools. The majority of the lights are on the paths of the hotel, which can be viewed from a trolley ride around the resort or by walking. The trolley makes several stops, allowing you to get off and explore the various displays of lights.

This was a great way to get in the holiday spirit. My husband and I enjoyed it as a date night, but we saw several families with young children there. Be sure to dress warmly though, it was cold wandering around at night. And don’t forget your camera!

Stardust 2 Cost (as of the 2014-2015 season): 2,000 yen per car if purchased in advance. 3,000 yen per car if purchased on arrival. Click here for ticket sales locations.

Hours: 6:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. Last admission 10:30 p.m.

Dates: The lights run annually from November 1st to February 28th. So don’t worry if you can’t make it during the holidays; there is plenty time each season to enjoy the festivities.

Directions: From Kadena area: Follow 58 North. Turn right on to 329. Continue for 5 km, then turn left onto 331. Just keep going down this road, the road is long and windy. The Resort is located on the right about 10 km ahead. You cannot miss the resort, there are lighted palm trees along 331.

Alternate directions from Camp Hansen/Schwab, or using expressway: Take exit 8 off of the expressway and turn left to get on 329. Follow 329 North. Turn right onto 331. Just keep going down this road, the road is long and windy. The Resort is located on the right about 10 km ahead. You cannot miss the resort, there are lighted palm trees along 331.

For a map and more information visit the resort’s website. Or you can go straight to the event flyer for Stardust Fantasia.


  1. This information is current between now through February 28, 2014.

    Purchase tickets to view the spectacular holiday lights for 2000 Yen (one ticket per vehicle) at participating venues to include Bovinos Brazilian Restaurant, located down the street from Araha Beach and Chatan Hamby Town. This all-exclusive ticket includes free access to view the light display and 2000 yen worth of food and drinks at the dreamy, bohemian style Luminous Garden Cafe. The poolside cafe offers an awesome front-seat view of the light works in the mist of the hotel courtyard (so be sure to check the weather forecast to maximize your experience!).

    The menu offers an array of international dishes:

    Japan: Deli Grilled Tofu Steak Sandwich
    Turkey: Deli Grilled Local Pumpkin Sandwich
    Nepal: Tropical Island Vegetable Curry
    France: Yanbaru Shimeji Soy Cream Soup
    Jamaica: Caribbean Coconut and Bean Stew
    *Assorted alcoholic drinks; delicious non-alcoholic options for the designated driver

    To find out where you can purchase your tickets or for more information, visit

    P.S. The High Traffic Season near Kanucha Hotel is 20 Dec – 4 Jan. Plan accordingly and drive safe 🙂

  2. HI,
    Never been to this place but i sure that your directions are wrong. First you cant turn on to 329 off of 58 because they never intersect, due to the fact that one is on the east side and the other is on the west. Second, if exit 8 and 331 is 5 Km away then why does it take almost 30 minutes (if you don’t get behind papa san taking his grand kid to school or just out for a weekend ride. Which by the way never get in an accident with this man; one he doesn’t have a license and two, no insurance) Any who if your gonna take the expressway anyway don’t get off at 8 pay the extra 100 yen and get off at 9. Plus it will shave about 30ish minutes off your trip. Worth it! as for 331 scary road but fun to play nascar on.

  3. My wife and I took the LOOONG trip to see the lights here. We left around 5:30pm and got there about 7:00pm although we did stop on Hansen for gas. We found that you dont have to take exit 8 because if you do you’ll eventually pass by exit 9. For those that like to know landmarks…if you follow the directions above, you should also pass by Camp Schwab on your right.
    Once we got to the resort we were given the crazy look. MAKE SURE you purchase your ticket in advance on their website or wherever it is you’re supposed to by tickets cause if not then everyone will give you crazy looks and ask for your reservation.
    For your enjoyment there are also golf carts that you can purchase by the hour. they are VERY slow lol so dont worry about knowing how to drive it. Some of the restaurants are for staying customers online so watch out for that. I dont mean to sound like a negative nancy but I’m just passing information so others wont have to experience what I did. All in all it was a very beautiful (and very cold) night.

  4. I wish that we could have seen the lights. We went on New Year’s Eve but, it was closed for a special event. We could have gone to it for 2,000 yen per person but, we hadn’t planned to stay until midnight since we have young children. Thank you though. I will remember this for next year.

  5. Out of all the light displays in Okinawa this year, this made the bottom of my list. It would make an awesome date night for a couple, but I wouldn’t recommend bringing young children. It’s a pretty long drive (depending on where you live) and it was a bit awkward walking around the resort. We haven’t mastered much Japanese, so it was hard to find directions or signs for anything. I wish we’d been better prepared for this. It is very beautiful, but if you’re only going for the lights, and not staying for dinner or something, probably not a must. But a good out of the way date night, sure! 🙂