Toyosaki Niji (Rainbow) Park | Okinawa Hai!

Editor’s Note: This park was originally reviewed on Okinawa Hai on April 16,2007. The post below is an updated take on the park with more details and photos.


Toyosaki Niji (Rainbow) Park | Okinawa Hai!
While enjoying a family run this morning, the boys shrieked with excitement at the site of a new park. “Mom! Look! Stop!! We see a park!” Needless to say, we made our way back to the park after we finished our run. Toyosaki Niji Park is a block away from the Ashibinaa Outlet Mall. This may prove very convenient for parents with children who have spent the day shopping and now need a place to let their children burn off their pent-up energy in a constructive manner.

I felt comfortable letting my toddler explore the playground without the threat of imminent danger. This is one of the safer playgrounds in Okinawa. If you are not as comfortable with your child scaling to the top then they can still have a great time on stable ground. There are little train playground to play on and a railroad track that goes around them equipped with a train station and stores.

Toyosaki Niji (Rainbow) Park | Okinawa Hai!

I love the slides that are made with plastic slats because they don’t get hot and are easy to slide down. Lucky for us this park has one! The park is also equipped with a walking path, open field, tennis and basketball courts and skate park.

Toyosaki Niji (Rainbow) Park | Okinawa Hai!

There are bathrooms and a covered picnic table area. There are only a few benches, so you may want to bring a blanket to sit on. There are two small parking areas on each end of the park.

Toyosaki Niji (Rainbow) Park | Okinawa Hai!

Directions: Head south on the 58 through Naha. Continue onto the 331. This will be at the divide by the airport. The 331 is the left lane. After approximately 3 miles (5 kilometers), the 331 splits to go straight or to the right. Turn right to follow the 331. This will take you on a viaduct. Around 1 mile (1.5 kilometers), take the exit on the left.  Turn left at the light.  Take the first right turn then take the first right turn again.  You will see the park on your right.

From the expressway: Head south. Go towards Haebaru and the 506. Take the Nakachi exit.  Turn left onto the 68 and left again onto the 331. Turn right onto the 249. After you cross the bridge, turn left at the second street.  Turn right onto the next street and the park will be on your right.

Address (approximate): Tomigusuku Road, Toyosaki, Tomigusuku-shi, Okinawa-ken 901-0225, Japan

Map Points: 26.153464, 127.659095



  1. If you live up north, McT or Courtney, here are clearer directions. I think the original author didn’t know that the 58 turns into the 331 past the airport, then bends back north to rejoin the 58 thus bringing you back the way you came. My wife and I drove around for a few hours trying to figure out the directions.

    Jump on the expressway and head south.
    Get off the expressway as if you were heading to Naha airport, exit A1.
    Keep heading towards the airport following the signs for the airport.
    When you see a GIANT green net that encloses a golf course and driving range you’re getting close to the turn for route 331 towards Itoman. Take a left at the green net staying on the 331.
    Cross over a long bridge (this is where the above directions sort of pick up). You’ll see the ocean to your right.
    As you get across the bridge look for a large pylon of concrete on the left hand side at the end of the bridge, this is where the ASHIBINA “billboard” is (it’s really more of a sign).
    The directions above are accurate from here on out. I would add that the name of the book store to make the right hand turn is “Toda Books” and after you make the right at the T intersection keep heading down the road until you reach an overpass (the only overpass).
    Look to your right at the overpass and you’ve found the park.
    BE CAREFUL pulling into the parking areas! There are knee high metal posts sticking out of the concrete at the entrance points that appear to be those plastic cones like you see on highways back in the US! I assure you they are not! When my wife and I were at the park yesterday we saw 2 cars plow into this post! One ruined his fender and bumper, another his whole undercarriage! So take it slow turning into the lot and make your turn safely!

  2. WOW! This looks like a fun park. Did I really need another excuse to shop? Actually I think I could be tempted to skip the shopping and spend the day with the kids at the park. Hmmmm….sounds suspiciously like every other day…