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If you have an APO address, you have this wonderful store,, which you can shop on-line even from the other side of the Pacific Ocean and ships books to you. Our world has become so convenient. I like walking into a book store and pick books though. If you are looking for something specific like a guide book of Okinawa, picture books of Okinawa, etc., this is a good place to hit. Unfortunately, the only time I have been to this store is when I walked in to take some pictures of the store and I have never shopped there. Not because I don’t find this store helpful to me, but because I’m Japanese and I go to regular Japanese book stores. I wish I could give you a better description of the store, but I hope that this will help some of you who are looking for a store to buy English books on the island. If you have been to the store, I would love to read your reviews.

This is the only book store that I know that sells English books besides the Base Exchange book section. Do you know any other stores…? Tuttle Book Store is located at the Plaza House Shopping Center.

They have a wide range of books such as language study books, magazines and children’s picture books. They also have books of Japanese literature translated in English, magazines on interior decoration and food, and books on the Japanese culture such as tea ceremony and bonsai.

I received a book of Japanese old tales written in English as a gift, which was purchased at the Tuttle Book Store. It is very sweet.

The store also has a section for the books on Okinawa.

The book on the left bottom corner is a guide on Okinawa is called Island Guide. I have one from last year and it is very helpful. It’s a good book to have in your car or at home to use as a tour guide. I think that book is probably one of the best guide books you can have for Okinawa especially for those who live here.

Hours: 10:00 – 19:00
Phone: 933-3520


From Kadena Gate 2: Drive out of the Gate 2 and continue until the big junction with Rt. 330. Take a right onto 330 to go south. This is the direction toward Camp Foster. Drive pass the Zoo, a big pachinko parlor, and a junction for the Rt. 24 and the Plaza House Shopping Center will be on your left. This is a shopping center right before the Awase Golf Course on the left and Camp Butler on the right coming from the north of 330.


  1. Hi, I am Korean and i am going to Okinawa this coming weekend and i am looking for some bookstore to visit now.

    Thanks for your explanation and i will try to find this book shop. I like English books and love to buy one if i find something good.

    • I lived on Okinawa from 1963-1965. ages 9-11. When I got my military dependent ID at age 10 I used to sneak away to Tuttle’s. It’s where I spent all my money when we lived there. Loved, loved, loved this store. But I think it was located in Naha (the city not the base) back then.

      • For the first year (66) we lived off-base in Machinato, and I used to buy my comics at
        Tuttle’s. I was nine. Then I discovered that they tore the covers off of unsold comics
        and tossed them in the dumpster out back! 🙂

  2. Every time I drive this store I am tickled pink. While Tuttle is not a common name it is one that I share with this store. I have yet to go inside but I plan on it very soon. I can’t wait for my parents to get here so I can take them as well.

  3. FYI, as of today both Tuttle and the Kadena USO are out of the Island Guide. Also, Tuttle does not have Takako and the Great Typhoon. Desperately trying to find both! The woman at Tuttle said that they are waiting for the new edition of Island Guide but she does not know when it will be in. The old one is sold out.

  4. Aviva, you’re funny! I wish I spent more time inside the Tuttle Bookstore. I was there just to take pictures. Diana, you like Haruki Murakami? I hear that he’s really good. I think I have “Norwegian Wood” by him and I haven’t read it yet… Thanks for reminding me! Thanks, Kate for the information on the English book section at San-A. That’s very helpful.

  5. Hi! I went to this bookstore this weekend and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of kids literature available. A lot of cool books for grown ups, too. I bought a book from my favorite Japanese author, Haruki Murakami and it was a great price. Thanks for the info Kaho! –Diana

  6. Tuttle Bookstore is one of only a handful of dedicated English stores on the island (the others being in Naha or Urasoe and generally regarded as being less good than Tuttle).

    However, many large Japanese bookstores have a decent ‘English’ section. Its a section designed for ESL learners, but they often have ‘large’ sections of English fiction novels and childrens books. Try the bookstore in the Hamby Town San-A complex, the English section is on the right wall, closest to the carpark.

  7. This is a great store if you are either a language teacher or a language learner. They have an extensive English as a Second Language section here with materials for both kids and adults. There are textbooks and teacher resources, games, posters, etc. The prices aren’t cheap, but they aren’t in the states either. Also, they carry a lot of Japanese language learning texts and some great flashcards for hiragana, katakana, and kanji. A much better selection than that Japanese for Busy People book that they have at the PX. Def. worth a visit if you are into this kind of thing.

  8. Kaho – I’m worried. I’m worried that you aren’t going to make it out of here because I will have kidnapped you and kept you for my very own. We’ll have 100¥ store outings and buy cute bags and I’ll let you decide what we eat. DON’T GO!

    Craig and I miss book stores SO much here, we both think you’re amazing for posting this. Your Japanese Corner posts are indispensable and I never want you to stop!

    I’d totally adopt Phillip & the girls too… I promise to take good care of you…

    Staci, it’s a VERY worthy investment, that guide. Craig & I found it at the Casa and bought one of our own too! I’m pretty sure they sell it at the BX also, I think that’s where we got it.